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Episode 22

After 5 years
Tanya called Murad, ''Hello Murad, you know what day is today, right?'' ''Yes of course I know. Adam has been talking about since yesterday.'' ''Ok so then let's meet at 5pm at our secret hideout.'' ''Yeah ok. Bye.'' ''Bye.'' At 8pm Rumaisa got a call from Adam, ''Hello Adam! How are you?'' ''I am fine but Tanya is not. She just got into an accident outside our hideout so I and Murad took her in our hideout.'' ''Are you guys nuts? You should've taken her to hospital.'' ''We have a clinic in our hideout we just need a doctor here.'' ''Ugh, just wait there. I am coming in no time.'' Rumaisa hung up the phone and rushed over to the hideout.
The moment Rumaisa entered the hideout, all the lights flashed on her and party poppers bursted and she heard a loud song, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUMAISA." She had tears in her eyes but wiped it out the instant they dropped and said, "You guys are unbelievable!'' Adam teasingly said, "I thought this celebration deserved a melodrama. You broke my heart.'' Rumaisa laughed with tears and said, "I made your wish true.'' and hugged all the three of them. Tanya teased, "Did you even take a bath?'' Rumaisa innocently replied back, "No of course not. I just came home from hospital and was going to write the last chapter of my recent novel.'' Adam backed off from her but Murad holded her hand and said, "Aww my baby is so busy. Its ok darling you can have a bath here too. I even bought a new pink dress for you." Adam and Tanya saw them with a disgusted face and said, "This brother sister duo really creeps me out sometimes.'' Rumaisa ignored them and said, ''Whatever. Don't listen to dumbheads brother. Thankyou for the dress. It is so beautiful.''
After taking a bath they took some photos and shared it with their fans on social media. Then Rumaisa cutted the cake and when she ate it she shouted, ''Oh My God! Tanya it's been so long since you baked for us. This whole cake is mine. You guys can order yours. I won't share this with anyone here." Tanya laughed and said, "Don't worry I have packed two more boxes of cake for you. You can take them home. Let Adam and Murad eat too. They were waiting to eat this cake since 5pm.'' ''Oh then you deserve it.'' After eating cake Rumaisa said, "I want us to do a house tour of our hideout since so many of our fans have been asking for it.'' Adam raised his hand and said, "Yes I totally agree. We have kept this place hidden for 3 years. Lets just expose the inside of our hideout. No one's still gonna know the location anyway.'' Tanya also agreed, "Yeah okay. I have no objections.'' Murad also joined, "Okay then if that's what you all wish. I really have no problems with it.''
''Hey guys! How have you all been? So today I am gonna expose my and my friends secret hideout. I hope you all know who they are but still let me introduce them. So the most carefree, innocent and a real fighter who is a writer and as well as cardiologist, Dr Rumaisa Iqbal. Now the mother of the group, who seemed to be very sweet and is the responsible person who is an artist as well as a baker, Chef Tanya Iqbal. Now the boy version of Rumaisa who is carefree, innocent and an egoistic person and he is the most famous football player, none other than Adam Sheheryar. And now me you all know, the father of the group, a caring and responsible person who is a great pianist as well as a singer, Mr. Murad Jahanzeb. Ok done with introduction. Now going back to the house tour. So this is the football ground where Rumaisa and Adam mostly play, since Rumaisa is a good football player Adam only practices with her, and here is our kitchen where only Tanya goes but sometimes when Tanya is busy Adam cooks for us. Now this spot near the window is also for Tanya because this is where she draws, paints and sketches. And now this room full of books can be of Rumaisa only because no one here likes to read books other than Rumaisa and there you see that sofa and table that is where Rumaisa writes. Now this room is ofcourse piano room and other than me it is even used by Tanya, she is great at playing piano too. Now this place is obviously a clinic made for Rumaisa in case of an emergency we always come to this clinic rather than going to her hospital because it's more far. And alast this is the living room where we eat, play games and even sleep sometimes. You all must be thinking that we all would fight a lot since we are all busy in our lives but because we all believe hardly in one thing we are still together and that thing is:'' Now all four of them shouted together,
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