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So, kinda surprised this wasn't my first chapter, but here it is. Even though I really need to work on Never Ending Bootycall so it has enough chapters for the contest judging in January. (Don't worry, I'll put it in some sort of order either when I can access a computer or when the Inkitt Writing app stops fucking up. The computer will probably happen first ha ha.)

Anyways, for all of you wanting to write but don't know the proper formatting or those of you thinking about it, here are some basic tools and tips to write.

- You can write on Inkitt either through their writing app (yes, they do have two apps) or write it on their browser site whether it be on a computer or you try to write on the browser on your phone - which I don't recommend because the writing section of the browser glitches on mobile all the time.

- on the app, there's a button in the right hand corner that looks like a plus sign and from there you can fill out the information like covers, title, description, all the tags and even the more in depth things like rating and genre. On the website, there's a big green button with a plus sign where you can add a story.

- covers should be eye catching and tell something about your story without explicitly stating it. Your title and username/name should be visible and legible. Good free apps are Canva and PicsArt plus Polish. If you are willing to pay the money, Photoshop is also a great tool. If you're not good with that kind of stuff or don't have access to it, many people on Inkitt will make covers. Just ask.

- descriptions shouldn't be too revealing or wordy. But also stray away from too short. Try to find a balance in introducing the main points and also adding some mystery without explaining the entire plot.

Nothing like:
Regina wanted everything. From Kelly's boyfriend to the coveted Prom Queen status. And she gets it, all. Without revenge from any of her victims she hurt along the way. Until Kelly hits her with a car during the pep rally. Will she get a happy ending, like she already had but whatever, or will she get her ass kicked into an oblivion? Regina will kick Kelly's ass but it'll have to wait six weeks for the cast to come off.


"I love you," Felicity professed, chasing after Tyler as he sprinted away from her.

Both of them halted in the middle of the road, traffic invisible for miles. He took her hands in his, planting a soft kiss against her soaked forehead.

Rain poured all around them.

"I know," he replied, a cheeky grin crossing the threshold of his thin, pink dusted lips.

The first one tells wayy too much. Almost every plot pointed is hinted at there, even down to a potential twist ending. There is some humor and personality that could entice readers but many would be turned off by how much is revealed. Nobody wants to leave a description feeling like they know it all.

The second one reveals too little. Unless you're writing a fanfiction about Tyler Posey, I really don't think many would be reading it from that description by itself because they have no clue about the plot. Except for the fact Felicity loves Tyler and he knows. Plus the cheesy but cute scene in the rain scene. Only in the middle of the street. This one could be bolstered by adding a little summary at the end explaining a little bit about the story.


Felicity loved Tyler. Tyler loved himself. What happens when they're forced under the same roof because of unforeseen circumstances? Will they suffocate from the collapsing preconceptions about one another or will they thrive under pressure?

- with your first story, I'd recommend starting with something you know and build from there. Like, if you're really into werewolf lore and action movies, perhaps write an action packed novel revolving around a werewolf civil war. Not to follow trends, but also you could garner some readership early on since the vast majority of this website seem to really enjoy werewolf stories. In the same vein, I don't recommend you writing something just because it's popular because if you don't know much on a subject or aren't into it, it really shows through your writing. If you aren't enjoying it, it lowers the probability of others enjoying it.

- if grammar/punctuation isn't your strong suit, try hitting up someone who is to possibly edit your chapters or consult a free site like Grammarly or even hit up an actual editor for some advice. Bad grammar and punctuation increases the likelihood of someone not finishing your book or even not finishing the first chapter.

- when publishing your first novel, promoting it to your followers on your wall and even in the various groups like Introduce Yourself (I think that's what it's called) and Review Me can really help. Whether they outright decide to read your book or you do a review swap, it can help you garner readers that will keep reading until the very last word. Also, until Inkitt approves your story, its up to you to promote it. On the other hand, I don't recommend promoting your stories on other people's walls because of the fact many people get annoyed by that or won't read it. Besides, many of the people who do do that don't always uphold their end of a review swap, which gives others who do that a bad rep. A lot of those - notice how I didn't say all because I've connected with some on my wall who will actually follow through - only want free reads/likes/reviews and follows without any follow through.

- use tags that are relevant to your story, not just because they're popular. The more tags you have the better, it'll help your book's reach. I don't think there is a limit on tags like there is on Wattpad, but still try and keep them focused on what relates back to your overall story and plot.

- this may seem like a basic rule no one should have to reiterate but there are people on here don't capitalize the first letter of a sentence, proper nouns or even captialize too much. So, captialize the appropriate things like the first letter of the sentence, proper nouns, and the first letter of the first word of dialogue unless the dialogue was broken up in the middle of a sentence, then the next part would continue like a normal sentence. Also, no text talk in a story - because, yes, people do that on here in a story - the only appropriate time being during a text conversation between characters in a story.

Hope this helps any. If you have any suggestions/questions, leave them down below. Happy Monday, everyone!
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