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How to Inkitt

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Some tips and tricks to help navigate the world that is Inkitt along with general writing tips. Any questions you want answered, drop them down in the comments. Welcome to Inkitt!

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Welcome to Inkitt!

To anyone reading this, you must either be new, a friend of mine checking this out because you support my writing, or an Inkitt veteran curious to see what I have to say.

Well, no matter your reasoning for checking out my book, welcome. Stay awhile.

First and foremost, I'd like to take a second to welcome any new writers or new Inkitters on their journey. It takes a lot of risk and also guts to put yourself and your work out there like that and allow people into your little world.

Here in SteelerHeart World, you'll find a lot of troubled souls, too sarcastic to handle, swoon worthy guys, and a bunch of other characters and scenarios. Something that seems to also be synonymous with my work is hit you over the head humor of different types whether it'd be dry, sarcastic, slapstick or even bad puns/dad jokes.

After writing awhile, you start to learn what your style or your type of work is. Some authors are more upbeat and bubbly. Others stick to darker subjects with gut-wrenching scenes that will rip you to shreds. Over time, your writing will evolve and grow like you do as a person, but some of these tropes might stick with you through the long haul.

Like painters, writers go through periods as well. I know I had my own version of Picasso's Blue Era where a lot of my work was more dramatic, angsty, with a touch of tear-jerking moments. Two of those stories are currently being rewritten on my Wattpad account. One is Drunk Messages and the other is Love Me Like You Do, this one I might move over to Inkitt one day when more of it is rewritten. Gosh, I love those two stories, especially LMLYD. (2023 update, I lost the entire copy of Drunk Messages and most of Love Me Like You Do. Always back up your work, no matter what site you post to. Never write directly into the app and always have it saved somewhere else.)

Sometimes, your pen name/writer's persona can be attached to a trope if that's what catapulted you into online writer's fame. Like yabookprincess here on Inkitt started out on Wattpad where her big series was with My Bad Boy Neighbor and its spin-off My Bad Girl Roommate. It can be hard to escape such a thing; some writers loose readers in the process because--like musicians--their fans want the old stuff rather than their new stuff. I first garnered a lot of readers on Wattpad when I wrote certain fanfictions when I was having some trouble investing and fully crafting characters after finishing the second draft of Fanfictionalized, then titled Fanfiction. I know, a little ironic I struggled with certain aspects of characters after finishing a draft for a story where a fanfiction writer finds love after her idol begins reading her story.

Crazy, right?

It can take years before an author truly finds their niche or finds a sense of rhythm/pattern to their writing. A comfort zone of sorts. Some have broader ones than others. Some might not notice they have one. And don't fret if you don't see one, it doesn't matter. As long as you enjoy writing what you do, that's what matters the most.

When I switched what stories I told, I lost readers that only wanted to read my fanfictions rather than my totally OC, original work. Many still follow me on Wattpad and wait for those stories, and I don't know if they'd even read the rewrites. Many don't. But I don't care if they do or don't because I don't write to please others. I write to please me. It took me awhile to realize it, even when I thought I did, I'd get caught up in the moment and wonder why people weren't enjoying something and loose interest in it because of such.

It's a real thing.

But, writing for you is when you put what you enjoy and what you're proud of above all else. When you write for yourself, that's when your writing flourishes and you're at your best. Then, you find true readers. Readers who like your style and your writing and will follow you to the ends of the earth. Be proud of your work, not just because it's popular, but because you wrote it. You took the time to construct this world and these characters. You told their stories. And you did this.

This was supposed to be a welcome and it turned into a little speech about writing what you want, but it's true. And it's something all new writers should hear. Well, in this case read. But still.

Welcome to Inkitt, I hope you enjoy your time here and stay awhile. I hope you share your stories with us, the ones you want to tell, and even make some friends and readers along the way.

This book is now organized into sections. Here's a brief table of contents in order so you can surf the chapters to where you want to start:

I. Inkitt How To
II. Writing Workshop
III. Writer's Guide to Write
IV. Writing Debates
V. Book Reviews
VI. Author Interviews

After that is a collection of Inkitt-based resources.

Enjoy and I hope it teaches you something or helps your writing journey.
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