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The Gangleader's Promise

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"Promise me one thing?" She asked. "Anything", he replied. "That if I am in any sort of trouble, you'll be there when I call for help?" "I promise", he sworn. "Good, but this is not goodbye Brendan, I'll be back." she assured him. "And I'll be waiting for that call", he smiled. _____ 5 years ago Elisha made her childhood best friend promise her something, something that she had no idea that she would need in the future. After an incident occur a year later, she was on the run ever since. When she couldn't run anymore and things started to catch up to her, she returned back to her childhood hometown and hope that her best friend kept his promise. But promises are meant to be broken right? Well this time we'll see if it will. _______

Humor / Drama
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Well I am back now and ready for another adventure. This book is more out of comfort zone, but I know you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Buckle up, let’s go on another thrilling adventure.

Also, who likes love triangle?


5 years ago.....

“Hey Brendan I need to talk to you”, Elisha approached best friend. He was chilling by his car with two of his friends who shamelessly checked her out.

“What’s up Lisha?” He asked, Lisha was her nickname from him since kindergarten.

“In private”, she added looking at his friends who said bye and left.

“Do you want to go to my house or yours?” He opened the passenger side for her of his car.

“I can’t be long my brother is picking me up soon, we’re moving”, she looked away.

“Text him, we’ll drive around town while we talk”, Brendan suggested.

“I only got five minutes”, Elisha said.

“Okay, then start talking Lisha, you’re worrying me”, he frowned.

“When I move, I don’t think I’m coming back here”, she began.

“But we still will keep in contact right?” He asked.

“Yes of course”, she nodded.

“Good because you know we’re a team and this year we planned to run the school together”, he joked.

“Not if Stephanie does it first”, Elisha rolled her eyes.

“Nah you’re irreplaceable”, he assured her.

“At least Layla doesn’t have to fight me for vice captain spot this year in softball”, she shrugged.

“Oh yeah I was sure you would of been captain since I’m captain of the baseball team”, Brendan boasted.

“Promise me one thing?” She asked.

“Anything”, he replied.

“That if I am in any sort of trouble, you’ll be there when I call for help?”

“I promise”, he sworn.

“Good, but this is not goodbye Brendan, I’ll be back.” she assured him.

“And I’ll be waiting for that call”, he smiled.


Short chapter, but this is the introduction to the book.

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