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Episode 18

Zoya spoke, ''I have realized whose mistake it was and it was the mistake of me, because I was just so full of myself and the fact that I have always won the painting competition but that time you were going to win so I just got swayed away and thought that you will snatch away my prize so I did that to you then about my parents I was so afraid that I couldn't accept the fact that I was behind the hard times my parents suffered. I know that I am not in a place to apologize but I really hope that you will forgive me. I am really sorry.'' By now Zoya had tears in her eyes. Tanya came close to her and spoke, ''To be honest I never hated you, you were a really great friend of mine that's why I was hurted but I am happy that you have realized your mistake. I also know that you were suffering from inside because of your parents.'' Zoya hugged Tanya and said, ''You have a really big heart. Thank you so much for forgiving me.''
Harris after watching everything had a surprised face and said, ''Wait, the girl that you told me about was Tanya and you guys asking me about Zoya was because of this?!'' Zoya nodded her head while Rumaisa went to Harris side hugged him and spoke, ''So now let me tell your best friend your secret.'' Zoya surprisingly asked, ''How do you know him? and how do you know he was going to tell me secret.'' Rumaisa laughed and said, ''Because I am the secret. I am Harris's sister Rumaisa.'' ''Woahhh....... To be honest I really like your swag and attitude.'' ''Aww thank you.'' Murad and Adam came from behind and Adam spoke, ''Hey weren't you guys enemies?'' Tanya came in front and said, ''We were never enemies. We just had a bit of quarrel and it's solved now so never talk about this.'' Murad laughed a little and said, ''Wait, so it's all solved now. Wow great.'' ''Yes brother.'' replied Zoya with a grin.
Now Zoya and Harris were also joining 4 of them for the beach. They were waiting in the booked car for Harris and Zoya. Rumaisa in the car teased, ''Murad we have our siblings here. I feel so bad for Tanya and Adam.'' Murad nodded and said, ''I agree. So sad, right.'' Adam and Tnya had an unbelievable face. Rumaisa and Murad were laughing out. Adam finally stood up and said, ''I have also got a sister here.'' Tanya agreed and spoke, ''Yes Adam is my brother so stop this.'' At the moment Harris and Zoya came. They headed off to the beach.
On the beach they had booked a hut so they directly went there. Rumaisa was busy taking pictures of everything she found interesting, even the hair brush. Tanya and Zoya were setting everything and Harris and Murad were preparing the sigri stove and Adam was taking out all the games from the bag. After some time Adam and Rumaisa told everyone to play football with them. Tanya had a horrible face as she spoke, ''No football, please. I hate sports.'' Murad jumped in and said, ''Don't worry Tanya I knew they were going to play this so I brought my guitar with me. Wanna join me?'' ''Yes, of course.'' Tanya and Murad were sitting on a rock playing guitar while Adam and Rumaisa were playing football. Harris and Zoya didn't wanted to do anything so they were preparing food. ''Hey! You are a cheater. I am not playing with you.'' Rumaisa shouted then Adam shouted, ''You are the cheater, It was goal.'' ''No it wasn't. It didn't touch the net.'' ''Stop lying. Cheater.'' ''You cheater.'' Tanya and Murad fed up by this finally came to them and spoke, ''Can you guys ever do a single thing without fighting. It's like watching big boss after every hour.'' Adam confusedly asked, ''Were we fighting Rumaisa?'' ''Of course not, we were just playing.'' Tanya and Murad saw each other, laughed and said, ''It seems like growing up two immature kids.'' ''What did you say!'' With this there was a real world war between Tanya and Rumaisa, Adam and Murad. They didn't stop until Harris and Zoya stopped them.
'Okey dokey yo is that true yes. Okey dokey yo is that true yes.' Tanya picked up the phone. It was her father.
Tanya: Hello Dad! How are you?
Dad: I am great Tanya. How are you? What are you doing? Is everything alright?
Tanya: Yes dad, everything is good here. We are at the beach today because it's our last day today here. We will set off for Karachi tomorrow afternoon.
Dad: Okay darling enjoy there. Have a safe trip. See you tomorrow. Bye.
Tanya: Thanks Dad, Bye.
It was 3pm and they were eating lunch there. They prepared BBQ for lunch and were enjoying it with drinks but juice for Rumaisa. After lunch they all decided to play the truth game. Rumaisa had the chance to ask first question to Adam so she asked, ''Who inspired you to play football?'' Adam paused for a minute then spoke, ''My late father wanted to become a footballer but he couldn't because of family problems so I decided to live his dream. I even promised him when he was taking his last breaths.'' There was a silence in the group after hearing this. Adam broke the silence and spoke, ''Come on guys. There is no need to be awkward right now. Let's continue the game.'' They continued the game and enjoyed this day as if it was their last day on earth. They headed off to home before sunset. There was again a fight in car about which song will be played.
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