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Episode 12

Tanya was walking in the lobby, on the way to her room. Suddenly she saw a girl with blonde hair and started running away, the girl when recognized Tanya started running to her. Tanya bumped into Murad and fell on the ground. Tanya was getting up but that girl again pushed her to the ground and said, ''long time, no see Tanya'' and laughed. Tanya had tears in her eyes. Murad helped Tanya get up and then spoke, ''Hello girl, whoever you are please leave. I don't think Tanya wants to talk to you.'' The girl laughed and said, ''Oh so now you found a shield to protect you. Anyways I will be in touch with you now so that you never forget our beautiful past.'' and then the girl left. Tanya was crying by now and she ran to her room while Murad was standing there cluelessly.
Rumaisa and Harris went to a park, sat on a bench then harris finally started, ''Umm before I reveal the truth just tell me how much you know?'' Rumaisa spoke, ''I only know that you were adopted and when your mother, my father's sister came to take you from us you agreed to go with her and leave us.'' Harris sighed and spoke, ''ok, so I will tell you from the very beginning now. Actually the day I was born my father died in a car accident which led my mother to lose her control. And my mother got psychologically disturb and was not in a condition to take care of herself so how could she take care of me. Our grandmother decided to admit my mother in a mental hospital and since your father was the only one who was trustworthy so she told your father to adopt me but before adoption she made your father promise that when my mother will recover he will have to dissolve the adoption and return me to my mother. After two months you were born and since we both were same aged so we had the strongest bond and I swear I never knew I was adopted. I was really happy living with a full family. But you know when we were 14 since my mother recovered so our grandmother with my mother came to your house and revealed the whole truth to me. Since I never thought that way I clearly declined to them but from inside I couldn't believe if all this was true. That evening your mother and father called me in their room and told me that I should go with my mother, when I asked why so they told me that if I will stay with you all I can have everything but that woman who gave birth to me, lost her husband and just recovered from a trauma how will she feel. Just this line made me change my decision and I went to my mother but also my love for you all never changed. Anyways if you still think I did wrong so I am sorry.''
Uptil now Harris and Rumaisa both were crying and Adam behind the tree also had tears in his eyes. Rumaisa hugged Harris and then spoke, ''Its not that I think you did wrong, if I would be at your place I would've made the same decision but you know I just can't take it suddenly so I need some real time to think. I hope you don't mind.'' Harris nodded in understanding and Rumaisa now left the park. Harris wiped his tears and spoke, ''Adam come out. I know you are behind the tree'' Adam came out with an awkward face and spoke, ''Um how did you know I was there?'' ''I knew it from the start. I saw you following us.'' Harris said. ''Um I am really sorry. I know I can't explain you but still I am sorry.'' Adam said with a guilty face. ''Its okay I can understand your curiosity. Anyways Rumaisa needs a friend right now so go after her.''
Adam ran after Rumaisa and when Rumaisa sensed that Adam was following her she started running more fast and even crossed the road and when she turn back she was horribly startled when she saw a car hitting Adam and then Adam lying on the ground with his hand injured. She ran to him and took him to the nearest hospital.
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