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Are the Trending Stories List Biased?

Honestly, the argument could be made about every site's trending or popular list is biased whether it be Wattpad or Inkitt or Radish or any of them. None of them are without their flaws but some are more glaring than others. Like the fact there for awhile, and still a lot of the time, Wattpad pushes the same few books over and over again and also mostly pushes for already established books and their paid stories on the trending and for you lists.

Since I first started writing on Inkitt, the 'popular' list and 'new' list have gotten better. There for awhile, there were only the same few books promoted on both for months, the only changing being the 'recently updated' section. Even then it wasn't always showing some stories. Since then, there has been some diversity in the stories, but the profiles are still the same. The same few profiles on the 'popular' list's to follow, the main reason why those same profiles keep growing versus others. The ones on the new list are the newest profiles, leaving the rest in limbo.

There's been something about the new list that has struck me, maybe not you, but it has me. Many of the stories promoted haven't been updated in quite sometime or have a lot of reads already. Like how can a story be 'new' when it has almost 700 likes and 100 reviews and I added it to my reading list months ago? Makes no sense to me. A lot of the books promoted on both sometimes are also written by already established authors, leaving others in the dust. It's a give and a take. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Wattpad did and a lot of the times still does the exact same things with its 'for you' page. You can even filter out stuff, but it doesn't always work. For over four plus months straight, the dominating book was 'Jake, the Panty Ripper' or some title similar to that yet I've never read anything similar to it before. Come to find out, it's one of their latest 'paid stories' and it has tens of millions of reads. A lot of their stories shown on the for you page are their star's stories or paid ones despite them stating it's supposed to be used to not only promote books you'd want to read but also promote smaller authors as well.

You know what's funny, it promoted one of my own books to me, one that at the time had over 100k reads. That's not usually considered a 'smaller book'.

Though, on the plus side, Inkitt does promote smaller accounts on their 'new accounts' section of the 'new' list, which is admirable. And there are times Wattpad shows smaller books, which is few and far between, but I think the way Inkitt runs has more upside than Wattpad. Though it does seem both their lists at times caters more towards their already established or paid stars.

Doesn't mean it's biased against you because you're not seeing your stories up there. Try and ask your readers how they've found your books. I know some of my readers on here might say the Review Me group when I was über active there back before I all but stopped review swaps. On Wattpad, I had people on one of my stories tagging others to read it and one time it was promoted to someone else in the comment section of another book. And if any of you are wondering, yeah it's the one with the high reader count though it all but fell off when I took it down for rewrites.

You're less likely to see your own books on the lists because they're your books. Doesn't mean they're not there. It means their filter system doesn't recommend authors their own novels so they actually have something to read. My other point is, no list is perfect because perfect is considered a figment of our imagination. Perfect is different for everyone.

Also, breaking through those lists take not only skill but perseverance and you can even say luck.

Hope this helps any and if you have anything you want covered or want your book reviewed in depthly and honestly, let me know. Happy Reading!
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