And (they) called it Macaroni...

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The fourteenth book in the Ghost series with a quadratic equation as the universal designation... George Parker, the Yankee, Peter Parker's (the Spider), and the rest of the Ghost Project try to bring a murderer who disembowels and crucifies his victims trying to frame 'the Yankee' the Heroic Ball-Player whose line drives always find their mark on the balls of the perpetrator.

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And (they) Called it Macaroni…

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and or as a product of schizophrenia. Any resemblances to persons living or dead, events, or locations are coincidental.

And (they) Called it Macaroni

Copyright 2021 David Estrada All Rights

That this work may pay homage to the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of all life…

Someone told me that nothing is impossible because the word impossible says: I’m Possible to which I replied; ‘Equality is Possible’. …for My Family

“Two lovers… Two young lovers walked home hand in hand from the Dodger’s game. Someone in the shadows could hear the girl bring up the subject of a marriage proposal. They kissed on the steps of her parents’ Brownstone house…someone in the shadows watched that, as well.

The young man was found dead nailed upon the wall of a closed, but not abandoned, warehouse building used to store textiles for the garment industry. He was crucified like Our Lord on the wall… in the future, there is a joke about Jesus asking to be put up for the night… The young man, who was disemboweled…” Maya Wells spoke to George Parker inside of William Filles tavern about the third murder.

“They are trying to frame…me,” I said.

“No, they are going after the Yankee,” Maya Wells said. “Whoever this is they don’t know who ‘the Yankee’ is. But they knew who the young lovers were because the young man’s fiancé found him crucified in the garment factory’s warehouse the next morning.” Maya said. In 1936 she was no longer a detective but she worked as a secretary for New York’s finest. She was privy to a great many things. And the ‘Ghost Project’ had been in the Greater New York City area for more than a year now…

William poured another whiskey for George as he looked into the mirror behind the bar with a vacant look on his face.

As George took another shot and tried to make sense of what was going on there was a man several blocks away buying laboratory glassware namely, test tubes and round-bottom flasks whose opening was as wide as the opening of a wine bottle. The test tubes had their corks but the flasks needed to be wide enough to accommodate the test tube is inserted into the flask and the cork closing the contents of the flask. The opening and cork of the test tube needed to rest in the neck of the flask and have a tight fit so that the hydrochloric acid didn’t come into contact with the plug of the test tube. The contents of the test tube and the round-bottomed flask needed to be separate until they were mixed to create a reaction…

A glass ring that fit taut around the test tube was sandwiched between two rubber O Rings to keep the test tube’s placement in the neck of the round-bottom flask. The hydrochloric acid was placed into the test tube and the chloroform was poured into the round-bottom flask.

This man could not explain that to the Chemistry supplier of the University of New York…Furthermore, the man in the chemistry lab coat couldn’t afford to draw too much attention so he never ordered laboratory glassware by the piece only by the set and of course the University took care of the bill.

This nameless chemistry professor at New York University created seven of these gas bombs and placed them into a box with a cardboard insert of squares that held the flasks upright even though they had round bottoms.

The contents of the test tubes would be hydrochloric acid and when mixed with the flask containing chloroform would create a type of knock-out gas. When he placed them into a satchel, he wrapped them in a cloth bag to stop the glass from making a clinking sound. He didn’t want clinking glass to alert his victims to his presence.

At the nearly same moment that the mysterious chem professor placed two of his knock-out bombs into his satchel, George Parker bumped into the lady who would become his wife in a short four months.

“Connie…” her boss called to her. She is a secretary for a Police Precinct a couple of blocks away from where Maya Wells was a secretary also. In 1937, a secretary, but in 2012 a surly lady detective. George walked home in front of Consuela’s window each day since he had joined his family in Brooklyn…

“You are off dear, and you could have those days off you asked for…” Her boss told her. She cleared off her desk. Packed her purse and poured a cup of coffee for the walk home.

Before the toe of her right foot could touch the sidewalk outside of the door of the police precinct, the contents of her coffee mug were on the face and shirt of George Parker.

It seems rather cliché that they would meet this way…

It seems rather cliché that she would accept his spontaneous invitation to have some drinks and dinner at Toby’s Tavern…

It seems rather cliché that in six months’ time they would engage to marry the next May at the Church of the Epiphany Roman Catholic Parish. In the same church Peter, George, and Alicia would pray the Holy Rosary either on their way to work or coming home…

Consuela and George Parker had an almost idyllic life even when Mrs. George Parker found out she was married to ‘the Yankee’…and despite what Lieutenant David Jameson said in his letters to the editor, ‘the Yankee’ was a hero.

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