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Episode 3

The moment Tanya entered in her house she was fired with questions "How was the first day at school honey?" "Did you made any freinds sis?" "Is the school big, api?" "Oh God! Mom! Sarah! Ibrahim! Give her a break. She just entered the house." All of them stayed quiet while Tanya sat on sofa, relaxed herself then spoke, "So mom my first day at school was amazing as well as eventful, then Shez thanks for not asking anything, and yeah Sarah I made one freind who is a total mystery to me and alast Ibrahim my school is like a whole city in itself now imagine how big it would be." She said this and ran to her room.
She laid down in her comfy blue bed which had the background of BTS. The wall of her room was painted colourful, on right wall it was all about sea so it was painted sea blue, on left it was all about space so it was painted dark blue, on the third wall it was about garden so it was painted green and a mixture of other colours too, and the last wall had all about music so it was colourful with instruments painted on it. You wont believe this but she painted all of this herself. And also every week there would be a new art piece place in her showcase where all her art pieces were.

Now the moment Rumaisa entered in her house her mother came from kitchen and said, "Darling go get fresh, today your father's one old school freind who just moved in our neighbourhood is coming over for dinner at our house for first time so after you get fresh come and help me in the kitchen." Rumaisa felt already stressed when she heard to go help mom in kitchen because she dont like to cook until it's her favourite dish. Anyway she nodded and went to her room.
Rumaisa got fresh then sat on her bed and started reading her novel 'staircase spiral' just like always doing unlike what her mother said. Her room is a total mystery even if you see it you wont understand. On one side of wall it was painted sea green and there were shelves on which her novels were placed then there was also a showcase full of trophies and medal. Now coming to opposite side of that wall it was painted blue and on background there was a poster of Ronaldo and Babar Azam and there were also some of her medals in sports and there was this neon blue cupboard in which her football and cricket essential things were there. Now the other two walls were totally girly type because both were painted baby pink. Anyways by looking at her room you can never say what kind of person she must be.
After an hour of reading suddenly her big brother Nomi barged in her room, took the hairdryer and was leaving until Rumaisa shouted, "There is no way I am giving this to you, you broke it last time too." "And there is no way you aren't giving it to me." Nomi snatched hairdryer and ran to his room.Rumaisa was boiling with anger, she started running towards her mother in kitchen but on her way she got tripped by her small brother Ayan's leg who was laughing fits right now. "Ayan! I wont spare you." She shouted and was going to catch him but he stuck his tongue out and ran.
Rumaisa went into kitchen and shouted, "Mom! Hamza bhai again took my hairdryer and Ayan tripped me." "It all happened because you didn't came to help me in kitchen and instead read novel." Her mother taunted. This was a normal scenario of Rumaisa's houss unless her father comes home because Ayan and Nomi were always a bit scared of their father and spoke less but Rumaisa was the radio of the house even if her father was home because to be honest she was more attached to her father. You know father - daughter relationship.
At 7 PM in Tanya's house
"Tanya everyone is waiting for you in the car. Come down fast" Shez shouted. Tanya was the biggest daughter of house and then it was Shez then Sarah and last it was Ibrahim. "I am coming Shez. I just have to comb my hair." Tanya snapped back."Oh God Sis! It's not like we are going to meet your groom. It's just a dinner. Stop getting ready so much" Sarah shouted. Tanya ran downstairs and into the car after she was dressed.
Her mother on their way spoke more like questioned, "You took an hour to dress and all you wear is skirt and t-shirt, not even make up and just a ponytail." Tanya smirked and spoke, "No mom! For 45 minutes I was completing my sketch and then in last 15 minutes I got ready." All the family were glaring daggers at her right now except her father who said, "Oh wow! It's so intelligent of you to utilize your time in something productive rather than getting dressed." Her mother nearly choked on this, "Oh Gosh! I cant believe you Tanya and Ikhtiyar." The whole family laughed at this.

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