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Two people that were once best friends but now are rivals have a sudden personality swap. Only working together can solve their problem. Read this short story to see if they solve their problem or will they be stuck in each other's body forever.

Humor / Drama
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Chapter 1

Ever had that that one person who is your toughest rival but also your best friend, the person who seems to understand you most?

This is a similar story about two people, Kevin and Bliss, who were the best of friends when they were just kids, but as they grew up, they became bitter rivals. But something happened, something that caused them to come together again.

On one fine morning, even though the sound of alarm was echoing through the house, Bliss kept sleeping until her mother gently shook her to wake her up. “Just five more minutes,” she said, “I’ll be right there”. “Hmm, that’s so unlike you Kevin, you usually wake up before the alarm rings” replied her mum with a tone of concern in her voice “are you feeling okay Kevin?’’ Her mum asked. “Kevin? I am not Kevin, why are you taking his name first thing in the morning mum?” asked Bliss as she woke up, annoyed. “ Are you pulling up a prank on me again? Stop with your childish banter. Now wake up dear, the breakfast is ready” said her mum. Her mum’s behaviour really annoyed bliss. Her voice did not sound like her mum’s either. She was going to question her behaviour and whether she had a sour throat, but she stayed quiet. Bliss woke up feeling irritated and still sleepy as she put on her slippers and went to the dressing table. Then she realized that she was not in her room, neither was she wearing her pj’s. She quickly went near the mirror and checked her reflection. “ahhhhh! She screamed like she’d just seen a ghost” the women ran to her and asked “Kevin why did you scream for so loudly in the morning”. When Bliss looked at the woman who should’ve been her mom, she nearly had a heart attack. She knew these women, she was her rival’s mother, kevin’s mother. “nothing, she lied I just saw a cockroach, nothing else” . “goodness Kevin you scared me , now get ready your school bus can come any minute now” replied the women.

“Calm down , calm down It’s probably a dream, sorry nightmare ” Bliss corrected herself and tried to calm down. She pinched her cheek and crossed her fingers “please let me be in my bed, in my home as myself” she hoped. She opened her eyes and glanced at the mirror alas she was still in his enemy’s body , Kevin’s body. “oh no, this can’t be happening” she whispered to herself. “Kevin what are you doing the bus is here” the woman who was now Bliss’ mother but was supposed to be Kevin’s mother shouted. “coming” Bliss shouted back trying not to get overwhelmed by fear and weirdness, as she was in a boy’s body like she was the boy but Bliss was sure that she’d been a girl till last night, something must have happened when she was falling asleep.

Bliss got ready thinking if she was in Kevin’s body Kevin must be in her body. Just the thought made her vomit . She hated Kevin. As much as she hated the thought, she had to work with Kevin to get her back in her body.

Meanwhile, at bliss’ house, which was now kevin’s house.

Kevin woke up feeling fuzzy and dizzy. The alarm clock rang and Kevin shut it off. A woman walked into the room when she saw Kevin she seemed surprised and said “wow Bliss since when did you start waking up early. “I always wake up early” Kevin responded. “aww come on I am your mother I know you , well cut it out and get ready for school your school bus is arriving. “okay” he responded thinking why his mum had called him Bliss he knew his mum really liked Bliss but she has never called him Bliss but he did not think about it too long. He got up and realized that his room was painted pink and purple when they should have been green. He was confused he thought maybe he slept in his sister’s room by mistake. He looked at himself like how he would every morning but he noticed that he was wearing a girl’s pj’s he didn’t understand it at all at first he thought his brain was pulling tricks on him. He closed his eyes and did a few jumping jacks before he opened his eyes and stretched out a little . Now he looked at his reflections in the mirror and he muttered three words, “WHAT THE HELL”. It all made sense to him now why his head was spinning and why the woman was so surprised that he woke up early but he didn’t understand how he could’ve swapped personalities with her rival who was a girl, nah he didn’t like it even a bit. He had no idea what he was going to do to get back to his body. For now he hoped it is in Bliss’ body she must be in her body. He tried to make some plans, like how he was going to converse with Bliss, who he hadn’t spoken to in years and how he had to keep this complete mess a secret. Kevin was not a bold personality at all. If there was one thing he hated was getting embarrassed. He saw the school bus approaching, and he had to get ready to meet Bliss..

Kevin got ready and came out in the kitchen. A delicious smell was wafting through the entire house. As bliss’ mother saw him come out she said “ah finally you got ready now come on here’s your lunch” she said giving him a tiffin box from which the delicious smell seemed to come from. “I have made your favourite dish now come on get going Bliss” she said.

