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Episode 16

Adam gave water to Murad. Murad drank it and finally spoke, ''Are you also angry at me?'' Adam gave a comforting smile and said, ''No bruh, I don't want to invade your privacy. You can have your time and tell me whenever you feel like.'' ''Thanks for understanding me.'' For the next 10 minutes both of them were sitting in silence.
Finally Murad spoke, ''Ok, so I have decided to tell you. Do you remember I told you that I haven't met my father for 2 months?'' Adam nodded then Murad continued, ''So my father had a brother with whom he was not in good terms due to some inheritance problem that's why I never knew that he had a brother. Before 2 months my father got to know that his brother is on the last stage of cancer so he went to visit him. There he made his last wish to my father that after he dies my father should marry his paralyzed wife and also never let her daughter Zoya feel the absence of a father. After a day his brother fied and after a week according to promise he married his wife. This was the reason he haven't been home since 2 months and kept telling me that he was on a business trip. This is how Zoya is called my stepsister.'' Adam hugged Murad and said, ''You must have been through a lot. But now you have to make a choice between right or wrong, choice between a friend or stepsister.'' Murad was silent for a minute then said, ''It's ofcourse Tanya because she is right here. I will never support someone who is wrong just because that someone is my relative.'' Adam teased, ''Are you supporting her because she is right or.....'' Murad threw a pillow at Adam and shouted, ''I knew it. We can never be emotional for more than 5 minutes and you proved it.'' ''Ofcourse, we are cool guyss.'' ''Oh yes really cool.'' Adam remembered something and spoke, ''Shouldn't you clear this thing to Tanya also or else she will keep thinking that you made a fool of her.'' ''Oh yes, you are right. Let's go right now.'' With this they both left the room.
Tanya and Rumaisa were sitting in the garden. Tanya had tears falling as she spoke, ''I can't believe Murad did his to me. He knew that Zoya was her sister still he acted like he didn't know her in front of me. He made a fool of me by doing this.'' Rumaisa comfortingly said, ''I know he did so bad to you. I am not gonna spare him, you just wait and watch. And also that Adam acted so innocent. They both will have to face me now.'' Rumaisa stopped when she saw Zoya coming towards them. Zoya spoke, ''Stay away from my brother. I have already lost many people thanks to you.'' Rumaisa had an unbelievable expression as she spoke, ''You talk as if she killed someone.'' Tanya was going to say something but Zoya continued, ''Yes, she killed my father and she is the reason my mother is paralyzed.'' Now Tanya cut her off and spoke, ''I am not the reason. You are the one to be blamed. If you haven't had ruined my painting in art competition so school wouldn't have terminated you and your parents wouldn't have faced such a hard time and wouldn't have gotten in an accident while coming to school to beg them for not terminating you.'' Zoya completely lost her mind when she heard this and was going to hit Tanya but Murad came from back and hold her hand and spoke, ''If you have any conscience left rethink about your deeds and when you realize who is wrong please let us know.'' Zoya ran away from there.
Tanya angrily spoke to Murad, ''You have no reason to interfere in my personal life.'' Adam came in front and said, ''He has something to say to you. You can decide after hearing him out.'' ''You Mr shut up. Get lost from here.'' Rumaisa cut off Adam. ''Why should we get lost. Do you own this park?'' ''Even if I don't own this park so what? If I am telling you to go so go.'' ''You are not a president that I will listen to you.'' Murad and Tanya annoyingly shouted at once, ''Guys Shut up!'' Tanya had a small smile on her face but it disappeared when she saw Murad. Murad didn't lose this chance and started telling her the truth before she could speak anything. After hearing out the truth Tanya had a secret smile knowing that Murad didn't betrayed her. They decided to go to the water park the other day because it was their last day in Islamabad and they wanted to enjoy it to their fullest.
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