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Episode 10

Why are you here?'' asked Harris. ''Thats what I want to ask.'' replied Rumaisa. ''By the way why the hell did you cook the soup for me?'' Harris lost his temper and ask. ''Because I know what swimming means to you and for my ego I wont destroy your future.'' Rumaisa honestly said. ''Huh look at you being all worried. What happened when you told me cousin. You know I can bear anything you say but when you said cousin it broke my heart into pieces.'' ''Oh so now you know the feeling of a heartbreak right? That was exactly what I felt when you chose being a supportive son rather than being a responsible brother.'' ''You think that was easy for me! I suffered more than you did. I missed you every minute of my life. I always wanted to tell you the reason behind my decision but you always avoided me and now I am fed up of your attitude now its not like I committed a crime. I took care of you in any way I could even if you always hurted me.'' ''Okay so tell the reason now behind your decision.'' Harris cleared his throat and said, ''I cant tell you the reason right now because I have to practice but I promise after competition this will be the first thing I will do but you also have to promise that you won't avoid me Romi and listen to me.'' Rumaisa blushed and spoke, ''It was such a burden on me finally I spoke what I wanted. I feel light now. Yeah okay I will listen to you Harry.'' They both laughed when heard their childhood nickname and then hugged each other.
They got apart from each other when suddenly Adam entered the room and his face looked hurt while from other side Tanya came out of curtains and was horribly shocked. Adam nearly had a tear in his life so he left the room before the tear could escape from his eyes. Rumaisa was speechless right now. Harris spoke, ''Umm does he like you? Maybe he misunderstood something.'' ''Ofcourse he misunderstood but I dont think he likes me.'' Rumaisa spoke but stop when saw Tanya standing there asking for explanation. Rumaisa left the room with Tanya and went into their room.
Rumaisa sat on a bed and told everything about her and Harris to her. Tanya thought for a second then spoke, ''Now it makes sense why you hitted him and he didn't even complained once and why did he always bothered you and also why was he hurt when you told cousin and why you were shocked when Zara told about his health.'' ''Yes now that you understand this and wont ask again I am happy.'' Rumaisa said smiling. ''I think maybe Adam misunderstood you guys and got hurt.'' Tanya said. ''But it does not make sense why would he get hurt when I hugged Harris.'' ''Because he is not aware of truth.'' ''But I cant tell him the truth though. you know if I just go like that and say so he will think maybe I like him so I am clearing my name in his eyes.'' ''So you like him?'' ''No I never said that.'' ''But you never said you dont like him also.'' ''shut up or I will brig Murad topic.'' ''Ughhhh fine.''
Tanya and Rumaisa left for the for the Internet Cafe and when they were on their way back Rumaisa saw a sweet and bakers store so they both went in and Rumaisa spoke, ''Um I am buying Rasgulla, what you wanna buy?'' ''I am buying Gulab Jamun.'' They both ordered and when it was time to pay Tanya paid for hers but Rumaisa realized that she forgot her wallet at home so she so she spoke, ''Tanya pay for mine too I forgot my wallet at home.'' ''I dont have a penny left right now because I boughtthe wrong wallet which had less money.'' ''Wait how many wallets you have?'' ''Maybe six. I am not sure.'' Rumaisa was going to say something but the worker popped in between, ''Ma'am you haven't paid yet.''
''I am sorry but I would like to return this. I forgot my wallet.'' She was going to hand it over but suddenly Adam took from her hand and said, ''I will pay for it.'' ''No, why would you pay?'' Rumaisa objected. Adam ignored her and paid for it. They came out of store and Adam handed the box to Rumaisa so Rumaisa spoke, ''I will pay you once we reach our hotel.'' ''Did I ask you to pay?'' Adam replied coldly and was leaving until Rumaisa stopped him and spoke, ''Then just keep it with you if you are going to show me your attitude.'' Rumaisa handed the box to Adam and left with Tanya to hotel. Adam was standing with a red burning face right now.
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