Kevin got in to the bus and he almost got a heart attack he didn’t know why because he expected it from the very start there was him, a Kevin sitting at the last seat but when a girl who always used to hang out around Bliss called out to her saying “ hey ! Bliss, what are ya doing whom are you staring at? Your sit is here beside me” yeah Kevin knew that tone in her voice, pure jealousy . That girl was Bliss’ best friend when Kevin and Bliss were best friends that girl used to pester him like he was an insect coming between Bliss and Kevin he even suspected that she was the reason Bliss started ignoring him. Kevin got angry seeing her face, but he didn’t want to have big scene which the girl could really put up ( Kevin had experienced her powers of putting a scene) he tried to calm himself down and answered “ mm hey Alex I actually want to sit in the back today so if you will excuse x” when Alex looked at the back sit and saw kevin who was actually Bliss but no one except Kevin knew that her eyes looked like they could disintegrate anyone at any sec now. Kevin didn’t want to wait till that happened so he hurried towards the back seat he sat close enough to Bliss so they could talk with no one hearing them. As he sat next to Bliss, she did something that could be counted as frown but didn’t look like a frown. “is that you Kevin in my body” she asked in a hollow voice like it pained her to say every word. “Yeah it’s me and I assume that you are Bliss and you are in my body” replied Kevin “of course it’s me, idiot” she said sounding a bit better but offended. “So I see that we are trapped in each other’s body, um do you have any idea why it happened” Kevin said he seemed to pick his words carefully. “why are you talking so awkwardly Kevin, I know we’ve had our differences but if there is anything I am sure of in this situation, it is that we have to work together to make things normal, if we don’t we will be stuck like this forever I know how awkward this might be for you it’s just as awkward as it is to you” Bliss said in a really innocent voice . “wow you’ve chan-” “you wish I’d say that” Bliss said, interrupting Kevin. Kevin made a sour face “hmm I didn’t want this to happen, okay!” Kevin said annoyed “anyway I just want to get out of your body Kevin and I will do anything to do that even if I have to work with you to do it” She said in a voice that had such a serious tone that Kevin didn’t dare taunt her anymore . “okay fair enough, I am ready to work with you” Kevin said. Bliss stared into Kevin like she was digging out his thoughts “okay so what should we do” asked Kevin trying to keep Bliss from reading his thoughts and express he knew Bliss could read anyone like a book exce Alex. “how the hell should I know that” she said with a deep and heavy sigh. “do you remember that there were many books in the school library that had stories of such personality swaps I think we should check them out” Kevin suggested “seriously you think that will have the answers we seek and do you really think they are real and even if we get the answer they will work?” Bliss said like Kevin believed that the Earth was flat . “ do you have any other plans or ideas we could do and I didn’t believe that personality sawp could really happen either but it did right we know it” he said proving his point. “alright alright as stupid as the idea is it’s true that we don’t have any other idea or plan” she said in a tone of agreement. “good, you’re finally coming into your senses” Kevin taunted her. Bliss did a eye roll and waved her hand like putting his taunt aside. “So when do we visit the school library for this stupid plan of yours” Bliss asked “umm you have a school project or something that requires a partner right, if you select me then we can spend the whole day and try out different methods for swapping back our personalities” Kevin said. “but the whole school is gonna notice that and you know how fast the rumours spread at the school and Alex is gonna kill me, sorry you since you are Bliss” she said opposing Kevin’s idea “ but if we won’t the school is going to notice the difference in out behaviour and the rumours then will be much worse than now and as for Alex why do you love having such an possessive friend and anyway even if you refuse I am Bliss so I am going to select you as my partner” he said kinda hurrying and rushing cause they were approaching their school “let me think about it” Bliss said in a voice that seemed so sickly andqc data irritated “think fast cause we are arriving” it took her a minute but then she said “damn it why is it always me! Ahh I am ready to choose you as a partner”. At that moment Alex shot Bliss, the real Bliss (kevin) a look so vicious that it made Kevin shudder and wonder if Alex is listening their conversation. The bus stopped and students started getting out. As kevin and Bliss took their seats in the class as their teacher Ms. Rose looked at the faces of the students like her eyes were scanning each and every one as she reached Bliss, who was Kevin she said “ahha I hope you have decided who you are going to select as a partner for the project we can’t stretch the registration date any forward than it already is dear” she said with a tone of finality like she was not going to except any arguments on this topic. “umm yes Ms.Rose”. “very well then who is it?’’ Ms.Rose asked “I would like to partner up with Kevin miss” when Kevin was half way saying this like before saying Kevin he swore he saw Alex rising up from her chair, what a overconfident girl he thought in his mind. Alex looked like someone so close to her just stabbed her in her gut, yeah she definitely looked betrayed. “very good choice Bliss, you two can use the library whenever you want till the project” she said handing to Bliss a note giving them the permission to visit the school library whenever they wanted. After the first period ended Kevin and Bliss set their plan to work. They gathered all the books that were on personality swaps and took a whole bench to themselves at the very corner of the room. They started reading the books one by one, hours passed by but they couldn’t find any thing “Kevin it isn’t working, we are reading for hours and we haven’t found anything that could hel-” Bliss was complaining when Kevin cut her off before she could complete “Just stop for a sec, I think I found something” he said “really what is it” she said getting up from her chair and coming to sit near Kevin. Kevin showed her the book he was reading.

