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Writer's Block aka Every Writer's Antagonist

Is this one of the hardest things to cover? Honestly, yes. But that doesn't mean I'm not typing a chapter about it this very second.

Why exactly is writer's block a hard thing to write about? Well, reader, the main reason being there isn't a true cure that works for everyone. If there was, then writer's won't take to their message boards or Google asking for ways to fix it or letting their readers know a story is onhold due to writer's block.

Me, I've dealt with the terrible demon Writer's Block a bit during my writing journey. Even as recently as a month or so ago I took almost a month off from everything to do with Inkitt and Wattpad except for hosting the Rising Phoenix Awards 2020 over on the orange app. And the main reason I got back on Inkitt and writing being I got a notification on my wall, one of the few times I checked, talking about an awards. And, I actually entered it and judged in it.

It was meant to be.

The same day, I began working on Perfect Illusion and finished chapter nine and also cranked out two chapters of Never Ending Bootycall. A day or so later, I posted the first chapter and announced the creating of this book after teasing it but also then saw I hit 100 followers. Soon after, my awards ended after running smoothly. Entered a few more on Wattpad. Finished judging on there. Entered another award on here. And the rest is history.

And the awards that got me back on Inkitt, I placed second and also won Best Characters for. Thank you @17mysery and thank you Amber Lynn and all the other characters in Perfect Illusion. Y'all helped end my writer's block and regain the spark.

But, what did I do during that time? Well, I watched a lot of shows and movies - including binging almost all of Naruto - hung out with my family, began working on starting up an art commissions buisness, played a lot of Sims 4, finished some drawings, and overall enjoyed my time.

What I'm trying to say is, there's no true cure to writer's block. Me recuperating from it this past time was different than the time before that. And the time before that as well. No two times look the exact same. The tricks for overcoming it aren't always the same for everyone or even the same person two different times.

But, I'll still give some tips that have worked for me.

Step Away from the App/Writing in General:
Some people might not agree with this because it could take you out of the groove of thinking in a certain way or the mindset of the book, but it's that mindset that caused writer's block in the first place. A lot of writer's block stems from a burnout, from too much working. It can take away the fun aspect and make it feel more like a chore, something you'd rather not do. Which is why taking some time off and away from it all works well. Gives you the chance to recuperate and find the fun in writing once again. When I got burned out with Perfect Illusion, then The Artist and the Biker, I took over a month off and it worked well. I love writing again and it's fun, not dragging on. Even though this one chapter of How to Love is because it's just so dang difficult to find the time to finish it and the right words to craft it all.

Try and Write Something Else:
Basically, take a break from the story and work on something else. Also the reason why a lot of author's have multiple ongoing books. If you have another idea, roll with it. If something interests you, work on it. Don't continue to try and work on a story, no matter how much you want to, that is dragging you down. One reason why I stepped away from How to Love for awhile. It wasn't fun to write. It became more of a chore, and now, I know once I figure out this chapter then it'll be fun again. But taking a break to work on something you enjoy helps me a lot. One reason why I have so many drafts, not gonna lie.

Try and Work on Another Part of the Story:
I haven't really done this much, but I did this once with Fanfictionalized when I was working on editing and adding chapters. When I hit a particularly difficult stretch of chapters, the hard hitting chapters about Grace in the beginning, I took a break when need be and worked on a really fun chapter where everyone is cohabilitating and also just a really funny chapter with high energy and Jack. I swear he's the wildest character I've ever written. Some people this works well for, but I typically don't do it because of how I write and knowing my momentum levels.

Try to Minimize the Level of Pressure on Yourself Concerning the Story:
This differentiates between people, but putting pressure on something fun can really take it away. Whether it be the amount of words written in a week (or month) or needing a certain number of chapters before a specific time or feeling the need to churn out a specific nunber of chapters. Taking away the pressure and focusing on the fun aspect of it all, that helps minimize the burn out. Trying to write 11,000 something or so words a week for The Artist and the Biker with NaNoWriMo sucked the fun right out of the story. Trying to pace it to a certain amount of words per day made it even worse. Hense a huge break I needed and never expected but also putting out chapters that I can't believe I did quality wise. Which was why one of the first things I did sans break was edit each of the eight chapters and then work on nine. When there isn't a lot of stress or emphasis put on a story, it's more enjoyable and fun to write. Allowing you to write more in a shorter span of time.

Now, there is no proven cure all for writer's block. Not all of these will be guaranteed to work for everyone. But these are some things that have worked for me in the past and I hope they work for you.

Hope you enjoy and hope these help any. Like always, if you have any comments about the subject, post them down below and if you have any questions/chapter suggestions, also comment those down below. Happy Monday!
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