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Episode 19

"Come on, children get in the bus'' said Miss Maya. ''I am so excited to meet my newborn sister'' Hania excitedly said. ''Oh congratulations! Hania. I think you should give us treat when we reach there.'' Rumaisa congratulated and Zahra and Tanya joined too, ''Hmm you should.'' ''What is the chit chat about?'' interrupted Harris. ''Are you a girl?'' Rumaisa answered. ''Are you really going to be like this?'' Harris asked with puppy eyes. ''Uhh don't make that face, I feel like talking to Harry.'' ''That's because I am Harry.'' ''Whatever but trust me if you bring the past after we reach there no one will ever be able to protect you from me.'' Rumaisa said with bossy style. ''Uh ok darling calm down.'' said Harris in a chill pill mood.
Adam was a little jealous but he controlled himself and said, ''Okay enough, lets play something.'' Tanya and Murad looked at each other with a smirk because they understood Adam was jealous. Murad said, ''Yeah but what can we play?'' Harris suddenly clapped and said, ''Lets play music corners by making two teams.'' Hania confusingly asked, ''How is it played?'' Tanya spoke, ''I will explain. So we have two teams and one team starts singing a song and then the other team has to sing a song with the word the other teams gives and vice versa.'' ''That sounds like real fun. Lets play.'' Murad continued, ''As for teams, girls and boys. Fair enough, right!'' ''Yeah.'' The game was mixture of Hindi songs, Urdu songs, Korean songs and English songs.
They reached Karachi finally. They were all happy to finally inhale the air of karachi and feel the vibe of karachi. ''Ok then see you guys monday in school.'' Tanya said. ''Yeah guys, enjoyed alot with you. See you, bye. '' Rumaisa continued and left with Harris. ''Ok bro, see you and don't forget to complete my physics notebook. I have to submit it on monday.'' Adam said while Murad made a disgusted face and spoke, ''Uhh yeah I have to do that too. Why am I always the good boy? Anyways bye. They both went on their way. Zahra and Hania also went to their home.
DING DONG! ''Aapi is here!'' Ibrahim shouted and hugged Tanya. ''Aapi did you bring what I told you to?'' Ibrahim asked and Sarah also joined and said, ''Yes aapi did you bring my things?'' Shez shouted, ''Let her atleast drink water. Stop firing her with questions.'' Tanya sat and drank water then started showing all that she bought for her siblings and started telling her father whatever happened there while her mother went in the kitchen to prepare meals for her.
''I only bought things for myself not for anyone of you.'' Rumaisa said with a smirk. ''What! Give me your bag.'' Ayan shouted. ''No I won't.'' Rumaisa was teasing Ayan and running in the whole house with the bag and suddenly Rumaisa bumped into her brother Hamza and the bag fell down and everything came out. ''Oh God, it has only been 30 mins you came and already everything is a mess.'' Hamza shouted and Rumaisa laughed and said, ''You already know that's my speciality but what about you huh? I know you must have used my hair dryer.'' ''Of Course my cute little sister!'' ''Shut up!'' Meanwhile Rumaisa was fighting with Hamza, Ayan took out all the things from her bag and ran away and again there was a marathon in the house. Mr Iqbal was helping Mrs Iqbal in the kitchen for preparing food.
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