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The Games

I was in my last few weeks in my last year of college; I was enjoying my job, I was making money, my studies were on point, I stopped selling weed and I was a single man, yes that’s right I was a single man for at least six months and counting, I decided that I wanted to be single because after what happened with me and Laila I was kind of put off by girls and my birthday was coming up and I was totally focused on become twenty. “What’s good Beezy?” I said as I walked up to Beezy who was sitting on the benches outsides my college, “Nothing much JJ just waiting for you birthday boy” Beezy replied as he gave me a low five. “Ha! Not yet but tomorrow’s the big day I’m going to be out of my teens” I said excitedly just as I said that Zara was coming out of the college with her new boyfriend she looked really happy with him and it pissed me off so much, I hated seeing her with him. “Who’s Zara with?” Beezy asked “Who him? That’s just her new boyfriend Darryl” “Wow you sound pissed off when you said that, what’s wrong is JJ jealous?” Beezy teased “Shut up man and pass me a spliff”. “What makes you think I’ve just got a spliff on me?” “Because you smoke everyday from morning to night, I mean B aren’t you high right now?” I asked. “Yeah I am” Beezy sulked jokily as if he was a little boy getting into trouble. “So pass me the spliff nigger” I said as I put my hand out, Beezy then gave me the weed and I was just about to light it up and begin to smoke Zara came up to me with Darryl. “Hi Beezy, Hi JJ” Zara waved and said “You alright Zara?” Beezy said “You cool?” I muttered “Yeah I’m alright I’ve just been working hard on my assignments and I might have a job interview for a fashion magazine” Zara said excitedly. “That’s good to hear” “Yeah that’s good” me and Beezy said. “Yeah it is good that my girl’s going to be a top photographer” Darryl said as he held Zara from behind and squeezed her a little. “Darryl” Zara said and giggled as she held his hands against her which really annoyed me it was like she was trying to piss me off. “Ok well me and B are off now” I said “Are you two going to ride on your bike J?” Zara asked as she stepped away from Darryl. “No of course not, I’ve got a car now I sold my bike like two weeks ago” “Oh ok you didn’t tell me that” Zara said while looking a bit surprised because we still spoke to each other every other day and told each other everything except this one little thing and it seemed to bother her. “So what car did you buy? I just brought a new Ford Focus 05 plate” Darryl said and when he did I don’t know why but I took it as a challenge like he wanted to know if his car was better than mine. “That must be a nice little car, I just brought myself the new Audi A3 Sport back in black nothing too much you know” I replied cockily with a cheeky smile which made Beezy burst out into laughter. As Beezy laughed and I stood there waiting for Darryl’s reply I could see his cockiness begin to shrink rapidly and Zara could see that too that’s why she was smirking when he didn’t reply. “Anyway me and B are gone” I said as I started to walk away with Beezy, “Oh yeah I won’t be able to make it for your birthday J” Zara shouted “Ok just call me and tell me why later” I shouted back nonchalantly without turning around. “That was mad awkward cuz” Beezy said as he and I walked around the college to go to where I parked my car “Was it? Um” I replied and hummed “You’re a joker cuz. Why you trying to stunt like that weren’t awkward?” Beezy laughed and said. I was just about to reply when my phone began to ring “What’s up with you?” Beezy asked as he looked on at me “This number keeps ringing my phone B and I don’t know who it is” I replied as I showed Beezy the number on my phone to see if he recognised it “Why don’t you just answer and ask who it is?” “Nah man that’s long; it could be a old link or some nitty that wants some food” I replied as Beezy and I stood outside my car “Fam if it’s a nitty just give them my number and I’ll supply them with some food and if it’s a old link pass them my number and I’ll give them some of the ting!” Beezy exclaimed happily because either way he would make money or have a new girl on his line “You’re a clown cuz” I laughed and said as Beezy and I got into my car “Oh yeah J! Did I tell you about this new ting man is beating cuz?” Beezy said eagerly before I started the car and began to drive to Breezy’s house with Beezy telling me about his new explorations.

