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Interview #1: Jordan Elaine

Thanks again to Jordan, @sweethearting here on Inkitt, for volunteering to be the first interviewed in this new series. I hope y'all not only enjoy this but also see and learn from a new perspective on the Inkitt and writing experience. None of us have the same experience and I'm glad I have the platform I do to uplift such amazing and talented authors.

1. My first question is how would you describe your writing style/work?

A: My writing process itself is super chaotic. I can never function with an outline, but I have set plot points in my head. My characters and stories are very real to me, so it’s easy to imagine what they would do or say without an outline or chart. I also like to use a lot of description in my writing, I want you to feel like you’re going through it with the characters as opposed to reading the story with an outsider-looking-in perspective.

2.) How did you get started on Inkitt?

A: I got started on Inkitt through finding it on the app store by chance 😂 I was on Quotev for a really long time but I quit and found Inkitt a few months later.

3.) How has your experience with Inkitt been? How does it compare to other writing apps if you've been on any? Anything you wish Inkitt would add/improve upon in the future?

A: I have been on Quotev before (I’m not anymore), and I’ll definitely say that Inkitt is a lot more focused on writing. I do wish that they had an instant messager or something, that would make my life so much easier.

4.) Your book on here, March, is so interesting and unique. How did you get the inspiration for it? And what's your favorite part about writing the story?

A: Aww thank you so much first of all! So those of you who know me also know that I am Mean Girls-obsessed, and I also love things like Red Queen and Percy Jackson where people are grouped by their houses or godly parents and that kind of determines their role in the society. So I went with something sort of Red-Queen ish but put a high school take on it. A lot of the characters are inspired by other characters I love, or people I know in real life. My favorite part about writing it would have to be writing the sibling relationship between Alexander and Angelica. It’s something I don’t see a lot in books but I think sibling bonds are so powerful. I also think it’s done wrong in a lot of bookswhen the siblings aren’t close until very close to the end and then they’re suddenly best friends. It’s something I would definitely like to see done better.

5.) Was March your first novel or have you written stories before? Are you planning on uploading any stories there after?

A: I have written a few stories before and I have some more in planning that I’m SUPER excited about. So I wrote a few before March, but they were really just drafts because I never finished any of them 😂 I have two that are ish-in planning right now. One is going to be this story about the seven deadly sins but they’re sisters trying to get revenge on the person who turned them from virtues to vices. The second is about five best friends in the 1920's who are sick of their rich old husbands so they decide to murder one of them every Wednesday and alibi each other so it looks like their friend group is being targeted and not like they’re the ones doing it.

6.) Since you've been a judge and entered in multiple writer run contests here on Inkitt plus are running one yourself, what would you say to people on the cusp of signing up for one or even hosting one themself?

A: Um, planning. Lots of it. Contrary to what I said about my writing style, having outlines helps me a ton when I’m judging. I use Cornell Notes as I read a book I’m judging so I know what I want to say in my final report. As far as the contest I’m holding with my friend, you gotta have fun with it, or else it’s just going to stress you out.

7.) Which authors/books are your favorite on Inkitt?

A: Ooh this is a good one. Obviously I gotta give a shout-out to my dear friend @moimoi_chan, she’s really getting into some social justice issues with her work and I applaud that. Other than that, go read Pink Walls by ollywesley and Breaking the Rules by stormia! Both are so well done!

8.) Do you have any goals whether it be on Inkitt or writing in general? Also, I know I already said this before but congrats on hitting 100 followers!

A: Thanks so much! I definitely want to finish this series 😂 If I do, it’ll be my first complete one. That would be a HUGE milestone for me. I’m not sure if I want to be published one day, but it would definitely be cool!

9.) What do you feel like you struggle the most with as an author?

A: It’s no problem! This is so much fun 😂 As an author, I definitely struggle with the affect my end result may or may not have. I worry that I won’t communicate the messages I want to, and that when people finish reading my book they won’t pick up on what I’ve been trying to tell them. It’s a balance between getting the theme across and writing a story both I and the readers can have fun with.

10.) How do you overcome writer's block? Any certain things that help better than others?

A: Okay I will admit, I am THE WORST with writer’s block. The only thing I can say is don’t force it. I’ve written some things during a period of writers block and two minutes later been like "what the hell is this?"

11.) What helps you write and come up with your ideas?

A: Like I said, my head is absolute chaos. I just write what goes down there 😂

12.) Do you have any advice for authors just starting out or thinking about picking it up?

A: First of all, if you’re considering publishing your first book or starting writing in general, good for you! You’ve made it halfway! Getting the guts to start that first chapter is half the battle. The biggest thing that’s helped me is having a few friends on speed dial who know what I’m planning to do with the story, know the plot and the characters, and have read all the chapters you have so far, and ask them for help if you need it. “Does this sound in character? Do you think this should happen or this? etc. I like to call said person my “evil plotter approver. Its super helpful!

13.) Any final words?

A: As far as parting words, I would just say to all those people thinking about publishing, about to publish, or in the process, whether on Inkitt or not, I see you, I honor your story, and I congratulate you.

Thanks again, Jordan, for taking the time to do this. It was so much fun and super insightful. I hope you guys enjoyed it and learned something. Definitely go check out her amazing novel, March, and look out for more updates from her. Kinda addicted to the story, not gonna lie. Also, if you have any questions you want answered in this book about writing, Inkitt or about a similar topic, comment them down below and maybe a whole chapter will be dedicated to the topic. If you're an author and want to join the author interview spotlight, let me know and we can begin working on it. I release interviews once a week! If you want your book reviewed for the book review section and are okay with completely honest feedback, comment below as well. If you don't know what I mean by honest feedback, check out my previous reviews in the previous section! Happy Reading!
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