Love or loveless life

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Isabella mom Jane still believe her husband is alive with that she never loved anyone else on the other hand Isabella sometime blame herself for her father death and her mom condition with that she vow Never to love any guy let find out if these ladies will choose love or hate

Humor / Romance
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Hi inkitty friends

Hi babes and guys ok general GUYS right?😕🤐 Am new here but wait who cares 🙄😏 so please this is my first novel or story anyone that you call it please no criticism please please any mistake just correct me in a beautiful and mannerly way🙂🙃And yes please comment (positively), vote and also don't forget to press the follow button 🤗☺️ i really appreciate it 😘 hmmmm yes and also if your at Wattpad please please Fave_fave please follow 🙂🤗😜 bye 🙋🕺✋ hope you enjoy and yes wait I can't promise to be updated on time please bear with me because am still at secondary School or high school ✍️ kisses 😘😘😘😘😘ok now byeeeeeeee🙋🙋🕺🚶🚶
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