When I got home that evening after hanging out with Beezy I went into the living room and saw Kieran and Ella relaxing on the couch. “What’s up?” I sighed and said before I flung my college bag near my bedroom door, kicked off my trainers and sat on the couch next to Ella who had her feet up on the couch and was laying on Kieran. “What’s wrong with you?” Kieran said as he held Ella “Nothing” I mumbled, “Stop moaning man and tell me what’s wrong” Kieran said as he turned off the TV. “Hello! I was watching that” Ella tut and said before she got up and went to the kitchen. “Shut up man! And go put on some tracksuit bottoms no one wants to see your boy shorts” I teased Ella as she walked past me, “Shut up Jemmel!” Ella replied as she jokily pushed my head. “J what’s good with you?” Kieran asked again, “Nah it’s nothing man it’s just that I saw Zara and her new boyfriend today at college” “Pissed; what happened?” Kieran asked as he sat up to listen to me. “Nothing much really I was with Beezy just talking and she came over with her man and was talking to me and all I was thinking is why is she with this guy?” I said as I flung my arms up and down. “I can tell you why” Ella said as she came back into the living room with a bowl of Frosties. “Ahh here we go” I sighed heavily and said, “What? I’m trying to help you Jemmel, you want to know why she’s with him and I can tell you why” Ella said as she sat down in between me and Kieran. “Ok go on then” I said “She’s going out with him because she’s tired of waiting for you and Darryl isn’t like you” “How do you know his name?” I asked. “Yeah how do you know his name?” Kieran then asked “Because Zara and I talk to each other and...I was there the night they met each other” Ella said really quickly. “Ah Ell’s man why didn’t you try and cock block him or something” I said as I stood up and put my hands on my head. “Why would I do that?” Ella shrugged her shoulders and said. “You don’t like me do you? I knew it; Kieran you know the rule if my girlfriend doesn’t like you I have to break up with her and if your girlfriend doesn’t like me you have to break up with her. I have proof Ella don’t like me...” “First thing what kind of stupid rule is that?” “It was just a rule we came up with when we were like twelve babes” Kieran tried to explain “Yeah and it’s a long standing tradition” I added “Well technically cuz, you kind of broke the tradition when you kept seeing that girl that obliviously hated me” Kieran said to me “That’s because you kept saying her name wrong” I argued “You can’t have a silent B in your name it’s just odd and you broke the rule” Kieran argued back “I think we’re going a little bit off the point here guys. Secondly I do like you, I love you Jemmel; you’re like my brother that I always fight with and always messing around with but the reason why I didn’t even think about stopping Darryl was firstly because you were with Laila at the time and secondly because all you would have done is make Zara wait for you forever. She doesn’t deserve that and you know that” Ella said seriously as she stood up in front of me. “I know she doesn’t but....I don’t know man I’m just going to sleep it off maybe tomorrow will be a better day; I mean it will be my birthday” I said. “Yeah fam you’ve got a big day ahead of you tomorrow the big 2 0” Kieran said to try and excite me. “Yeah your right” I said as I turned around to go to my bedroom, just then Ella said “You know she still loves you right?” “I hope she still does because I know I still love her” I replied before I went into my room.

As I laid down in my room all I could think about was Zara and how I should’ve been real with her from back in the day and how I shouldn’t have followed Rodney and he’s stupid rules because the same rules that I followed has led me here; with just girls, after girls, and only one serious relationship which I messed up because I wanted someone else and I can’t even have her because I’m always guarding myself from being hurt. But yet I’m still hurting, but I do actually wish Rodney was here so I could get some advice but after me and Mum stopped visiting him he got moved to another prison and he never told the family where ‘I wonder what Rodney’s doing now’ I started to wonder before I fell asleep.

