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Episode 6

Finally the wait was over and all the 7 students along with two teachers Miss Aeni and Miss Maya were all arranging their luggage in the train. Miss Maya gathered everyone and spoke, ''ok, so for the trip we are divided in two groups. Rumaisa, Tanya, Adam, Murad will be in my group while Harris, Zara and Hania will be in Miss Aeni's group. So our group will stay in compartment F while Miss Aeni's group will be in compartment G.'' Everyone settled according to the instructions. Tanya and Rumaisa were sitting across from each other on window seats after having a fight with Adam and Murad about who will have window seats.
Tanya and Rumaisa were having a really serious conversation about ghosts and it was also a sunset time which is said to be a time when all ghosts come out. Suddenly Rumaisa felt a soft touch on her shoulder. The hand was whole red. ''Aaaaaahhhhhhh'' ''Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh'' Rumaisa shouted and Tanya also joined her and they both were hugging each other tightly.When they heard nothing they opened their eyes and to their surprise Adam and Murad were standing beside them with hands on their ears. ''Oh my god! my ears.. how can someone shout so loud'' said Adam laughing. '''Not to mention their hug and expression'' Murad added.
''wait whats that red thing on your hand??'' Tanya asked ignoring their comments. ''Umm.....actually I fell down and their ws a fork their and my hand landed on it so this is the result.'' replied Murad awkwardly. ''so put a bandage on it. why are you scaring the hell out of others.'' said Rumaisa truly scared. ''Thats what we came to ask for. We want first aid box if you have it?'' Murad said for Adam. Rumaisa took out the first aid box and gave to Adam and they left.
whenever Tanya and Murad crossed paths in train they just greeted each other softly and smile gently while Rumaisa and Murad always had a fight which ended with a laugh. While Harris didnt even look at Rumaisa after that convrsation in class with her.
They reached the hotel in Islamabad and Miss Maya spoke, ''We have two days before competion so practice hard and come to me if you want any help. As for rooms, room #31 is of girls and room #32 is for boys. Now go get fresh then come for dinner. And also everyday we will have a small meeting at 11am in the nearby garden in which we will talk about how your practice are going.'' Everyone nodded and left for their roooms.
''This is my bed.'' spoke Rumaisa sitting on the bed in front of Tv. ''No this is my bed.'' Tanya argued. ''Huhh in your dreams darling.'' ''Rumaisa there is no way I will get out of this bed.'' ''But there is no way you wont. Because I am calling your mother and saying that you have secretly applied for piano classes.'' Rumaisa said grinning. ''You are such a blackmailer.'' Tanya went to other bed and threw a pillow which Rumaisa catched.
They got fresh then Tanya got dressed up casually in her blue jeans and purple tank top with a jacket while Rumaisa was opening the door in her nightsuit until Tanya stopped her ''Are you coming out like this??'' Rumaisa remembered something and wore a long pink jacket which reached her knees and also matched with the tights she was wearing. ''Now I can go right?'' winked Rumaisa. ''Sure.'' They had chinese rice, hot and sour soup and chicken chili soup for dinner then went to bed.
The other morning Tanya and Rumaisa went for jogging at 7am in morning at the nearest garden. ''How can you wake me up by puring the whole bucket of water.'' asked Rumaisa unbelievably while jogging. ''Maybe because you didnt wake up by a glass of water.'' They both were laughing at this but suddenly Rumaisa bumped into someone and was falling on ground but didnt fall.
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