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Mr I'm not scared meets the crazy lady on the phone and his life turns upside down.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1: The anonymous call

Everyone knew not to step in Romano Scott's way, even the police or anyone who thought they had anything. He has been a lawyer for 15 years straight and has been asked to be a judge for such a long time but everytime he turned it down.
"Mr Romano, you've got a call" the voice called out to him. The assistant was shaking in her boots, scared he might have another outburst.
He slowly stopped in front of the assistants table.
"who is it?" he asked with a frown on his face.
" I don't know sir, she says she is a huge client"
"I don't have a huge, 'she' client Sandra" he air quoted and walked off dissappearing into his open white and Grey office.
He didn't even bother looking out at the beautiful view of the city, for him it was getting boring day by day.
The door opened reveling the petite body that belonged to Sandra, the assistant.
She looked really moved, if anything went off she would faint.
" sir she called again." she paused. "she is on the line and won't stop till you answer her"
Sandra dissappeared out the door.
Romano grit his teeth ready to ravel whoever this woman was.
He picked up his phone and held it to the ear.
" hello, lady listen if you don't tell Mr Scott to answer his phone I am going to come there, get you fired and take your spot are we clear!" the lady on the other line roared.
Romano got more angry but eager to know who this was.
"hello" he said in his smooth but yet deep and intimidating voice.
The line went silence for a minute before the lady spoke again.
" oh sorry Mr Scott, I am Maze"
" I don't care what's your name, get to the point and what kind of name is that? " he spoke.
" a unique one, anyway I want you to represent me"

For the first time a woman except for her mother is was being sarcastic and sassy with her. He didn't know if this was good or bad.
" can you afford me?" Romano asked with a smug on his face. He felt like he was on top of the world for putting this Maze woman in her place.
The was a deep sighn before she spoke again.
" just because I am a woman does not mean I can't afford you Mr Scott" she answered back dropping Romano's smug.
" when will I get my money then, I charge before going to court" he mumbled.
" I didn't say I have the money, I said don't think just because it's a woman, there's no money"
Romano was left dumb found. Who was this woman. She obviously belonged to a mental institute.
"then bye, there's is nothing to discuss"
Even after saying this words he didn't hang up. It was like he was waiting for Maze to respond. If it was someone else he would have hung up a long time ago.
" there is something to discuss If you are not hanging up then" she paused and sipped what sounded like coffee to Romano's ears. "so I have an upcoming case, my husband, well ex-husband wants full custody for my 7 year old baby, Psalm"
Romano cut her "who gave you and your baby names, Your unborn common sense?"
"listen, he wants me to pay him 2 million on the side"
"why, didn't you say you are poor?" Romano sarcastically asked.
"hey I don't like calling it being poor, rather pre rich"
"no wonder he's divorcing you, you are crazy woman"
The conversation went back and forth for an hour straight. Romano didn't even realise it was time to go home. He turned his chair for the first time in weeks to the beautyful sunset view of the city.
He insulted this woman every minute but she always had a come back.
" whatever Maze Daniel's I won't be there if there's no money"
" See you in court Mr Romano Scott, I know you'll win this for the team and I hope you are not mastubating to my voice"
With that the mysterious woman Romano just met ended the call. Romano leaned back on his swing, black chair and rubbed his chin. When he thought his life was getting boring, she gets a call from a mysterious woman.

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