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Funny. House with a playful mouse

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Hi, my name is Louis, and as you can see I'm a mouse, not a rat or a hamster, A MOUSE. My brothers and I had all kinds of fun scarring the lady of the house, along with her two hound dogs Maxamel and Penelope. What a crazy lady, I do believe her name was Mary if I recall.
It all began about a month ago. Stewie and Scotty and I live in the small town of Nitro, West Virginia. When the apartment was rented out to this lady. We watched her through the cracks in the ceiling, holes in the walls. I even played tricks on her. But first things first.
I was born along with my brothers and sisters in the basement of an old Catholic church. It was so nice and peaceful there. The singing and chanting and the food. Father McKenna even would drop crumbs of food for us. Father McKenna and us
Especially me, we became friends. I slept on the shelf above Father McKenna's desk sometimes in his slippers at night. We would go and hear him on Sundays. One Sunday my brother Stew run across, the edge of the piano when Mother Charity screamed you could have heard a pin drop.

Father McKenna announced his retirement from the priesthood, we tagged along. When we arrived at his new home. He was surprised to see me when he opened the box with his books and study material. I ran up his arm and sat on his shoulder as he sang" being in the Chaves". Things were fine unit the day with all the noises. Then it was quiet for days so we had to hide. We went to the lady in the next apartment. But she had that mean old cat, Stormy. Finally when a lady moved into Father McKenna's old place. I began watching her, after about a week. I gave the all-clear to Scotty and Stew, we could move back in. By this time Stew had a girlfriend and Shelli came along with us. Was not much going on for a month or two? To be honest, we lived like royalty. Scaps food all the time. Cookies, cake, and all kinds of sweets being how she worked in a bakery. Then she got a second job at a Chinese place. With even more food. One night she left some chicken and rice in a bowl. So of I helped myself to some. The biggest dog started howling and patting. The lady came running down the stairs yelling "Max will you be quiet or you'll wake Ms.Duffy besides I have to be at work in the morning. "
As she picks up Max to take him outside. She seen me and screamed and picked up the water sprayer. The entire kitchen was wet. Stew said watch this. Stew ran up her pants and shirt then on her head. You should have seen her spaying her face. Stew and I laughed so hard I dropped my dinner, as it rolled on the floor the other dog jumped from the bed under the dining room table and eat it then. I jumped off the countertop, spraying both dogs and Mary which I found out her name later that day. But as the dogs ran out of the kitchen knocking her to the floor, pulling the hose with her breaking it. Water went everywhere. She sat there, crying I ran across the kitchen floor, stopping, stopping long enough to sick my tongue at and shake my tail at her. She screamed again.
That afternoon she and some guy in a suit came in. All we heard was I'll see what I can do. We stayed hidden for a few days. One night I was outside, we meet the Coon sisters Charity and Cherri. I talked the girls into my plot, to drive Mary out of her mind. Charity and Cherri would knock over her trash, leave muddy paw prints all over her nice shiny red car. Sometimes the pigeon guys got the word, those guys left poopoo all over her car. One pigeon named Drew flew in her open window and messed all over the apartment, between Drew and being old hounds the place was trashed.
One morning Shelli heard her telling Max and Penelope that some friend of hers was gonna help her catch us. We all made plans. This guy was going to be easy, this was a mouse by human standards. Sad to say his trick of putting bacon in the trap, worked on Shelli and two of the kids. After that everyone took off across, up, and down the street. After about six months, Stew was watching out the top bedroom window, seeing a truck pull up that had moved on its side in big green letters.
That afternoon noon she took the dogs out to her car saying mama will pick you up in the morning before we leave to go.
That night we heard her telling her friend that took out Shelli and boys. That she was moving to Ohio. Within about twenty minutes he was there helping her pack. So Stew hitched a ride in the box from the kitchen and I became a stowaway in the clothes from her top drawer after I made myself comfortable and she tossed her cellphone in the box and closed up the box. I called some friends and family in Ohio and gave them the address to meet us. You should have seen Mary's face and heard her scream when she opened the box and I yelled SURPRISE as I ran up her arm. To this very day, Stewie and I have not stopped having fun with the old girl Mary.
To make a long store short. If you harm or mess with us, we miss you.

By. J.R. Gardner

August 1916

Dedicated to

Mary Deemer
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