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Episode 2

The chemistry teacher Miss Aenie entered the class, her hair tied in a bun, wearing a blonde suit and not to forget about those big glasses. The moment she saw Rumaisa glaring daggers at Harris, she threw a marker at Rumaisa but it landed on Harris as she bent down
The whole class was laughing with fits but Tanya had a strange expression on her face. Miss Aenie shouted, "Quiet everyone! And Rumaisa I am really disappointed in you anyways principal is calling you so please go." Hearing this the class went silent and Rumaisa left for Principal's office.
When she entered the office, headmaster was busy typing something on computer so she knocked again to inform headmaster she was here. The headmaster took off his gaze of computer then said, " congratulations Rumaisa! You have made into provincial writing contest held next week in Islamabad. Prepare well for it and best of luck." Rumaisa's heart was beating so fast right now that it would burst. She bowed her head and spoke gently, "Thank you sir, I will definitely give my best."
When she reached the class again she found Miss Aenie leaving so she ran over to her and spoke, "I am so so sorry teacher, I didn't meant to upset you. I promise to wont happen again." Miss Aenie replied in understanding, "it's ok Rumaisa I know it must have been Harris mistake. He is such a mischievous boy." After this conversation she walked over to Tanya who was sketching something. The moment Tanya turned around to see Rumaisa she blurted, "Oh gosh! Are you serious Rumaisa, literally I was so scared when you went to Harris table, thank God teacher came in."
Rumaisa laughed at this and spoke, "Oh damn seriously! You were scared that I would hit him again.....I dont do such sins twice a day." They both laughed at this. "Ok so as you are my freind now and you seem trustworthy so let me tell you something, I got selected for the provincial writing contest!!" Rumaisa whispered this and danced like crazy. Tanya was also happy for her and was surprised too that how could a girl be so talented, knows how to hit a boy, teachers favourite, a topper, a writer and what more.
Now it was Tanya's turn to surprise Rumaisa as she spoke, "oh yeah! See this I made this sketch right now. It tells about colourful stages in life. How's it??" Rumaisa examined the sketch then laughed, "Do you even have to ask how does it look. It's far more than amazing. How can you draw so well, I am worst at drawing." After saying this she jumped and excitedly informed Tanya, "you know there is provincial art competition too and it has got to be selected from 5 schools of sindh and our school is one of those so how about giving your this sketch for selection. Its last day today." Tanya felt excited but spoke, "No I can't, I mean how could I? It's not even that good to give for selection." Rumaisa snatched the sketch from Tanya's hand and started running after she shouted, "Dont be silly. It's best out of all I saw. Just trust yourself."
While Rumaisa was coming back after submitting the sketch for Tanya, she nearly bumped into Harris but this time she didn't react and started walking off. But Harris pulled her face to face and whispered, "you still have something for me right?" Rumaisa grinned then said, "Don't worry dear, that something is definitely not love neither hate but that something is my sympathy for you." She said this and disappeared like wind.
In the ground when Tanya saw Rumaisa she jogged over to her and said, "I am curious about something."
Tanya bit her lip then continued, "I know I shouldn't be asking this on my first day of school to you but I cant resist so.....can you tell me about the thing between you and Harris." Rumaisa chuckled and was going to answer but the home time bell rang so she said, "Next time darling! It's a long story, I will tell you some other day." With this the day at school was finally over.
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