To Save You // Jeon Jungkook

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Jeon Jungkook a cold , rude and a spoil guy .He is the son of the most richest top businesses tycoon. He is the only child of Jeon family especially known for his play boy nature and a very popular guy in every field . He is only manipulated by his dad . He is an arrogant child so his dad wanted to teach him a lesson by the help of his best friend Mr. Lee .

Humor / Drama
Sowon Kim
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Mr Jeon the top tycoon of the business world known for his cleverness and gratitude. Jeon jungkook the only son of Mr Jeon known for his rude and cold nature ask for help from his business partner as well as his best friend
Mr Lee to change his son attitude.

Mr Jeon invites Mr Lee to his house for the matter to discuss his son's behaviour and attitude towards everyone in his life. So as for their conclusion, they want to teach him a lesson to be well mannered.


Authors pov:

Jungkook wakes up from the sudden sound of the gear alarm in the early morning for his everyday workout.

Jungkook groans striding his hand towards his phone rested on the nightstand near to the bed, looking at the screen with his one eye barely open he closed it immediately after the sudden light striking his eyes from his expensive Samsung Galaxy.

He let out an irritated groan eventually opening his eyes after adapting to the light.

Thinking how his alarm boomed so early but to his affliction, it wasn't the sound of the alarm but was phoned by his father
'Mr Jeon' and this was enough for him to get enraged.

" What's with this man waking me up this early " Jungkook muttered gritting his teeth due to frustration. He rolled his
eyes while staring at the phone call notification popping in his lock screen, he decides to ignore it.

Jungkook was about to let his phone down on the nightstand as he was not in the mood to call back and budge his decisions, but that wasn't the same case with Mr Jeon

" Argh! what the fuck he wants? " Jungkook grunt with anger while Mr Jeon didn't even have any idea of his son's temper.

After pissing his mind to make him go insane Jungkook finally received the call of Mr Jeon, who had been calling him continuously making Jungkook almost throw his phone away.

" What! " Jungkook spat thwarted as he turn over his back to get a better position and relaxed his foaming body on his bed.

Before Mr Jeon could even speak anything Jungkook speaks with agony.

" If I feel there is nothing important to hear then am gonna hung it up so better be fast " Jungkook had this behaviour from the very beginning towards his father. He didn't give a second thought to throw his anger on him if there is any matters related to the so-called father.

Mr Jeon sighed as he knows the behaviour of Jungkook towards him and decide to ignore his misbehaviour and speak.

" Jungkook it was the will of Jeon family to let their children get to hand the business industry as they get to the age of twenty and you just got through it " Jungkook frown listening to Mr Jeon but didn't find anything of why he was telling him now as Jungkook was already got used to the information about it when he was fifteen. Jungkook felt a little uneasy about his father's sudden reminder of the will.

" Why are you telling me all this and for your information I know every detail then why the fu- "Mr Jeons cuts Jungkook mocking words as Jungkook never really cared a little of his fathers receptive or not give him his position as for Jungkook he was sure to take over the firm.

" Cause you won't get that " Mr Jeon yelled back falling his temper by his son's behaviour towards him.

Jungkook felt like his breathing halted listening to his father he won't hand the business to him. Why?

Jungkook clutched his phone tight as slowly his anger was rising. Jungkook lips curved into a smirk when he recalled the will and reckoned he didn't lose the game till now.

"Mr Jeon " Jungkook had his voice sweet and tricky making Mr Jeon feel a little displeasure of unexpected change in Jungkook tone.

" You think you can stop me to take over the Jeon Corporation but, poor you the will have made it clear that I the descendant of Jeon's has every right to take over the Company at the age of twenty and- " Jungkook words got cut by Mr Jeon witted laugh making Jungkook get furious of his outburst.

" Jungkook how can you not read the whole will which was retyped by your grandfather " Jungkook frown but decided not to speak and let Mr Jeon speak further.

" The will had clearly said that if there would be any chance that the present owner of the Jeon Corporation, felt any kind of danger to the business they can cancel the will and let the board of directors choose who will be the next owner of Jeon Corporation " Jungkook shoulders dropped down listening to Mr Jeon. He was foaming with anger as well as got tensed by the change in the will.

' How have I not read the whole will, no I can't lose ' Jungkook was mentally combative, thinking about how to make Mr Jeon submit to him but he knew that there wasn't anything he can do now as he messed everything rebelling against Mr Jeon making him take his revenge on him like this.

" You can't do this! " Jungkook yelled out frustrated, anger, tension every emotion was taking over him. He felt as if he was knocked by many daggers earning holes in his body taking his soul out.

Mr Jeon didn't speak anything but listened to Jungkook cursing him making his whole life live in hell, taking his happiness away from him and sucking his every will to reside a peaceful life.

