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Episode 8

Rumaisa and Tanya were getting ready for the meeting at 11am. There were 15 minutes left. ''Rumaisa! only 15 minutes are left. come out fast.'' Tanya shouted fully dressed in dark blue jeans with regular fit, white t-shirt and black boots with low heels and not to forget her favourite sunglasses. Rumaisa came out of washroom and Tanya's mouth fell open, ''oh my god! no this is not happening." ''shut up! aren't I looking cool.'' Rumaisa said prompting her dress. ''Are you serious! you are looking like a girl advertising black colour. how can you wear black skinny jeans with black baggy t-shirt and black joggers and black cap. I am speechless.'' Tanya said disgustingly. ''you dont know fashion. girls these days wear this.'' ''no they dont wear whole black atleast wear a combination of white shoes.'' ''I dont have it. Anyways who cares how I look I am always pretty.'' ''stop being self obsessed, wear my white joggers.''
''Bro we aren't going for jogging. what's with this blue sweatshirt and gray sweatpant.'' Murad asked with a horrible expression. ''I am wearing this because it suits with my new blue sneakers.'' Adam reasoned. ''oh my god! I cant bear your fashion taste. atleast learn what to wear while you are with me.'' Murad said showing off his clothes. He was wearing white t-shirt with dark blue open shirt with silver checks on it and dark blue jeans and white nike shoes and ofcourse sunglasses.
Rumaisa, Adam, Murad and Tanya reached at the same time and Miss Maya was waiting for them. Miss Maya started,''okay, so first day but I have a bad news for Adam. The coach who was going to accompany you for your football practice cant come today due to some reasons. So now you telll me what to do today, and also others share your practice routine for today.'' Before anyone could speak Rumaisa spoke, ''I am a really great footballer and you can ask about that to our sports teacher so if you dont mind can I accompany Adam. And as for my practice routine I have decided to go to library today and net cafe tomorrow.'' Miss Maya thought for a minute then spoke, ''I am okay with it as long as your practice dont get distured.'' ''I am okay with it too.'' Adam agreed. Now Tanya spoke, ''I am going to visit art museum today and net cafe tomorrow.'' Then Murad spoke, ''I will just practice my piano skills today as well as tomorrow.'' ''wait Miss, can Tanya join Murad in playing piano because I know she hates to be alone and also she is a great piano player maybe Murad will learn something and after Murad's practice he can take her to art museum. That way they both will have company.'' Rumaisa spoke with smirk in her eyes. ''Yes miss I agree too.'' Adam added. ''Yeah I dont mind them giving each other company.'' Miss Maya said. ''I am also okay as long as Tanya dont mind.'' Tanya also nodded and everyone left their own way.
Murad sat on a piano desk and invited Tanya to sit beside him. Tanya started playing piano and so did he. After some time Murad came near Tanya and placed her hands on right keys. ''Try starting like this. It'll do much better.'' Tanya played the piano then faced Murad, ''How was this?'' ''You are a great piano player and Rumaisa was right, I got to learn something from you.'' Tanya smiled with a blush then they both left for art gallery.
In the football court sceness were this that Rumaisa and Adam were fighting for who will kick first and who will be goal keeper. ''Its my practice time so its my wish whether I kick or be goal keeper.'' He said. ''But I am the one training you.'' she reasoned. ''But I really want to kick first.'' ''fine'' Rumaisa went towards the goal post. Adam kicked the ball and Rumaisa effortlessly let the ball hit the goal post. ''Ughhh.....fine you kick first. you are so stubborn.'' After the practice Adam said, ''I never knew you were such a good footballer.'' ''You still dont know much about me. I have won two trophies i inter school competition. Dont underestimate me. Rumaisa said grinning. ''hh whatever,'' Adam said with a blushng face. ''aww your dimples are so cute. blush again.''Rumaisa teased.
When finally Adam and Rumaisa arrived Tanya and Murad were already waiting for them. ''What took you so long?'' ''We stopped by to eat pani puri.'' The boys headed to their room. The girls were on their way ut suddenly a girl passing by fell down. They both went to her ad asked if she was okay ten Rumaisa spoke, ''arent you Zara for the maths competition?'' ''yes. and you are Rumaisa right?'' ''yes by the way How's your group's practice going?'' Rumaisa asked. ''Everything is good but Harris has a cold fever and he needs to be healthy before swimming competition thats why I am going to make soup for him.'' The moment Rumaisa listened this copy from her hand fell down.
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