Keeping It Real With the Avengers

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Neolany is a new agent, who also happens to be Nick Fury’s youngest niece. And she just recently moved into the Avengers tower, where she meets Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and some other Avengers. This is the story on how she manages them and how she can keep it real with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes...

Humor / Action
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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

“Are you being serious?” Neo screams from the dining table. She furrows her eyebrows, attempting to look more intimidating but she fails miserably.

“Yes I am being serious. You have so much potential. Imagine all of that going to waste just because you don’t want to let go of a little secret.” Nick says, crossing his arms.

“It is not a little secret, Uncle Fury. I am literally a 15 year old girl who just happens to be very talented when it comes to combat skills and fighting, But if you want me to be completely honest with you,” Her speech is muffled by the food that she shoveled in her mouth. She continues.

“I just don’t think I am ready to move into the Avengers compound and fight alongside these major superheroes just yet.”

Nick stands up from his chair and walks over to Neo. He pats her back.

“Neo, I promise you, everything will be perfectly fine. In fact, let’s make a deal. Stay there for a single week. If you honestly don’t like it there, you will be sent home and I will give you $500 for your troubles. Deal?”

Neo hesitates, then she proceeds to shake hands with her uncle.

“Fine, deal." Neo rolls her eyes.

“Good, we are leaving tomorrow night, so go pack your bags and get some shut-eye.”

Nick kisses her forehead and then leaves the dining room.

“Good night.” He says from his bedroom.

“SWEET DREAMS!” Neo shouts so that Nick could hear her.

Neo wakes up to the annoying alarm on her nightstand. She bangs the button aggressively and groans loudly.

“Ugh, I HATE MY LIFE!” She groans as she clumsily gets up from her blue and purple sheets. She yanks off her bonnet and keeps it on her nightstand. She grabs a rubber band and she ties her shoulder-length braids into a mini ponytail. She walks over to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She showers shortly after. After she is finished freshening up, she runs over to her nightstand, picks up her iPhone, and checks the time.

“10:43?! Nice timing!” She puts her fist in the air as a way to congratulate herself

“NEO! BREAKFAST IS ON THE TABLE! HURRY UP AND EAT!” Nick yells from the kitchen.

“WHY?!” Neo responds


Neo was silent. A big wave of excitement and nervousness splashed over her. When she usually goes for jogs with her uncle, she usually wears her baggy jogging suit, but instead, she kinda wanted to look her best so that she could impress the team. So she decided to wear her red skin-tight jogging suit. She was hesitant at first because she is a bit insecure about her semi-slim, semi-chubby body shape, but she decided to wear the jogging suit anyways. She walks downstairs to see her uncle washing his breakfast plate.

“Good morning, Neo. Did you sleep well?” Nick asks as he puts his newly washed plate in the cabinet above him.

“Sort of. I must admit, I had a little trouble falling asleep last night, but I’m okay. Thanks for asking anyways.” Neo says as she starts to eat her breakfast.

Nick nods silently. He continues to clean the kitchen as Neo eats her food. Once he finishes, he turns around and faces Neo.

“You are meeting the Captain this morning, and then you will meet everybody else later on tonight. Understood?” Nick says sternly.

Neo nods her head.

“Understood.” She says.

And that was when Neo had to excuse herself. She ran up the stairs to her room and she slammed the door shut.

“Holy crap! Holy crap! Oh my god!” She puts her hand over her mouth. She falls on the floor quite dramatically.

That was really the only reason why she did not want to stay at the Avengers tower. Because of Steve Rogers. Neo had the HUGEST crush on the man. That was it. That was her huge secret that literally nobody knew. As much as she is head over heels for the man, she does not want to get distracted from the reason why she is even allowed to step foot in the Avengers compound in the first place. One: her uncle is Nick Fury and two: she is incredibly intelligent and her combat skills are advanced. She could not let some man get in the way of her purpose, but then again, this is Steve Rogers for heavens sake. The tall, brawny, blonde gentlemen with a kind heart. Who honestly wouldn’t fall for him? To sum it all up, Steve was her weakness.

“Neo? Are you ready to go?” Nick calls from downstairs.

“I uh- yeah I’m ready! Just give me a second!” Neo grabs her phone and she puts on her Apple Watch. She runs downstairs. She steps outside to see that her uncle is already a couple blocks ahead of her.

“Dude, WAIT!!” She runs towards him. She finally manages to catch up to him. He pauses to laugh. Neo jokingly hits the back of his head. They continue to jog for like, 20 minutes until they see the compound in the distance.

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