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Review #1: The Harrowing

If you couldn't tell or didn't know, I'm starting a section of this book dedicated to reviewing others' works. This'll help these books reach new audiences. Not only do I want to help authors without the pressures and uncertainty of a review swap, but also show the unofficial "proper" way to set up an informative review.

And to anyone wondering my qualifications, I've been reviewing on Inkitt for more than a half year and talked to a few people who said I leave well done reviews.

Anyways, the first book I'm reviewing is a short story by Rebecca Johnson here on Inkitt, and a fellow reader of this story. I first read her novel for the Coalition Awards last year and was blown away by her ability. And she happened to be so kind as to volunteer her story to be the first reviewed on here.

Also, quick side note, all reviews conducted - unless I previously reviewed your story for a swap - will be done solely in this book. No raising or lowering of your novels' stars here. Just for those who want honest feedback and not a quick review because this isn't that.

Onto the review (most of this is taken from my original review with a few added details):

This story reads like a professional novel, and no I'm not exaggerating. There were no mistakes I could find, which is a welcome gift. Everything was obviously well thought out from each detail about the bus crash to the darkest pits of hell they dug themselves out of. Your concept is so gripping and immediately hooks the reader from the get-go, the action and suspense drawing the readers to read each and every page of this 40 plus page novel. Your vocabulary is out of this world and your overarching theme is something the world needs to hear right now. Each of your characters are diverse and easily distinguished through their life like vocabulary. Each have features you wouldn't expect, which leads to some very interesting surprises along the way. I binged this in one setting - one of the only books I can say that about - and do not regret it one bit. I could so see this turned into a movie one day, it already reads like it was meant to be one. You're an amazing author. Keep writing!

With a review, like you'll see with other novels, I like to start with what the author did good and then work my way into what needs to be fixed and give advice on how to. With Rebecca Johnson's novel, it was literally flawless. And if you don't believe me, go read it for yourself and try to tell me otherwise. With many there are somw grammar or punctuation errors or something needing to be mentioned, but not with this. Also note how I didn't give too much away for those reading the reviews to see if it's worth their time. There's a way to prove you read what you read without revealing everything and that's the overarching key to creating a believable review.

Also, to those who ask for a review swap and don't follow through, what the heck are you doing? That's basically stealing a review for your story and that sucks. It's like taking something from the store without paying. You get what you wang but didn't compensate the owner for it. Think about that the next time you try and pull a fast one.
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