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Episode 11

Rumaisa and Tanya entered their room, Rumaisa shouted, ''What does he think he is? He maybe the superstar in other's eyes but he is nothing in front of me so tell him not to be oversmart with me. And also how dare he showed me attitude? I dont need his help.'' ''Ahhh, let it go Rumaisa, but what you did was also wrong, you shouldn't be mad on him atleast.'' Tanya pointed out Rumaisa's mistake. ''Ughh I dont need a lecture right now, just get lost.'' Rumisa said aggressively and Tanya was leaving so Rumaisa asked, ''Where are you going Mr?'' ''I am going at park to stress out my mind because of you.'' ''Then I will also accompany you in stressing out your mind because of me.'' Both of them went to park.
''Bro, why are you like this suddenly? Explain me the reason behind talking like that with Rumaisa out of nowhere?'' Murad asked. ''Ughh I am not in a mood to talk so just get lost.'' Adam replied heartbrokenly. ''I am not leaving you. I have never seen you like this other than 2 years ago.'' Murad spoke sadly. ''Fine then I will leave if you are not leaving.'' Adam said and left. ''Uhh........dude.....Huff, wait for me.'' Murad said and followed Adam.
In morning after Rumaisa and Tanya completed their jogging they went to Miss Maya and spoke, ''Teacher, which time we will leave for competition?'' ''We will leave at 11am so inform Zara and Harris to get ready at 11am. Oh yeah also tell Adam, Murad and Hania that they have to meet Miss Aeni at 12:30pm in the meeting room.'' Miss Maya instructed them, they nodded and first went to inform Zara and Hania then went to Adam and Murad's room. ''You knock the door.'' Tanya said blushing. ''Ughhh I dont want to create a scene with Adam so please go ahead.'' Rumaisa replied annoyed. Tanya before knocking spoke, ''Meanwhile I am informing them you go and inform Harris. It will save time.'' Rumisa went to Harris room and on 3rd knock Harris finally came out, ''Oh wow Rumi is here. Come in.'' Rumaisa blushed at the name Rumi and spoke, ''First of all stop calling me Rumi I haven't forgiven you yet and I came to tell you that we will be leaving at 11am for competition so be ready.'' ''Okay Madam. Best of luck.'' Harris teased. ''Huhh same to you.''
''Okay so all the young talented writers are here. I hope all of you would have worked hard for this day. Lets start now so you guys will be given two hours to write and your topic is 'Let me Live' and your time starts now.'' The invigilator announced and all the students started to write. The art students were also given two hours to paint and their topic was 'painting my life'. The maths students were also given two hours to complete their paper. The swimming competition was going to start after the other competitions were going to finish because swimmers wanted their friends who were right now in competition to cheer for them.
''I think we should go and cheer up Harris for his competition. After all he is also our school student.'' Adam said this for trying to convince Murad to go to competition. ''When did you start to care about others? I am speechless.'' Murad teased. ''Uhh shut up and come with me.'' Adam took Murad to the swimming court but before that he took him to a restaurant. ''I want one plate of sizzler.'' Adam ordered and turned to Murad. ''What to do you want?'' ''I dont want anything.'' Murad replied. After eating they went to swimming court and took their seats. ''I thought you didnt want anything but you ate half of my sizzler.'' Adam complained to Murad. ''Thats called bromance.'' Murad chuckled. ''As if, huh.''
Rumaisa and Tanya after two hours met at the Swimming Court. ''How did it went Tanya?'' Rumaisa asked excitedly. ''Oh god it went great. I was damn nervous because this was the first time I participated in competition. What about you?'' Tanya answered with true happiness. ''Wait why havent you ever participated in competition? By the way it went amazing. I wasnt nervous but everything happeing here just made me a bit scared but altogether it went amazing.'' ''I will tell you my horrible past story some other day. Right now cheer for Harris, competition is going to start in 5 minutes.''
After the competition the students scattered everywhere chit chatting or going to celebrate their day while Tanya had to go to hotel because Rumaisa went to a park with Harris and also Murad had to go to hotel too because Adam decided to secretly follow Harris and Rumaisa due to his extra curiosity.
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