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Inline Comments??

Gosh, when I woke up early this morning for no fucking reason whatsoever, I knew there was a reason. I don't get up before around ten, there had to be a reason.

And then I get on Inkitt. . .

Are inline comments coming, Inkitt? Is this a real thing?

If it is, comment over the previous two lines with the most ridiculous fan theory you ever heard from a TV show/movie. Or maybe a topic you want covered *wink wink*

Anyways, thanks to the lovely Rebecca Johnson on Inkitt (go check out her stories, you won't regret it) I found out that there's a possibility this amazing feature from Wattpad might be arriving on Inkitt. You see, she double-tapped on a word on someone's story and lo and behold, there was an option to leave feedback. Though, it possibly didn't pop up. Instead, she hopped on to leave a message to Inkitt Support. So, now we wait.

And wait. . . and wait.

Gosh, waiting, man.

Anyways, some of you might not know what I'm talking about, why I'm a little weirdo getting all excited a seemingly obsolete feature, and what this could mean going forward.

This means everything, dear reader.

If you've ever been on Wattpad, you might take this for granted. You probably know what I'm talking about when I mention in-line comments.

In-line comments are a comment you put over a specific piece of text in someone's story. Like if a certain line leaves you in a puddle of feels, you're able to let the author know exactly where and what you're talking about. Or, if you're editing someone's story, instead of isolated and random comments for the author to hunt down and find the exact place, all you have to do is highlight the area and add a comment right there so the author in question knows exactly how and what to fix in their stories. Since there's no way to communicate outside of spamming wall posts, this way writing can flourish along with extinguished editors.

Also, your comments will be so much more organized. Isn't that great?

To use it, at least on Wattpad, you either double-clicked on the website - I think because I've never commented on the site - or hold down/double- tap on the app and then you can highlight the text, click the comment button that pops up - usually a little dialogue style bubble - and then you can leave feedback on an area, just a comment, or even help editing.

There's limitless possibilities.

Oh, and organization. Because having not only organized comments but knowing what comment is for what part is important.

Anyways, I really hope this is real and not a glitch. Maybe the Inkitt Gods are finally bestowing a sweet gift to us after so long. Maybe to make up for their handling of trolls and the fact they possibly shadow banned a story I started two years ago and finally finishing. [Bleep] story. If you follow me/check my wall, you might know what story I'm talking about.

- update: apparently it's an old feature Inkitt used to have. I originally started years ago and never saw this feature, but okay. If you're wondering, yeah I've had an account for around 3 or 4 years, but really only started to use it seriously in the last 6 or so months, when I really got both apps to start working. They're also working to get this feature back up and working, and now they know there's interest.

Like always, if you have any questions or any further chapters you want covered, comment them. If you want your story reviewed in this story, apply your story down below. Only do if you're open to honest feedback and if it's your story. Also, if you want a deep dive into the editing world/a great editing tool, then go check out @TheGreenShoes editing tool on her profile. It's amazing and covers so many great topics. I'm a native speaker and have been my whole life and I still find it helpful. Also, will do an update when I have more information. Hope this helps and Happy reading!

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