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Episode 17

It was 7am when Tanya started waking up Rumaisa but of course waking up Rumaisa isn't some kind of easy task, it needs a lot of strength still Tanya managed waking up Rumaisa until 8:30 after trying every single technique of waking up a person. After waking up Rumaisa, Tanya went to wash up and told Rumaisa to take out clothes from bag but obviously Rumaisa never do what she is told so she started writing a random poem. When Tanya came out of washroom she nearly shouted, ''You never do what you are said to do.'' Rumaisa grinned and spoke, ''Yes because I don't like following orders, I am the boss of myself. By the way I wrote a poem just now.'' ''Wow, I would like to listen what masterpiece you have written this time.'' ''Ok no problem. The topic is PAINTING MY LIFE.
'As long as I can draw,
I don't drink juice without a straw.
As long as I can pour my heart,
All my pain and worries tear apart.
As long as I can feel the texture,
Sketching can absorb my gesture.
As long as I can smell the colors,
My heart will start to flutter.
As long as I can hear the river gushing,
My face will have a pink blushing.
As long as I can see the galaxy,
Stars and moon are just a melody.
As long as I can draw,
My life will go on with a flow.''
''Woww!! That's amazing Rumaisa. You have a true talent for writing. '' Tanya commented Rumaisa on which Rumaisa couldn't stop blushing so she spoke, ''Come on it's not that big of a deal. Now I want to see your true talent in arts so I will give you the exact time I took for writing to paint according to what I wrote.'' ''Okay then, I will show you my true talent. Until I am painting, you go and wash up.'' With this Rumaisa went to wash up and Tanya started painting. After 15 minutes Rumaisa came out and on exact that moment Tanya finished her painting. Rumaisa in amazement covered her mouth and said, ''Wonderful Tanya. No matter how bad you are at other things but I think God covered it by giving you such an artistic mind. Now elaborate your painting.'' Tanya blushed and spoke, ''Were you praising me or taunting me?'' ''I guess both.'' ''Whatever. So here this blended colors indicate the life and here it shows how peaceful nature is while on other side I have given a texture of galaxy according to your poem.'' Rumaisa clapped and said, ''I am completely amazed.''
Adam was trying every t-shirt so that it could match with his coffee color skinny jeans. Murad irritatingly said, ''Stop this. Wear that dark green shirt. You will rock it.'' Adam took green shirt and tried it on then said, ''I was anyway gonna wear that. Don't think I took your advice.'' ''Sure. By the way how do I look?'' Murad said looking in the mirror. Adam punched Murad on the face and spoke, ''You are looking like a totally cool guy. You know this blue denim jacket looks good with your white inner and black jeans.'' Murad punched Adam and said, ''Are you serious?'' ''Of course not.'' Adam was gonna punch Murad but Murad punched him with his own hands and was laughing hardly. ''You just wait.'' Murad ran out of room while Adam ran to chase him.
''Tanya what should I wear?'' Tanya nearly choked on this and spoke, ''Are you really Rumaisa. You never ask my opinions.'' ''Fine then, I am wearing on my own.'' ''No wait, I will tell you.'' When Rumaisa came out of changing room she looked like a completely different person. She was wearing pink Bella shirt and a blue denim jacket on light blue jeans. Tanya also straighten her hair. Tanya was wearing black skinny jeans and white t-shirt and red open shirt folded half sleeves and hairs curled from below.
Both the girls were in the lobby on their way outside the hotel but they stopped when they saw Zoya with Harris coming from the opposite side. Zoya came to them and spoke, ''I have realized whose mistake it was and it was the mistake of............''
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