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Episode 15

Murad ran to his father Mr. Hassan and said, ''Oh my God! Am I dreaming or are you really here to see my competition?'' Mr. Hassan coldly spoke, ''I am on a business trip here so I thought of watching your so called talent in piano. Before performing remember the promise you made to me.'' On hearing about the promise Murad got sad and went back to changing room. During the competition Murad remembered about the promise and gave his all in playing the piano.
After the competition Tanya, Rumaisa and Adam went to Murad and Tanya spoke, ''You were melodious. It felt good listening listening to you.'' Murad smiled and spoke, ''Its mostly thanks to you. I seriously lost my inspiration but when I thought about the day you played piano so beautifully but still couldn't participate in the competition, I truly thanked God at that time to give me an opportunity to perform my talent.'' Adam sarcastically spoke, ''Wow, so all thanks goes to Tanya. Shouldn't you thank me and Rumaisa for giving you a chance to practice with Tanya.'' Rumaisa nodded her head dramatically. Murad laughed and spoke, ''Ok fine then it's all thanks to you guys for always fighting which led us to become friends.'' The four of them were laughing with their hearts and were truly happy.
Mr. Hassan when saw Murad with his friends so came and greeted his friends. Rumaisa humorously spoke, ''Now I get where he got his looks from.'' Murad on hearing this spoke, ''I should definitely thank him for at least giving me looks.'' Adam understood that Murad was taunting so he covered for him, ''Stop joking, my stomach is already hurting.'' They were talking and suddenly hear a girl running and shouting, ''Dad!!''. To everyone's surprise that girl was Zoya. Zoya was also surprised to see them here. Mr. Hassan excused from Adam, Tanya and Rumaisa and went out with Zoya and Murad.
When Rumaisa came out of washroom after washing up she saw Tanya listening to a song
'Ding-Dong , call me on my phone
Ice tea and a game of ping pong
This is getting heavy, can you hear
The bass boom? I'm ready (Woo-Hoo)
Rumaisa turned off the music and said, ''Are you serious? It's BTS!'' ''Yeah, I love BTS whenever I feel down I always listen to 'Dynamite''' Tanya explained. ''What! I don't know why but I just don't like them.'' ''Then you are a complete fool.'' ''Oh shut up! I think Astro is better than them.'' ''How can you even compare BTS to Astro. It isn't even worthy of comparing.'' ''Shut up'' Now here starts the WWE.
Adam was eagerly waiting for Murad in his room. He felt helpless because he couldn't even eat or drink with his hands. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Adam was surprised to see Harris on the door. He invited him inside. Harris sat on a chair and spoke, ''Before you ask me let me tell you that Rumaisa asked me to be with you while Murad is not here and help you in whatever you want.'' Adam unbelievably laughed and said, ''I am not a 3 years old child who can't live without his mother.'' ''Okay then I am leaving.'' ''No it's okay since you are already here we can eat.'' They both laughed at this.
Murad finally came to the room and started crying. Adam didn't ask him the reason because he knew that it would hurt him so he just went to him, hugged him and let him cry over his shoulder. After Murad ran out of tears he secretly thanked Adam and went to sleep.
The other day because they had a free day so Rumaisa, Adam, Tanya and Murad decided to meet at the lobby and then go to water park. While Rumaisa, Tanya and Adam were waiting for Murad suddenly Zoya came and was about to slap Tanya but Tanya held her hand before she could slap and spoke, ''No more Zoya. I can't bear you at all. I seriously pity you.'' Zoya sarcastically laughed and said, ''Woahh! You are getting unbelievable .........'' Murad cut her off and spoke, ''You are way more unbelievable Zoya. Stop this thing while I am nice to you.'' Zoya went to Murad, side hugged him and said, ''Don't be rude to me brother.'' Tanya was unbelievably shocked on hearing this. Adam was also curious about what was happening but never blamed Murad for not telling him. Rumaisa was shocked too. Murad pushed Zoya and shouted, ''Get lost! I am going insane.'' Zoya dramatically said 'bye' and left. Tanya also left with Rumaisa. Adam took Murad to his room too. Everything was a complete mess.
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