“a four-leaf clover? , is that what you were reading, Kevin? You think that can reverse this mess?’’ “Yeah, its said that a four-leaf clover is considered extremely lucky and that it gives a person with the leaf immense luck” Kevin said reading a paragraph from the book. “But reversing a personality swap seems too much to ask from a leaf” Bliss said sounding doubtful “yeah we should definitely spend another 3 hours reading finding nothing” he said with his voice full of sarcasm. “why are you so mean to me, Kevin” Bliss said, faking some tears. “anyway, so are you with me or not for the clover idea” Kevin asked Bliss sighed and said “where can we find four-leaf clover exactly Mr.smartypants” “we have to search for it in the gardens and parks and about which gardens and plants how about you think that, I have planned and thought a lot it’d be good if you run the brain of yours a little. Said Kevin super proud of himself for landing a great taunt on Bliss. “that was super lame Kevin, sharpen your skills on taunting and while you were busy landing that taunt, I am already done with thinking where should we search, so get that ass of yours moving” she said in a super strict voice like the voiceovers of that very cool sassy grandmother that he had to follow. “um, so where are we going?’’ Kevin asked. “Stop asking your stupid questions and just follow me, barnacle” Bliss said. Bliss led him through a road he’d never gone before. They entered a tunnel like structure Where at the end there was a towel hanged like a curtain, Bliss pushed the curtain aside to reveal a patch of forest. In the middle of the small garden there was a tent like something. Kevin couldn’t keep it in anymore he babbled in awe “where are we?’’ “This is my secret camp I spend most of my time after school here alone, I discovered it uh ………………… after we got apart, no one knows this place. The point is that there are so many plants here, some of which you will never see outside here, so I guess we can find the four-leaf clover around here. They searched the total area but couldn’t find anything. “There is nothing here, Bliss, and it’s already 6:00 pm ” he said with a tone of desperation in his voice. “as much as I hate you seem like you are right” Bliss replied with the same tone of desperation. Then they heard a voice so loud, like the roar of a wild animal. “ what was that?’’ Bliss said, startled. Kevin looked embarrassed he was blushing so bright that Bliss understood everything “seriously Kevin! You should have told me you were hungry. Come on in she said pointing towards the tent” when they entered the tent Kevin was surprised the tent looked, really. small from outside but it was big, cosy and warm inside. Bliss went into a corner and removed a box when she was doing that a thick book like a diary fell to the ground a page from 3 years ago opened when Kevin saw that he could only one word that was ‘Kevin’ until Bliss just rushed and took the book and closed it “its nothing’’ she said but Kevin knew it was much more than that. Bliss opened the cover and delicious smell of butter cookies wafted across the whole area “here” she said handing out the box to Kevin. “They look delicious, its sure been a while since I have eaten your mother’s cooking” Kevin said taking a cookie. “umm its really delicious” “huh! Really I just baked them a few days ago” Bliss said happily “you made them?’’ he said pretending to cough out the cookie like it was disgusting. “shut up, idiot” she said. “eat up I’ll go and search a bit more” Kevin just nodded. After Bliss was gone he picked up the diary that fell when she was trying to get cookie box out. He didn’t want to pry on Bliss like this but he had a feeling, a instinct that the solution to the problem was in there which was really weird since it was just a book and he had no idea how reading Bliss’ personal diary was going to reverse the personality swap but he just couldn’t stop himself from reading it. He tried to not see anything else than what was written about him. He found a page with the date of July 20, he spotted his name a few times so he decided to read it.


I hate my decision; I hate that I listened and agreed to what Alex told me about Kevin. I miss him so badly. I wish I could just go up to him and tell him about my feelings, but I don’t even know if he still likes me or even wants to be friends with me. I don’t even know if he will talk to me. I am tired of putting up the act we are rivals. I wonder what he feels about me. Only after losing him do I understand his true worth. If I compare Alex worth to Kevin’s worth, it would be like comparing 1 to 100. I don’t know why I listened to her. I don’t know why I am still with her, probably because I have no friend except her. I wish something happens that brings us back together.


