My gangster love

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Based in South Africa. A girl who gets her You know. Just how the title explains it better. Gonna make a cover later.

Humor / Drama
Just a girl
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A/n: Just like the title said. Based in South Africa so of course there will be South African language here and there. Don't worry though...I will translate.

Also unedited. Written half asleep

Olwethu's POV

Hi. I'm Olwethu Nkosi. Pronounced O-lwe-tu. Anyways I'm 17 in highschool, last year. I'm Zulu. I have a best friend. Ndoni Khumalo. Same age and same grade. My mom is a single parent. Being a lawyer she can take care of me and my little sister. My little sister's name is Owami. She's 16. Same parents but we don't know our father. Only my mom knows him cause well I'm pretty sure you should remember the guy who knocked you up then disappeared then knocked you up again, the boom, magic, he has 🧙 disappeared 🧙. My mom is not moving on. At all. But she's so beautiful you'd think she was my older sister.

Description of me. I DON'T look like my mom. I'm yellow bone with light brown eyes. I have a natural afro while my mom's hair is naturally oily. She has like a chocolate skin color with dark brown eyes. I took my long legs from her though. My little sister is thee exact copy of me, like sometimes I think she's my twin.

So that's me. Also my name means ours while Owami means mine. That's all I have to say now. Also welcome to my journey.

Sphamandla's POV.

Hi I'm Sphamandla Gazi. Call me Mandla. I'm 23 and I'm a businessman. I own businesses both legal and illegal. The heck am I telling you this? You might be a cop.

(to author:Cut cut...cut. I don't wanna do this anymore.)

(Author: You will do this or I will make your little brothers get kidnapped so you better sit down and do this. I promise I'll bring Beast into this if you don't sit down Ghost. Ghost... STFU and sit down).

(Mandla to Author: Why you gotta bring Beast into this. You know his my biggest energy underground.)

Urgh. Okay so my Gang name is Ghost. I'm the leader gang. Beast is my Rival. I took this gang from my father who is retired and is spending his "old" days with his wife, my mom. Which is my queen btw.

(Author: oh trust me. That my friend, shall change.)

(Him to author: what do you mean?)

(Author: Shhhh. We have to start chapter 1 and also the audience/readers are getting impatient. Just introduce yourself and finish. Or I will call your father to take you to gang camp intense again.)

(Him: okay)

Okay I have two younger brothers. Twins. 19 years old. Siphosam and Siphesihle. My name, Sphamandla, incase you forgot my full name, means give us power. Siphosam means My gift and Siphesihle means beautiful gift.

(Him: I don't understand why I gotta say the meaning of our names though.)

(Aut {author}:shhhh. Shut up.)

(Him: but-)

(Aut: no buts. I gotta close the chapter. Fool.)

(Him: Haaa. Haha. You're the fool. You forgot the Italics on your speech. Sleep. It's 3am in the morning.)

(Aut: shit. How could I forget the Italics? And who are you to tell me to sleep? Huh?)

(Him: Dude you are arguing with a character from a book, your imagination and you just thought you saw a monster. Hallucinations from exhaustion and also you had to go to Google to see how to spell hallucinations.)

(Aut: Shut it. Oh I forgot italics again. Bye guys. End of chapter.)



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