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Episode 21

"Tanya are you prepared for today"s maths test?'' Rumaisa asked before the10 minutes of paper. Tanya refused by the movement of her head and said, "I can't understand ex5.6 factorization.. Oh God I am so tensed. You know that my mother will only let me take arts classes if my grades are good.'' Rumaisa went to her and took out a copy and pencil without wasting a minute and started teaching Tanya. After 5 minute Tanya sighed in relief and said, "Oh God this was so easy. I was worried over nothing. We just have to take out commons.'' Rumaisa giggled and said, "Everything is easy if you study but again thank me later for this." ''Haha in your dreams.''

After the paper Tanya took Rumaisa to the nearby hotel without telling her that Adam and Murad are there too. When Rumaisa saw Adam there she was about to run but Adam stopped her and said, "Wouldn't it be a waste to become a chef when there are so many restaurants we can go to.'' Rumaisa was damn angry that even at this moment Adam was being funny while she got so emotional for nothing so she spoke, "Yeah I guess you are right and on top of that if the chef can't even cook tasty food then it would be a real waste of time.'' Adam teased her, "You know what? I heard that a really ugly girl cried for ruining a really successful career of a boy. I wonder who that girl was.'' Rumaisa had an unbelievable expression on her face while she said, "I also heard that a boy with bad grades and no talent was able to participate in a cooking competition and when he realized that he had no talent so he put all the blame on an innocent girl.''

Adam was going to reply back but Murad spoke, ''Finally it seems like normal. I wondered what was missing and I just realized their useless fighting over useless thing was missing.'' Tanya continued, ''Absolutely right Murad. And then we stopping them from fighting was missing.'' Rumaisa realizing the trend of 'missing' spoke, ''And right now food is missing.'' Adam also joined the trend and said, ''Actually my favourite restaurant is missing. How about we go there?'' ''Ok let's go then.''

The other day at school during assembly the principal went on the stage and spoke, ''Good morning teachers and dear students. Today I am here to announce the result for the National competition which was held in Islamabad last week and seven of our school students also went there and had a great experience. I am proud to announce that all seven of them scored a good position. The fields for which they were selected were maths, arts, language, piano, football and swimming. Now I am going to call your names please come up on stage and receive your prizes.
Adam Sheheryar scored 3rd position for football competition
Murad Jahanzeb scored 1st position for piano competition
Rumaisa Iqbal scored 1st position for writing competition
Harris Malik scored 2nd position for swimming competition
Tanya Ikhtiyar scored 2nd position for arts competition
Hania Zaidi scored 3rd position for chemistry competition and,
Zahra Sohail scored 4th position for maths competition.
Congratulations to all of you on behalf of every student and teacher. I wish you all the very best of luck in your future. Keep making yourself and your parents proud."
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