The next day was a much better day I was getting so much birthday cards, texts and kisses from so many girls; it was wonderful I wish everyday was my birthday. “Happy birthday JJ” Camille said as I walked by “Thank you” I replied as I kept on walking. “Oh Jemmel it’s your birthday today isn’t it?” a random girl said to me as I walked down the stairs to exit the college. “Yeah it is” I replied as I tried to think where have I seen this girl’s face before and I really wanted to remember because she was kind of cute. “Oh so it wasn’t yesterday phew! Happy birthday” she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek “Thanks Ali.....Sara....Anne” I said as I tried to remember her name. “Allison” “That’s what I said Alison” “Ok well I’ll see you tomorrow” Alison said as she continued to walk up the stairs as I walked downstairs towards the college exit, just then I heard somebody call my name. “Jemmel!” I then looked around to see who it was and when I saw who it was I just lost it “Rodney! Oh shit!” I shouted like I just saw Michael Jackson. “What’s good lil’ cuz? Come here man” Rodney said as he extended his arms out, I then walked over to him and gave him a big hug. “How you been big man?” Rodney asked as we stopped hugging, “I’ve been cool man” I said with a big smile I was so happy to see him. “This is so mad cuz I was just thinking about you the other day. Where have you been? How have you been?” I replied joyfully I just couldn’t believe it was him. It had been so long since I saw Rodney that I was just too happy to string a sentence together. “I’ve been cool you know cuz, I’ve been all about the place; its mad just all political but I’ve been out for a while now but I’m living in Kent now with the wife so I haven’t been around much you get me” “What? Rods has got a wifey, I can’t believe it” I said with a smile because I couldn’t believe it Mr player has got a wife; things must of really changed for Rodney. “Yeah man I got the lil wifey there she couldn’t come down because of work but don’t worry you’ll meet her soon I’m going to bring her down to Aunty V’s house to meet you guys” Rodney said. “Oh I don’t live at my Mum’s house no more I moved out like a year and a half ago” “What? JJ got his own place now, boy we’ve all grown up man” Rodney said while shaking his head from left to right as he thought about how things have changed. “Oh yeah I tried to call you a couple of times but you never answered my call” Rodney then said “Have you even got my new number? Because I’ve changed my number a few times in the last two years” I asked and said as I laughed a little “Yeah cuz. Your mum gave me your new number. Let me see your phone” Rodney asked. I then took out my phone and showed Rodney my phone call list “See! That’s my number there” Rodney said as he pointed at his number “How was I supposed to know?” “If you answered your phone then you would know fam” “Rods do you know how many chicks have got this line? I was thinking that it could be some old link trying to call me. You get me though cuz” I exclaimed “Yeah, yeah I hear that. But we need to catch up cuz I’m not going to be in London for too long so you need to tell me what else has been happening with you, show me the hot new places or we can go for a little drink” “I don’t mind cuz. We can go for a little drink or something at the Student Bar if you want too” I said to Rodney “Nah cuz that’s for you college man dem. Let’s go to this place I know” Rodney suggested “Alright cool. Where is it?” I said as me and Rodney started to walk down the road to where my car was parked. “There’s a nice little club that’s free to get in up the road from here we can go there and get some drinks” Rodney said as we stopped in front of my car. “What? How did you get this car?” Rodney said in shock as he looked on at my car. “You still doing your thing?” he continued to say with a little smirk, I just laughed a little and said “Nah cuz that was back in the day I stopped selling drugs time ago it wasn’t right, but it did help me pay for the car”. “Smart move cuz, smart move; I need to stop doing my thing for real, it’s getting mad out here some yout try stab up my bedrin the other day for some yay” Rodney said to which I just shook my head and smiled a little because he’s changed a little but he was still Rodney. We than got into my car and began to drive towards the club.

