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Episode 20

The next day all of the students spent their day with their family enjoying some real family time. Murad's father also bought Zoya with her and also admitted Zoya's mother to Minseol hospital which was actually Mr. and Mrs. Iqbal's hospital.

The other day at school everyone along with principal warmly welcomed the seven students and two teachers at school. After the assembly when everyone is going to their classes some girls from Murad and Adam's class come to Rumaisa and Tanya and stopped their way. The girl in blonde hair said "It seems like you guys had a lot of fun there. But do you even know what happened with Adam after you came here?" Rumaisa with a surprised look asked "What are you talking about? What happened to Adam?" The girl with specs now spoke, "Wow! look at them acting so innocent. Wasn't it you guys because of whom Adam had fracture? Thanks to you he won't be able to participate in cooking show. He had to gave up on his childhood dream which was a bit far from him but you snatched it."

The girls went to their way after saying this. Rumaisa had tears falling while Tanya was consoling her. When they saw Adam and Murad coming towards them, Rumaisa just ran from there. When they reached to Tanya, Adam asked "what happened to Rumaisa? why did she run away?" Tanya with a broken heart spoke, "She knows the truth about your cooking competition and she thinks it's all her fault that you had to give up and now she just won't be able to see you in eyes because she feels ashamed.

Adam was burning with anger as he spoke, "I know that damn Minal would have told her. But tell her it's not her fault at all and all that before going to Islamabad I already gave up on my cooking career as I made up my mind to choose to be a football player." Murad also added , "Yeah Adam is right. It is not Rumaisa's fault at all. Please give her this message of ours and also tell her that she should come to us with the energy of old Rumaisa." Tanya nodded in understanding and said, "I'll try to convince her. I hope she get over it soon."

Tanya went to her classroom after saying that. When Tanya entered class she saw Rumaisa was sitting with her head down and Harris was consoling her while the whole class was chatting about how they have seen Rumaisa crying for the first time and actually being nice to Harris.

Tanya went to Rumaisa and told her everything that Adam and Murad said but Rumaisa with a heavy heart spoke, "But still had I not run away from him and had he not been in an accident so today he wouldn't have fracture." "But it wasn't intentional Rumaisa." "Whatever it was but the reason was me only. I won't be able to see or talk to him now onwards. i know he is generous enough to forgive me but I can't help it."

It was physics class now and the whole class was sleeping> Sir Ahad came in class and shouted, "All of you feel sleepy in my lesson only. Come on wake up or I am going to send you to principal's office.'' Everyone dramatically woke up from their nap and greeted Sir and started studying. They were studying Force and Motion which was the favorite chapter of Rumaisa but Tanya hated it. After school Rumaisa even went to Tanya's house to explain her the chapter and it was then they decided to study together.
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