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Does the Review System do More Harm Than Good?

I know the title is as long as a Fall Out Boy/emo alternative titles in the early 2000s but that's the topic. And also the best title I could think of without diving into potential clickbait that annoys the shit out of me.

Anyways, I've been pondering this for awhile and multiple discussions I've seen on here really facilitated me doing a full ass chapter on this. It's something people really need to hear and yes, I'm covering both sides of the argument. The pros and cons of the review system implemented here on Inkitt.

You know the star that pops up on the bottom bar when you read a story? It's a review button and with each one, it averages the overall ratings to give the rating of the story presented. It goes from a 1 to a 5. Some of you may have handed out reviews just because you wanted or some may have given them out because of a review swap. Some of the other common reviews are people reviewing their own stories and also trolls using it tear down others. I've shared my experiences with review swaps and review trolls in my review chapter.

Even though the review system does give authors a source of immediate feedback, there are some downsides to it all. For one thing, the only person who can delete a review is the reviewer, which can be a good thing, but it can also be harmful. Like if a troll deletes their account or gets their account removed, that review is still there. It protects all the honest reviews, but for all the trolls out there and people who just want to tear others down, there is no way to get rid of them unlike the comment section here and also on Wattpad. I had to delete some hate comments on Love Me Like You Do on there one time. Kinda made me laugh because they tried to shit on it but they're the ones who deadass read the entire story.

Jokes on them, in that regard.

But, the deletion process wouldn't be as big of a deal as it is because Inkitt Support doesn't do anything about these trolls. One account in the Review Me group posted a warning about the trolls lurking in that group and on the site, including their experience with them and how Inkitt wouldn't do jackshit to fix it. Not even take down the review or their account. When someone tried to fuck with How to Love, I reported it to Inkitt, even providing names, links everything they need to stop them before they do it again to protect others. And also to try and get it removed from my story. But they didn't do anything. Not even to let me know they were processing my claim or anything.

If you're all about providing a safe place for authors to display their work, why not uphold it?

There are also people who sign up for review swaps or contests with reviews and say they can take an honest review, but the second you give them an honest review they trash yours, could block you, and some even take their story down.

One thing I go by, if the story's rating will be low, I'll just comment it. Otherwise I review like normal. But because of numerous reasons, including people not following through, I've all but stopped review swaps.

If someone trashes another person's story for no reason, their rating goes down. Usually, those with not as high reviews don't receive as much traffic as those with an upper echelon rating. And since those reviews don't go away even after the person deletes their account. It hinders the person's ability to show off their work, especially if their story is really good, hiding behind trolls.

I like the idea of instant feedback, just not that there's nothing you can do to reverse it.

Reviews really can lighten up someone's day and also is a part of climbing the algorithm, along with hearts and comments. They give someone a way to trade reviews and reads to inprove with others. A bargaining chip. They can be used as a way for the author to feel like people are reading their stories and enjoy, even boost their confidence. But most things, people find a way to use it for nefarious purposes and expose flaws in the system.

My note is, use it properly. Be kind to others. And, before you try to help them, make sure they're okay with honesty. Even though, in this buisness, you got to have thick skin.

And to those people who miss use it, get the fuck out of your mother's basement and get a life.

Hope this helps any, and, like always, any questions or ideas comment down below. If you have any more points about this subject or any others, comment them down below. Happy Saturday and New Year's guys!
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