D a y b r e a k

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After a long day full of work and stress-causing problems, all Rui wanted was a good 8 hour sleep, more or less. Well, that is if she could. Driven by her exhaustion from her frequent insomnia, she might've accidentally dialed someone from her phone. Here enters Zion, a pretty well-off guy who doesn't really have to think about problems. He's having like, the most perfectly average life everyone wants. Just... minus the nightmares. Follow through their sleep deprived misadventures as soon as the night falls with their nonsense topics, non-ending theories and random conversations. Maybe it takes someone's company to cure the unbearable good ol' insomnia.

Humor / Romance
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「d a y b r e a k」

"You know the worst feeling? It's being too tired so you wanted to sleep, but when you try to, you can't because apparently you're too tired to sleep."

"Um, okay bu--"

"It's worse than being stoned! Much worse!!!"

Sleep is... let's just say, a sweet reward and a bitter punishment at the same time. For the workaholic 'Rui', she finally had the intent to rest for a bit, but unfortunately can't most probably because of her stress and her body might've adapted to her late-night work activities. Thus...

An insomnia, she got.

It's really easy to sleep, if I should say, depending on the situation. But still, he can't no matter what. Even if he tried to, he would still wake up at random hours of the night without sleeping for atleast an hour. 'Zion' could only wish the nightmares would go away, but it never did. And so he got used to it, until he answered an unknown number calling him in the wee hours of the night. Right then...

He got someone to talk to at his isolation.

"Let's just talk until sunrise, that wouldn't hurt right? That way, we could accompany each other from our lack of sleep."

Banters, nonsense theories, playful insults, stories that held precious memories, finding their similarities together.

It was an experience both of them could never exchange over anything.

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