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Interview #4: Moi-Moi

This next interview is with the incredible @moimoi_chan here on Inkitt. It was done awhile ago, but I've been so busy with a lot of things, including the awards, I haven't gotten around to posting it. But, here's the long awaited interview. Hope you guys enjoy and thanks again Moi-Moi. Go check out her profile and shower her books with appreciation. To anyone participating in the Masters and Legends Awards, she's always one of the amazing judges.

1.) How did you find and get started on Inkitt?
A: I had it once last year- but I ended up deleting my account. Writing wasn't for me then. I didn't love it enough. A few months ago, I was looking for an outlet. There were so many emotions bottled up in me, and I needed to let it out, you know? Inkitt flashed through my mind a few times and I figured it wasn't the worst thing that could happen.

2.) How did you first get into writing?
A: I've always loved reading. I didn't have cable and wifi for like the first half of my childhood, so I read books to pass the time. It got to a point when you wouldn't see me without one. Along the line, I began to think, "what if I could do something like this?".

3.) You have two books uplifting and educating people, one for Black History Month telling the stories of innovative African Americans along with one showing the impacts of different things like harassment and bullying. Two novels I think everyone should read. What inspired you to start those books on Inkitt?
A: 7th Grade was easily the worst year in my entire life. I hated every day of it. I was bullied so badly, my self-esteem still hasn't recovered, and I'm in the 11th grade! So I manly wrote, "As Our World Caves In" for healing purposes, and I thought, well, maybe other people need to be healed too. I wrote the book about Black History for Black History Month, and as a chance for me to reconnect with some of my ancestors and the people who helped change my reality for the better. Without them, I and countless other people of color probably wouldn't be alive today.

4.) How do you feel with writer's block? Anything in particular that helps you overcome it?
A: Ughhhhh, writers' block. I hate it. The easiest way to get rid of it would be to wait it out. Trying to write with writers' block produces something terrible. I also like to emerge myself into the book, things that remind me of the characters and scenery, certain emotions, music.

5.) You offer free reviews in your bio. To you, what constitutes a strong, solid review?
A: A solid review is something that isn't sugarcoated. I believe in being polite and courteous, but if it needs work, well then I have to be honest. Filling someone with false hope and confidence is one of the worst things you could possibly do.

6.) Anything in particular that you look for in a novel, whether it be content wise or technical?
A: I'm a super picky person content-wise. If you're going to hit me with something cliche, it better be the best-written cliche I've ever read, you know? Other than that, I want something different. Something inspiring. The best-written books are the ones that help you see the world in a new light. I'm also pretty rough on the technical stuff too. Grammar/spelling, characterization, paragraph formation, and dialogue are just as important as the wow factor.

7.) How would you describe your writing style?
A: I would say my writing style is...fickle. I like being versatile and changing the way I write. I like my writing style to fit the book I'm writing, so I like to change my viewpoint and mentality to reflect that.

8.) I notice you advertise free covers as well, including having done some for other authors here on Inkitt. They're phenomenal by the way. How did you get into graphic design?
A: I've always judged books by their covers, it's one of the first things I look at. If the cover looks interesting, best believe I'll flip the book over and give the back a read too. And on Inkitt, I've seen a lot of books that have subpar covers, but amazing words underneath that. I wanted to help in some way. Plus, I think it's a cool skill to have, you know?

9.) You and @sweethearting hosted the Radio City Awards, did you enjoy it and would you host another awards? What would you say to someone thinking of joining a user run contest?
A: @sweethearing is my girl, first and foremost. So doing these awards with her is amazing, she brings certain skills to the table that I can't, and vice versa. We're like the perfect duo. And she just hit me up with yet another idea so I can't wait to further plan that out with her and hopefully bring that to fruition. I don't think there's anything wrong with joining user-ran contests (might be a little biased though!). Not only do they help you get a little extra skill and experience in, it's a great way to test the waters, to see where you stand in a smaller group of people.

10.) There are quite a few books on your profile, how do you manage having so many ideas/books at once?
A: I just have so many great ideas, that I want to share with everyone, so I do what I can to make sure it happens. As I've said, never rush writer's block, but never give up on a story either (still waiting for that missing piece for "91 Days" to click into place). It's important to also have a semblance of a writing schedule, especially if your thoughts go all over the place like mine. A planner/notebook for future ideas is also essential too!

11.) Any writing or Inkitt goals you have?
A: I have quite a few goals, such as getting more followers, more reads, and maybe even snagging a first-place award or two!!

12.) What do you feel is your strong suit when writing? Anything you struggle with or think you could improve upon?
A: My strong suit is definitely my unique writing style and the way I weave emotions and dialogue together. I leave a piece of myself in every little thing I write, and that's something that can significantly change the quality of a story. There's something I can always improve on, and right now, that's the endings of my chapters/stories. I always feel like something is missing when I write them. Another thing would be to include more diversity, in all views of the spectrum!

13.) @sweethearting says you're always spitting facts, is it true? From what you've said about Alexander Bishop being awesome, I totally agree.
A: Honestly, she spits more facts than me, 100% Alexander Bishop is a blessing. It's like Jordie took every single thing I could ever really want in a male lead/crush and then created him. I simp so hard for him, 3D boys better take notes.

14.) Favorite book you have up right now?
A: Gahhhhh! It's either "On Orchid Hill" (which is a completed short story, but I shall count it) and "The Head of the Table". I can feel something special happening with it, and it sucks having to keep all the juicy spoilers to myself.

15.) What advice would you give to those thinking about writing online or picking up writing in general?
A: One piece of advice would be to take things seriously if you're planning to post online. Give everything you have into writing it because this is something you plan on sharing with others. To me, the pieces we share with others are more vulnerable than the ones we keep to ourselves. As for writers just getting started, I suggest working on the basics of writing, sentence structure and grammar, and things like that. Once you feel like you have that down pack, work on putting yourself into your pieces.

16.) Any last words?
A: Come by and chat with me about anything, I mean anything!

My apologies it took so long to come out. But there's a new How To chapter coming out soon as well. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy and learned a little something. Happy reading.
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