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Episode 5

Everyone was packing their school bags and heading home. ‘’Rumaisa! Lets go celebrate.’’ Excitedly said Tanya. ‘’yoo! Babes, lets go.’’ Replied Rumaisa. They both went to gaming club hand in hand laughing at each others excitement. They played games like pollos hermanos, panic mash, snickerdoodles, rot kill squad and many more until they were worn out. ‘’oh gosh! I am so drained, I have never played so much in my life’’ exhaustedly said Tanya. ‘’I am also tired. But unlike you this is my 2nd time playing these much games with someone. Uhhh I don’t want to remember that.’’ Said Rumaisa remembering something. ‘’what is it that you don’t wanna remember??’’ asked Tanya curiously. ‘’nothing nothing forget it. I cant ruin this moment, I’ll tell you some other day.’’ Replied Rumaisa. Tanya nodded in understanding.

Now they both went to café and had a fight over ordering food. ‘’I want to eat pizza.’’ Said Rumaisa. ‘’but we cant afford pizza with burger right now’’ argued Tanya. ‘’so lets not buy burger and have pizza.’’ ‘’huh no way! I want burger.’’ ‘’ughh okay lets not buy any of this and lets say one dish at the same moment the one who said first we will buy that dish.’’ Tanya recommended and Rumaisa agreed. ‘’chicken noodles!’’ ‘’chicken noodles!’’ both said at the same time. Now they were waiting for their order and chattering but stopped suddenly when Rumaisa clothes got wet because Adam who was passing with Murad by mistake dropped his cola. ‘’hey you! Are you in your senses? Just get lost until I lose my temper’’ shouted Rumaisa. Adam said, ‘’I am sorry for that but hey you are too rude. Don’t think of yourself as some kind of princess!’’ Rumaisa was unbelievably angry right now, ‘’ohh right I forgot you must think highly of you as every girl likes you and I hurt your pride by shouting, right? But I am not that type of girl I will only forgive you because you are senior but please do learn some manners.’’ ‘’huhh who wants your apology. And yeah don’t get jealous of me. Thankgod you know I am elder than you.’’ Said Adam bitterly. ‘’wha…’’ Rumaisa was going to say but Tanya came in between and said, ‘’I am truly sorry from her. But she is just short tempered. She didn’t meant to disobey but anyways you are too rude even after doing bad.’’ This time Murad stopped Adam and said ‘’that’s okay. Adam is also just short tempered and absolutely it was his mistake but she shouldn’t have reacted this way. Lets stop this ridiculous fight. Btw congrats to both of you for getting selected for Islamabad competition.’’ Tanya replied with a smile, ‘’congrats to you both too. See you later then.’’ With this both boys went their way and both girls had their meal.

On their way home Tanya asked Rumaisa ‘’are your clothes dry?’’ Rumaisa answered, ‘’yeah it was just a drop.’’ Tanya said, ‘’still you made such a fuss! Anyway are they really our seniors? They are so handsome!’’ Rumaisa laughed and spoke, ‘’obviously they are handsome and that’s what makes them popular. You know they both are best friends from elementary school. They are like brothers. But their chemistry is a little bit weird.’’ ‘’how is that weird?’’ ‘’its weird in a way that they are complete opposite of each other. Like Adam loves football and hates piano but Murad hates football and loves piano. And also their attitude, you just saw it, Adam is a complete rude, egoistic and bad boy style while Murad is sweet, cool, and gentle boy. But to me something is really funny’’ ‘’what is funny in this?’’ asked Tanya curiously. ‘’whats funny is that Murad has a killer jawline and Adam has a cute dimple.’’ Rumaisa said and laughed until her belly hurt. Tanya was standing and still wondering what was so funny in this while Rumaisa spoke, ‘’don’t think too much. Go have a family time. Lets meet day after tomorrow at school then. Bye.’’ ‘’yeah okay bye.’’

DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG! ‘’ That must be Rumaisa. Open the door Ayan.’’ Shouted Rumaisa mom Mrs Iqbal from kitchen. Ayan opened the door and on instant Rumaisa hugged him then after realization let go of him and said, ‘’just foret what happened now!’’ ayan made a disgusted face and said ‘’whatever’’. Rumaisa ran into kichen and hugged her mom and shouted, ‘’momm! I am selected for creative writing provincial competition held in Islamabad. And we are leaving for Islamabad day after tomorrow.’’ Her mother said, ‘’I am so proud of you. May Allah grant you success.’’ Rumaisa was singing songs roaming in the whole house. Hamza ignoringly said, ‘’mom! Say Rumaisa to stop making terrible sounds.’’ Rumaisa laughed and said, ‘’don’t expect me to bring anything for you from there.’’ Hamza grinned and said, ‘’I don’t even want it. after you go who will save your room huhh?’’ Rumaisa ran to her father and complained about Hamza. Her father comforted her and said, ‘’don’t worry princess, no one will dare touch your things. And also lets go shopping tomorrow.’’ ‘’yeah dad how do you know I don’t have clothes.’’ Said Rumaisa dramatically. They both laughed at this.

On the other hand in Tanya’s house……’’mom what should I pack in bag?’’ asked Tanya. ‘’come down Tanya. I will help you packing, first make a list of what you want to buy.’’ Replied Tanya’s mother Mrs Ikhtiyar. Tanya came down and started making list then went to her father to show him, Mr Ikhtiyar after listening spoke, ‘’we can go shopping tomorrow and also I want to say that don’t panic and just try your best. Then give decision in Allah’s hand.’’ Tanya smiled and hugged her father then went back to the tv lounge. ‘’appi what will you bring for me?’’ Shez asked. ‘’yeah appi bring makeup kit for me please..’’ said Sarah. ‘’everytime makeup sarah! Don’t bring makeup for her Tanya.’’ Said Mrs Ikhtiyar. ‘’okay okay make the list of whatever you want, I’ll bring it.’’ said Tanya.

Both the houses were busy packing things and celebrating their daughter’s achievements.

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