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Episode 14

Rumaisa and Tanya were sitting on their beds and Tanya was explaining everything to Rumaisa with her tears falling. When Tanya finished Rumaisa hugged her and spoke, ''You are not alone in this now. I will always be with you and she won't dare touch you because when I lose my temper I myself can't imagine what I would do with her.'' Tanya smiled a little at Rumaisa's angry face and spoke, ''Thank you so much for understanding me. I was so afraid that if you got to know my past you will also treat me like others and I would lose a friend like you.'' Rumaisa hit her on her head and spoke, ''You are stupid to think that way. What do you take me for?'' Tanya laughed at this and said, ''I take you as my teddy bear.'' ''Hey! I just gained some weight because I haven't been exercising. That's it.'' ''Oh and what about your diet?'' ''I hate dieting because I have a sweet tooth and I can't resist without eating sweets.'' Tanya again teased her, ''I understand teddy bear.'' ''Shut up!''
Murad was helping Adam wearing his t-shirt meanwhile Adam was telling him about how accident happened. After hearing out Murad spoke, ''Rumaisa must've suffered alot yet she always showed herself so strong but she was so weak from inside. But you Mr should've called me or Tanya and if she was running on street so you also started running. Wow! how smart of you.'' Adam put his hands on his ears and spoke, ''It was already an eventful day and I also have to go for competition tomorrow so please drop the earful right now.'' Murad shockingly asked, ''Whatt! You are not going for competition tomorrow. Just hear that.'' ''If not now then never and also I have to play with my legs not my hands so shut up Mr mummy. Ugh yes I remember what I wanted to ask you. What's going on between you and Tanya you guys are so awkward. Don't you dare lie to me.'' Murad told him about the lobby and hotel incident so Adam spoke, ''Don't worry about her. She has a given body guard with her Miss Rumaisa. Rumaisa has a black belt in karate. You know that?'' Murad grinned and said, ''I am afraid about that only because Rumaisa is short tempered she easily engages in a fight and then gets into trouble.'' ''I totally agree with that. Let's talk about this with them tomorrow.''
In the morning Rumaisa and Tanya were sitting on a breakfast table and Rumaisa was encouraging Tanya, ''Look you have me but to be honest I want you to fight this alone and prove your innocence. Don't get it wrong as if I am trying to run away from you or I am not with you. I will always be with you but it's just that I want you to have the strength to stand up for yourself. The world is too cruel for innocent people, you know this better than me. The next time you meet her show her a different sight of Tanya which she never expected.'' Tanya nodded and said, ''I know you are saying this for my best. I will surely show her my different sight next time.'' After breakfast when they were leaving they saw Harris sitting with Zoya and chit chatting. Rumaisa was going there but Tanya stopped her took her outside and said, ''Don't go right now we should talk about this with Harris in private.'' ''Okay then we can meet him after Adam's competition and then go to Murad's competition.'' ''Hmm that sounds good.''
Rumaisa and Tanya were sitting in football court and the competition was going to start in 10 minutes. ''Why did you have to encourage Adam for playing even teachers were against it but now he will play thanks to your speech, huh.'' Tanya taunted Rumaisa so she clarified herself and said, ''I just don't want him to regret later. Even if he loses he should atleast try.'' After the competition when Adam came to his friends, Rumaisa shouted, ''The last kick was amazing, bruhh. All the girls had their mouth pen at that time.'' Adam teased, ''Does that include you?'' ''Of Course not I am not an ordinary girl. You know that better.'' ''Of Course I know'' Tanya spoke, ''I agree with Rumaisa you were really great. I and Rumaisa have to go somewhere actually, we will be back before piano competition.'' ''Oh thanks Tanya. Okay you guys get going. Bye.'' ''Bye.''
Tanya and Rumaisa went to a nearby park and called Harris there. Rumaisa spoke, ''Who was that girl with you at the breakfast table?'' Harris sat on a bench and spoke, ''She used to be my best friend in my old school. No one can ever know her better than me. Recently she came here to visit her paralyzed mother in hospital. She was going to leave but she met the girl because of whom her mother is in this state so now she is going to revenge her.'' Rumaisa understood everything and spoke, ''I think you should stop her. Revenge is not good, you know, right?'' ''She will only listen to me if I tell her my secret.'' ''What secret?'' ''You are the secret, my sister.'' ''Then don't you dare tell her. I will surprise her someday.'' ''Okay darling.''
After conversation Rumaisa and Tanya went for Murad's competition. The whole auditorium was filled with students. Murad was getting ready for his performance but suddenly his jaw dropped when he saw his father.
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