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Shower Time!

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A funny little story about 2 nerds who want to try having sex in the shower...

Humor / Romance
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Shower Time!

The sound of running water could be heard from the lavish bathroom, masking the not-so-kid-friendly activities going on in the bathtub. Decorated with only the finest of ivory and pearls, it was like something out of a painting, but it belonged to a very real girl named Jane. She had invited her long-time boyfriend Todd over some fun in her fancy shower...

Jane was a very attractive brunette with her wet hair clinging to her creamy chocolate skin as she kissed the hunk of a man in front of her. Even though Todd was a tall, handsome, and muscular man with tattoos on his forearms and calves, he was also incredibly shy and it had taken Jane several months to get him comfortable enough to undress in front of her. Todd had a lot of insecurities, especially with how huge his penis was, but Jane slowly broke down his walls and showed him how much she loved him. That’s why she had him pinned up against her shower wall kissing his shyness away and she could tell it was working because Todd moved his hands to her ass and squeezed.

“Mmm... Toddie... you are soooo sexy...”

Jane opened her dark eyes for the first in over a minute and smiled when she saw her boyfriend blushing.

“And did I mention... so fucking cute?”

Todd’s blush worsened at hearing Jane curse so freely.

“So fucking cute... you deserve a reward... just for being so cute...”

She was kissing his neck every so often and Todd nearly lost it right there.

“Jane...” he whispered. “Y-You don’t have to do t-this... ooohhhh...”

He spoke too late as Jane had already gotten down on her knees and started teasing the head of his dick with her tongue. She used her hands for whatever else she couldn’t reach. Todd moaned out loud as his lusty girlfriend pleasured him and tried to keep from falling over by holding onto a metal rod on the shower wall that held their wash cloths. Jane just focused on licking the sweet pre-cum already leaking out of her boyfriend’s genitals, making slurping sounds to drive him wild.

Then she decided to up the ante by using her D-cup titties to milk out more of his juices by squeezing his cock between them and continuing to lick the swollen tip. Todd was in such a state of pleasure that he actually threw his head back against the shower wall.

“Jane!” he cried. “I’m... I’m...”

“Do it... let it go, baby...”

Todd shot several rounds of his sexy cream into her mouth and Jane just gulped it all down like a smoothie. She didn’t pull away until he was completely empty, standing up and licking her lips clean. Her blushing boyfriend gathered her into his muscular arms and kissed her to get a taste of himself.

“Now aren’t you glad I invited you over?” cooed Jane.

“Mhmm... can I come cover all the time?” whispered Todd.

“Every single day of the year, baby... better yet, why don’t you move in with me?”

He smiled brightly.

“Yeah... I think that’ll work!”
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