To Save You // Jeon Jungkook

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Jeon Jungkook a cold , rude and a spoil guy .He is the son of the most richest top businesses tycoon. He is the only child of Jeon family especially known for his play boy nature and a very popular guy in every field . He is only manipulated by his dad . He is an arrogant child so his dad wanted to teach him a lesson by the help of his best friend Mr. Lee .

Humor / Drama
Sowon Kim
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Mr Jeon the top tycoon of business world known for his cleverness and gratitude . Jeon jungkook the only son of Mr. Jeon known for his rude and cold nature ask for help his business partner as well as his best friend
Mr. Lee to change his son attitude .

Mr. Jeon invites Mr. Lee to his house for the matter to discuss about his son's behavior and attitude towards everyone in his life . So as for there conclusion they want to teach him a lesson to be well manner .


Jungkook wakes up because of the sudden sound of the set alarm in the early morning for his daily workout .
When his phone ringed .
"Jungkook" called out by his dad .
Jungkook wake up without any respond to his dads call .

" Jungkook you have a task to complete so i hope that this time you will be serious and do it sincerely without any dishonesty " said by his father . Jungkook smirks and replied
"Dad do you think that i would do what you said " . His dad narrowed his eyes saying " If you don't obey me then you don't have to worry about my company and my property , did you got that son "
With this Mr. Jeon hanged up the phone.

Jungkook got frustrated by his dad's
threatening coz he know that his dad's doesn't threatens someone easily without any purpose.

"Dad do you think that i am a small child to be threatened so easily" jungkook had a mischievous smile in his face .

After having some workout jungkook went to have a bath when his servant came and said that Mr. Jeon has disconnected all his allowance and send him a letter saying that he have to listen this time or else he is nothing without money .

Jungkook walk away without saying anything when his servant got confused by his reaction coz jungkook never stay so calm when anyone does any harm to him .


"You have to obey me this time jungkook coz there is no other way " Mr . Jeon laughed by taking a sip of his morning tea .


"Jungkook " called by Taehyung who is jungkook's best friend and other six friends :-- Kim Namjoon , Kim Seokjin ,Min Yoongi , Jung Hoseok , Park Jimin. They all got distributed by seeing jungkook anger in his eyes .

"What is the problem jungkook is their any issue " Jin asked in worried.
While the others where just watching him in total silent , observing his moves .

Jungkook explained everything to his friends while others where astonished by his father's threatening
Namjoon said "Why not accept the deal and then you can have what you want afterwards " . Yoongi said " I think that too jungkook , your father is not only a very kind man but when he wants something he will make it "

Everyone agreed what Namjoon and Yoongi said Mr. Jeon is not only a powerful businesses man but also a very dangerous when he wants to get what he wants . Jungkook looks misery right now listening to what others are suggesting to do .

"Ahh ! ok then i know how to deal with this if dad wants me to do what he wants then i know how to make it in my way " Jungkook said while others where suspecting what does jungkook is going to do .

Taehyung said in a low voice to jimin " He is the son of Mr. Jeon so if the father is dangerous then his son is
more above then a wild beast in a open forest .

Jimin nodded by Taehyung's comment . While other agreed too.

Jungkook smiled and then get up to take his first step for the war of Father and Son .

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