Love or loveless life

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Beginning of my

I woke up with the sound of beeping urgh you stupid alarm shut up I got up from the bed, freshen up , dressed and came downstairs "hey Mom" I said to her.she hasn't recover from her truma she still believe my Dad is alive but anyways she's not abusive like people always say once the love of their life die they tend to abuse the person next to them but my mom is different "hey sweetie how was your night"she said and peck my forehead " fine and yours" I asked she gave me a weakly smile and nod "alright eat up time to get going you know is your first day at school" she said as she put my plate in front of me I finished,washed my plate and left oh God help me today am really nervous I entered the huge school and well all eyes on me I could hear whisper like ho look what she wearing urgh she's such a nerd ,look at her eye glasses typical nerd i really want to punch their stupid faces I didn't look at where I was going so I bumped into someone " hmmm sorry" as I
Stretch out my hand to help but she didn't receive it rather her bodyguard helped her "can't you look where your going " she asked in a rude way " I said am sorry" I said calmly you also can't you see other place to move "Hoff i see your the new commer right? Ho or should I say new nerd any way am the popular girl in this school so mind your ways and stay away from me get that right because your and you will always be a nerd "she said and passed by me with her pushing me out of the way "what was that" I said with one of my eyebrow raised as turned to look at their direction " their the queen bee" I turned to look at the person who said it.,it was a girl probably my age " hi am Emily nice to meet you" she brought out her hand to which I shook" Isabella but just Bella " I said to her then she lead me to the class because we both are on the same class and period and she also told me those girls I meet earlier are the queen bee the one that was talking to me is their Shepherd while the other ones are her flocks ********** it was time for break hoof finally I was about to enter the school Cafe but Emily stopped me "what" I asked "hmmm you can't enter because this cafeteria is for the popular not for needs like us" she said with her face looking down "so where can we buy and eat" I asked feeling annoyed by this stupid popularity of a thing "sure we can

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