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Episode 13

It is an emergency, take him to the emergency room.'' said Doctor. ''Doctor, will he alright?'' Miss Aeni asked worriedly. ''Yes its just a hand fracture, he will be alright.'' The doctor said and went to emergency room ''Can you please wait outside.'' ''Sure'' Miss Maya came out. ''How's Adam?'' Miss Aeni asked. ''The doctor says its not that serious and that he will have a hand fracture.'' Miss Maya and Miss Aeni were now waiting outside with Rumisa who was continuously blaming herself and Tanya was comforting her. A few minutes later Harris came running, ''Is Adam alright?'' ''Yeah he is okay and I have also informed his parents. Its not that serious but he will have a hand fracture.'' Miss Maya explained. ''But how did this happen? As long as I know him he always follow traffic rules no matter what the emergency is but this is unbelievable." Rumaisa had tears in her eyes and was going to burst up but controlled herself when she saw doctor coming out.
''He is all fit so there is nothing to worry he will just have a temporary hand fracture. If an elder can come with me I will tell you the formalities and also give you prescription'' Doctor spoke with a warm smile. '' Sure. You guys can go and meet your friend while I and Miss Maya will accompany doctor for the formalities.'' Miss Aeni said and left. Rumaisa wasnt going in but Tanya took her. ''Hey bro how can you be so careless. And what the hell was emergency that you couldn't even wait for 'red light'.'' Murad fired Adam while Rumaisa was standing in a corner with a regretting face. ''A friend was in need. By the way what's wrong with you and Tanya? You guys arent even seeing each other.'' Adam said making Tanya and Murad feel more uncomfortable. ''Rumaisa, are you not going to say anything?'' Murad said changing the topic. ''I am sorry.'' Rumaisa said while Murad got shocked. Adam said Murad to shut up with his eyes and spoke, ''What are you sorry for? I should be the one apologizing because of my bad attitude towards you.'' ''Yes ofcourse you should be but who the hell told you to run after me?'' Rumaisa shouted. While Adam and Rumaisa were arguing Tanya was getting more uncomfortable because of Adam so she went to the rest room.
''Oh my god guess I met you again. The girl who met earlier in the lobby whose name was Zoya said hitting Tanya on shoulder. ''What do you want from me?'' Tanya asked with a depressed face. ''You know how to speak now too. Anyways see you later, I have no time to waste right now, Thanks to you.'' Zoya said and went out. Harris saw Zoya coming out and after a minute Tanya came out. ''Is something wrong?'' Murad asked. ''No'' Tanya answered directly. ''You know that we are good friends and you can always tell me anything.'' Murad comforted Tanya and she nodded.
''Please let us eat the dinner in hot and spicy today.'' Adam requested teachers. ''Fine but only today.'' Everyone went to hot and spicy restaurant. ''What do you guys want to eat?'' Miss Aeni asked. ''I want zinger cheese burger.'' Rumaisa said. ''I will have a regular tikka boti pizza.'' Adam said. Murad added, ''I will have same as Rumaisa.'' ''Tanya, are you there?'' Rumaisa asked. ''yeah what happened?'' Tanya answered coming out to reality. ''What will you eat?'' ''Whatever you are eating'' Teachers ordered the food and they were all eating while talking about their some memorable life moments. Suddenly Tanya got up and went towards restroom and since Rumaisa was curious and wanted to talk in private with her so she followed her secretly.
Rumaisa stopped when she saw a girl come near to Tanya and spoke, ''You are so disgusting that you always are in restroom whenever I come.'' Tanya had a tear in her eye. Zoya went and was going to slap Tanya but Rumaisa holded her hand and slapped Zoya with her own hand. ''I think you should taste your slap before anyone else can.'' Rumaisa stood confidently there. ''How dare you? And who the hell are you to butt in?'' Zoya shouted going nuts. ''I dare do anything when it comes to Tanya and as for who I am so I am definitely not your friend.' Rumaisa said and took Tanya out with her.
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