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Episode 9

what did you just said?'' Rumaisa asked with tearful eyes. ''I said that Harris is sick and has to be healthy before the competition and that I am going to make soup.'' Zahra said in a hurry. By now Rumaisa tears were dropping on her cheeks. ''You can go Zahra.'' Tanya said then turned to Rumaisa, ''Are you okay? what happened suddenly?'' ''I am not okay right now but if I tell you the reason why is that so I will lose my control and breakdown. I know you deserve to know but I hope you can understand me.'' Rumaisa replied with a heavy heart. ''No its okay if you cant tell right now but you have to tell me soon okay.'' Tanya said with comforting smile and they both left for their room.
''How was the day Murad?'' Adam asked with a grin. ''It went good not to mention the awkwardness while wating for you both to come back.'' Murad said taunting and blushing face. ''Oh my god! did you just blush.....This day has to be written in history.'' Adam teased Murad. ''What about you? you seem so comfortable around Rumaisa because as long as I know you were always the one running away from girls.'' ''Shut up! I am going to kill you today.'' ''You will kill me when you are alive right?'' with this both of them started fighting, no one won the fight because both of them fought until they were tied and fall asleep.
It was 11:30 pm and everyone was asleep except for worried Rumaisa who could'nt sleep so she called Zahra. ''Hello! is this Zahra?'' ''Yes it is.......who are you?'' Zahra replied in sleepy voice. ''It is Rumaisa.'' ''Oh Rumaisa! what happened?'' ''Nothing really happened but just want to tell you something.'' ''Yeah say what is it?'' Rumaisa gathered up courage and spoke, ''I will make soup for Harris tomorrow so you dont need to worry because I know how hard maths is so dont get bothered because I am willing to help you.'' ''That is so sweet of you. Thank you so much.'' ''Welcome Bye'' ''Bye.''
The other day Rumaisa made the soup and then handed over to Zahra and spoke, ''Do me a favor and dont tell Harris about who made the soup.'' ''Okay as you wish. By the way thanks for the favor.'' Zahra spoke and went to Harris. She handed over the soup to him and spoke, ''get well soon. Someone is worried about you.'' Harris ignored her and tasted the soup. After a spoon he stopped and said, ''Who made this?'' ''Ofcourse I made it.'' Zahra lied but Harris nodded and understood that who made it.
''Hello Teacher.'' Rumaisa, Tanya, Adam and Murad greeted Miss Maya when she came for meeting. ''Hello every one. How did your practice went yesterday?'' She asked them. ''It went great teacher and also thanks to Tanya I got to learn something new.'' Murad answered then Tanya spoke, ''Yes miss yesterday visit to Art Museum went great. I learned alot there.'' Now Adam spoke, ''My practice went hilarious because I practiced with someone who herself was a great player but I still hope my coach is here today.'' ''Yes your coach is here. Rumaisa what about you?'' Rumaisa snapped out of her thoughts and said, ''Yeah it went good yesterday. I absorbed as much information as I could about writing skills.'' ''Thats good then but Rumaisa you feel weird today. Anyways go head to your destinations for today. Best of luck for tomorrow.'' Adam went towards football court, Murad went towards piano room meanwhile Rumaisa and Tanya left for Internet Cafe.
Zahra was very curious about what is the relationship between Harris and Rumaisa so she called Rumaisa and said, ''Can you come to meeting room I want to tell you something.'' Rumaisa though it must be about Harris health so she agreed. Zahra then went to Harris and spoke, ''Miss Aenie is calling you in meetig room.'' Harris left for meeting room. Rumaisa entered the room so Rumaisa was behind the curtains watching outside the window for some inspiration about what to sketch. She was going to come out of curtains when she saw Rumaisa but when she heard Harris coming in room she didnt come out because she was curious about what would they talk about in personal meanwhile Zahra locked the room from outside. So now Rumaisa, Harris and hidden Tanya were locked in a room.
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