When he finished reading, he almost had tears in his eyes. “I want to be a friend with you Bliss I always wanted to and I still do” he muttered silently

Then he heard footsteps. According to Bliss, no one but Bliss, and now he knew about this place. Normally he would have hidden the dairy and erase any clues he had been reading someone else’s diary, but this time he just stood there with the diary in his hands. Bliss entered and when she saw Kevin holding her diary and the expression he had told her, he had read everything. “Kevin I- ….. I” “why didn’t you tell me your true feelings?’’ Kevin asked, “how could I bring myself to talk to you Kevin?’’ She said between a few sobs. “damn it! So much for hiding our genuine feelings” Kevin said, his voice full of emotions. “I am so sorry Kevin, I should’ve told you how I felt” “I am guilty too Bliss, I never told you what’s going on in my mind either” he confessed and continued “if you wish lets begin everything from the start but if you don’t I understand” “of course I want to, barnacle” she said with a laugh, Kevin let out a small laugh as well. “I don’t want to ruin this moment, but do you remember that are still stuck in each other’s bodies?’’ he asked. “yeah I remember, Kevin” she said with a sigh. “what should we do we can’t just be stuck like this forever” he said “we will keep looking for the four-leaf clover tomorrow but till then I guess we just have to live like this” Bliss said with a tone of finality. “I guess we only have that one option” “I guess we must go home or our moms will be sick with worry” Kevin said “you are still a nerd aren’t you?’’ she teased him this time Kevin just chuckled. “let’s go” he said. They came out from the patch of forest and on the street. Everything was silent except the sound of birds when Bliss exclaim “look for a shooting star!’’ Then she quickly closed her eyes and wished. When she opened her eyes Kevin said “do you really think that the shooting star and the wish legend is true” “sometimes the most fantastical thing comes true Kevin did you think something like the personality swap could happen before this Kevin?’’ She reasoned “uh its impossible to defeat you in debating anyway what did you wish?’’ He asked. “wishes don’t come true if its told to anyone Kevin and if it comes true, you’ll see it tomorrow”. They stopped their conversation there and walked the rest of the way in silence, gazing at the sky and the stars. When they had to part ways Kevin said, “I guess I go to your home and you go to mine?’’ “I guess if we don’t want them to take the idea that we exchanged our homes and family” Bliss said. “Bye then, see ya tomorrow” Kevin said Bliss just waved her hand saying Bye. That night Bliss slept Peacefully knowing that one of her biggest mistake had been corrected. “I hope this works” she muttered and fell asleep. The next morning when Kevin woke up the first thing he did was to look at his room first. Last night when Bliss wished to the shooting star and said that he’ll know it tomorrow he kinda had a suspicion that she was wishing that this personality swap should reverse. He saw that he was in a room that looked like his. He slowly started to turn his head in the direction of the mirror. He hoped so bad that he was in his body again. “yessssss” he exclaimed so loudly that within seconds his mum was next to him asking what the hell had happened “what was that Kevin?’’ She asked “nothing, I just came to know that the football team I support won” he lied “you screamed that loud just because your football team won?’’ His mum said unbelievably. Kevin just nodded at her he couldn’t contain his happiness. He wondered if this had worked sideways and what Bliss was doing.

Even though she had spent an entire day in Kevin’s body, she hadn’t taken over even one of his good habits. Just as usual, Bliss kept ignoring the alarm and kept sleeping until her mother had to wake her up. When she woke up the first thing she saw was her mother’s face like her mother’s face she was so happy she barely managed to maintain a straight face. When her mother was out of earshot, she dared to look in the mirror. She clapped happily and did a small victory dance. She managed not to scream like Kevin. “hurry Bliss the bus is here” her mom shouted “just a minute” she replied and began getting ready.

When Bliss got on the bus, she scanned the bus for Kevin. She saw Alex sitting in the front seat (like always) and Kevin was sitting in the last seat. When they met eyes, she gave him a quick smile and headed towards him when Alex stood up and said, “oh Bliss, I’ve been waiting for you . Where were you?” “ah yes I and Kevin were hanging out the whole day yesterday” Bliss said. “what the hell, you can’t do that” Alex said with a voice so sharp that Bliss wavered until Kevin interrupted “last time I checked Bliss could do whatever she wants” out of nowhere Bliss got the courage to stand up for herself again “I am tired of you Alex, I can do whatever I want and you can’t control me” she snapped. Alex looked embarrassed she was burning red Bliss almost felt sorry for her but then she remembered that she broke their friendship. “if you want, you can come and sit at the back with me” he asked her. “please even if you didn’t ask me to, I was going to come” Bliss chuckled with Kevin. Kevin felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted off his shoulder. He was so glad to be back like this, and he could tell that Bliss felt the same.

The End

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