Jungkook was getting out of control his emotions were making him break everything in his room he didn't realise he had messed his whole room with his anger which was hurting his own body.

" You just expect me to die right am I even you child huh!! " Jungkook was right on the verge to tear down Mr Jeon into pieces. It was not just a simple place named as the owner but Jungkook had been trying his best to take over the company as this was always been the priority of his late grandparents who had always wanted him to have every satisfaction.

Jungkook never was interested to take over the company as he always complained his grandparents
teaching him that one day he had to take over the Jeon Corporation but after they left him all alone he discovered that Jungkook Grandfather had always wanted to have his own company and a beautiful art museum where he would be able to let every beautiful piece of art he had been carved on the walls. It was just a small wish of the old man but he never was able to fulfil it as it was not an easy task to play as the owner and even his father never agreed nor did his son ever fulfilled it. Jungkook was an artist from his childhood he always loved to draw that made him feel happy and he knew how he owned this skill. Jungkook was always a happy and gentle kid with his grandparents as they grew him till he was a young fourteen-year-old boy but happiness did not always stay and that is what Jungkook faced in his fifteenth knowing he won't be able to be happy again.

Jungkook was about to hang the phone letting his mind calm a bit thinking of how to take over the business when Mr Jeon speak of a task if Jungkook wants to perform.

" Jungkook you can have what you want but before that, you have me to detect the outcome and I hope this time you won't play with me and do it with all seriousness and firmly "

Jungkook didn't get what his father was blabbing about and he knew that Mr Jeon won't easily give him his position.

Jungkook smirks thinking to play with his father as he had succeeded to piss The Jeon Jungkook "Dad do you think that I would do whatever you say "

Mr Jeon narrowed his eyes frowning at Jungkook words, he said " If you don't obey me then you don't have to worry about my company and the position did you got that son "

With this, Mr Jeon hang up the phone.

Jungkook got frustrated by his dad's
threatening because he knows that his dad doesn't compel someone easily without any motive.

"Dad do you think that I am a small child to be threatened so easily" jungkook had a mischievous smile on his face even though he had no plan how to do it.

He loved to piss his father and he was doing it very well.


After having some workout jungkook went to have a bath when his servant came and said that Mr Jeon has disconnected all his allowance and sent him a letter saying that he have to listen this time or else he is nothing without money.

Jungkook walk away without saying anything while his servant got confused by his reaction. It wasn't normal for any of them to watch the younger so calm after any communication between the son and the father jungkook never stay so calm when anyone does any harm to him.


"You have to obey me this time jungkook coz there is no other way " Mr . Jeon laughed by taking a sip of his morning tea.


"Jungkook " a soft deep voice erupt in the silent room making the said boy look at him with a frown.

" Bro you had called us here and kept your mouth shut like a toothless hag " Another voice break-in and Jungkook looked at his friends the only family he called as his.

Watching the boys stare at him with curious yet concerned eyes he sighed flopping his back on the couch and resting his head on the header his eyes staring at the chocolate ceiling of his room before a small pat on his shoulder made him look at the owner.

A warm boxy smile of a certain person made him heave another sigh before he could let out anything he got interrupted.

"What is the problem kook, is there any issue, " Jin asked worriedly looking at the younger one laying on the couch all frustrated.

While the others were just watching him in total silence, observing his moves.

Jungkook explained everything to his friends while others were astonished by his father's threatening.

Namjoon finally breaks the silence popping an idea to help the fuming Jungkook "Why not accept the deal and then you can have what you want afterwards ".

Yoongi following the same idea as Namjoon agreed to give his thoughts on
" I think that too jungkook, your father is not only a very kind man but when he wants something he will accomplish either by hook or crook "

Jungkook scoffed heeding praise for his father whom he loath wholeheartedly.

Everyone agreed with what Namjoon and Yoongi said as Mr Jeon is not only a powerful businesses man but also can be dangerous when he wants to get what he wants. Jungkook looks miserable right now listening to what others are suggesting to do.

He never had his head down on someone except his grandparents.

"Ahh! " He groaned lifting his head to look at the elders " ok then I know how to deal with this, if Mr Jeon wants me to do what he planned then I know how to make it in my way and play with him until I take over my position, " Jungkook said while others were assuming what does the younger planned in his head.

Taehyung inched towards Jimin moving his lips to not make a loud noise and take the spotlight as he said in a low whisper to jimin " He is the son of Mr Jeon so if the father is dangerous then his son is way
more above than a wild beast in an open forest. "

Jimin nodded in an agreement with Taehyung's comment. It was not like they were playing with a light match stick but with the pyre of fire as Jungkook never give his enemy a peaceful death.

Taehyung tried his very best to not say out loud but the others were got the look on them that Jungkook gonna play a big game against Mr Jeon

Jungkook smiled shifting his eyes towards the elder as his eyes speak of his cunning mind setting the trap for his father.

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