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Episode 7

ahhhh'' shouted Rumaisa while falling but stopped when Harris hold her before she could fell. Rumaisa was looking at Haris with guilt in her eyes. Harris was looking at Rumaisa with a deep hurt in his eyes. Tanya coughed then they both stood straight, Harris was leaving but Rumaisa shouted, ''Wait! I am sorry. Dont leave.'' Harris ignored her and left. Rumaisa kept mumbling to herself about how could he leave when she stopped him and apologized to him. She was boiling with anger. ''Umm... now can I ask about the thing between you and Harris??'' Tanya asked hopefully. ''I am so sorry but if I will tell you now I am definitely gonna burst out. So please can we talk about this later.'' Rumaisa said with deep emotions in her voice.
After this Rumaisa started to jog more fast but bumped into Adam and landed on the ground. Adam and Tanya were laughing like crazy but Murad helped her up. ''What the hell! dont you have eyes, even if you dont have eyes, dont you have manners. A girl fall on the ground because of you and you dont help her up instead you laugh.'' Rumaisa was super angry by now. ''umm you know actually I dont see you as a girl, you are a tomboy to me and also Murad helped you up so its even.'' Adam said sarcastically. ''I am really sorry on Adam behalf. He is really nice from inside.'' Murad covered up but Rumaisa ignored them and continued her jogging. ''I am sorry on her behalf. She is just short tempered.'' Tanya covered up and joined Rumaisa.
''You like Tanya, dont you?'' asked Adam with a wink. Murad blushed, ''no way, dont talk nonsense.'' Adam side hugged him and kept teasing him until they reached their room. ''I am not in a mood to bath dude.'' said Rumaisa exhaustedly. ''uhh please Rumaisa dont do this. You literally sting.'' disgustedly said Tanya. ''Its okay I can wear perfume.'' ''you are so disgusting. go have bath please.'' Tanya pushed Rumaisa into washroom. ''oh gurl, you are no fun.'' shouted Rumaisa from bathroom. After Rumaisa Tanya went into washroom and it wasnt even 5 seconds until she shouted, ''cockroach!!'' and tried to open the door but it was locked. ''Hahaha have fun with cockroach.'' Rumaisa was laughing with fits.
Ding Dong!! Ding Dong!! Rumaisa opened the door and greeted Miss Maya. ''Rumaisa remember the meeting at 11 am. And where is Tanya?'' Miss Maya spoke. ''She is in the washroom. I will convey your message to her.'' said Rumaisa with respect. ''And also bring the equipments necessary for your practice with you.'' Miss Maya said and left. ''Now can you open the door? I am done bathing.'' Rumaisa opened the door and the moment Tanya came out she beated Rumaisa with all her strength.
Everyone went for breakfast together so they all were sitting on one table. Rumaisa never saw in Harris eyes nor did he. Tanya was secretly watching Murad and same was Murad doing. Rumaisa and Adam were watching them quietly and laughing. 'come on come on turn the radio on' Rumaisa phone rang.
Mom :hello Rumaisa how are you?
I am good mom how are you and hows dad....I miss you both so much
Mom :Everyone is fine here. Are you enjoying there?
Yes totally mom its so nice here.....I gotta go talk to you later bye love you
Mom :bye love you too also say Tanya hello
Ok mom I will say to her bye
Mom :bye''

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