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Suggested by @Yrsa here on Inkitt. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I appreciate all your love and support on this story!

So, to continue on my mini series about different platforms. I think using different platforms in conjunction with Inkitt can be very useful.

Many people I've seen transfered their books over from Wattpad and brought a good bit of readership here with them. I know I said Wattpad isn't as good for rising authors as Inkitt is from what I've gathered. But, despite its flaws, it's still a good app and has a lot of resources even though it seems like they don't always evenly distribute them.

Using other platforms can help build your readership and your community here on Inkitt but also can help broaden your story's reach to more people. I met some great people throughout my time on Wattpad whether it be through reader run contests or through my stories or through someone else's stories.

Me, besides Inkitt and sometimes Wattpad, I also write on an app/website called Radish. Radish Publishing is a website some of you might have heard of if you follow some of the big name authors on Wattpad. Basically, your stories can earn you money through Radish and if I understand it right, you also retain the rights to all your stories, but those stories can not be available in their entirety free on other apps. That's why there's only a short preview of Fanfictionalized here because of such restrictions. You can only begin to write on Radish after you've been accepted. You fill out an application and pitch them a story of yours along with giving them a manuscript of a story you wrote. After about a week, they'll get back to you if you were accepted. If you weren't, they usually don't because of high volume applications.

I've had a really positive experience with Radish. They get back to you in a timely fashion when you have an questions and send you a bunch of articles when you're accepted. The writers portion of their website is only available once you're accepted, and their app is only for reading. There's a lot of great stories on the site and the great part is you are also supporting these authors' passion.

My only thing against them is I wish there was a way to edit your chapters after you submit them. You can contact them and they'll open it for 48 hours but I never remember to email them. Oops.

Now, there are also quite a few scams out there. The big one floating around Wattpad PMs is Hi-Novel. I've been contacted by them through my PMs at least two times. One time they mentioned an old story of mine, Love Me Like You Do, which is in the middle of slow rewrites. They tried to get me to sign a contract, saying I'd be paid and even used for promotional use. I did some research on it, even though I could tell by the message it was a scam, and they're not very trustworthy from what I gathered.

Many of their stories are in Chinese, which is great if you speak or can read in that language, but allegedly those stories only gain traction and earn money if they're filled with smut plus, it's alleged that if the story isn't finished/left unfinished then it's in the contract that they can commission someone else to finish said story and you get none of the money.

I haven't been contacted by WebNovel or Dreame, but I know of a Wattpad author who got one of their stories signed by Dreame and some people make some great money off of their. It was reported on 16 year old who wrote a werewolf story made several thousand dollars one month off of her story. From what I gathered, Dreame is a great site. And going over to those other sites can be a great way to gain some monetary commission from your hard work. It can also be a great way to show your audience more authors and wide range of different books.

Honestly, I think branching out is a good thing. And can even help you get published since some publishers lurk around on certain sites. Or it can give you the confidence to go pitch your work to a publisher. Radish is an online publisher and I already have two books on there, and it sounds like you can also get them published physically by someone else because you retain the rights to your novels when you publish on their site.

I hope this answers any questions you may have on the topic. And if you have any more, let me know in the comments or on my profile. The information is gathered from my personal experience, some research and some info I've gathered from others as well. As always, I hope you enjoy and if you have any specific topics you want convered, let me know and I'll try to answer them either in the comments or in a full chapter. Happy Holidays to all, and to those who don't celebrate the holidays, have a great day/week!
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