When we got to the club there was barely anybody in the queue so I thought the club was going to be boring. “Are you sure you want to go to this club cuz” I turned and said to Rodney before I went to queue up. “Cuz the club is alright believe me” Rodney replied, we then queued up in the line and went inside “What type of club has no lights on?” I said just then the lights came on and everyone yelled “SURPRISE!” and began singing happy birthday to me. “Ah shit!” was all I could say as I smiled uncontrollably because I was so surprised because there was so many people there to celebrate my birthday and there were a few ex-girlfriends there too which was a bigger surprise. “Happy birthday J” Trey said as he came and gave me a nudge. “Safe fam what you doing down here anyway I thought you were still in Oxford?” I replied, “I am still at Oxford but I’m going to be here for the weekend and I couldn’t miss my boys birthday party”. “Happy birthday JJ” Danielle said as she came up to me and gave me a big hug. “Thank you darling” I said as I hugged her back then I felt somebody tap me on my back. “Happy birthday baby boy” Zara said with a big hug “Thanks Zee but I thought you weren’t coming?” I said as I hugged her back. “I know I didn’t think I would of been able to make it but I changed my plans with Darryl so we could make it” Zara said as she stopped hugging me, I then saw Darryl walk up to us and put his arm over Zara’s shoulder and said “I’m glad we could make it to your party, me and Zee Zee will just go away for a break next week”. “Ok” I said as I thought to myself why is he mentioning going away with Zara he must be trying to piss me off. “Well I hope you guys have a good time I’m going to see who else is here” I then said as I began to walk off. “Ok I’ll see you later baby boy” Zara said as I walked away. “Wow that was awkward” Trey said as he put his arm around my shoulders, “Come on fam, let’s drink the pain away it’s your birthday” Trey continued to say as we walked over to the bar.

And as soon as I got a couple of drinks in my system I completely forgot Darryl and Zara were even at the party because I was partying hard! The boys and I were taking shots, drinking cocktails, popping champagne and just laughing and joking with each other all night, I was having so much fun. “Do you want to dance with me?” a pretty girl said to Trey as we sat at my birthday table, “Yeah of course sweetheart” Trey replied as he took her hand and went to the dance floor. “Gwarn Trey!” “AWHOO! AWHOO!” we all shouted like cavemen as he danced with the girl. “Ah man I’m tips I’m going to get some water and try to cool down” I said as I got up to go to the bar. When I went to the bar I noticed at the side of my eye that Zara was dancing with Darryl at the other side of the club, they were slow dancing with Darryl behind Zara with his face in her neck. As I looked on I saw her look up at me and then she grabbed hold of Darryl’s head and moved her neck slightly to the side so he could kiss her neck and as she did that she looked at me for at least 10 seconds she then shut her eyes and continued to dance with Darryl. ‘What the Fuck!’ I thought to myself as I couldn’t believe what I just saw “She’s been trying to make me jealous” I said quickly underneath my breath in shock. All this time she was actually trying to make me jealous and it was working, I just couldn’t believe it Zara was running game on me! I was just about to go over to her and to talk to her but I was stopped by a stunning girl, she was a tad bit shorter than me, had a cute face with high cheek bones, long straight black hair and she looked like a mix between Chinese and Black Caribbean and her body was crazy! I mean she had everything breast, bottom, legs, and even thighs and I love thighs but anyways she stepped in front of me and said “Excuse me I don’t really do this but I’m Sadie and I’ve seen you a few times tonight and I think you’re really good looking”. “Thanks” I said with a faint smile, “So what’s your name?” “Oh sorry I’m Jemmel” I said as I put out my hands to shake hers. “Oh so you’re the birthday boy I was wondering who’s birthday it was” Sadie said with a smile. “Well since it’s your birthday I feel obligated to buy you a drink” she continued to say. “Nah you don’t have too” “No I insist” “Well if you insist, one glass of Dom Pèrignon please” I said to the bartender. “Wow big drinker, I wasn’t expecting that” Sadie said and giggled. “Nah not at all but it’s my birthday so you know I have to have a good time” “That’s good to hear, so what do you do for yourself?” Sadie asked and with that we started to talk and laugh with each other for at least an hour until we were interrupted by Zara.

“What’s up J?” Zara said as she walked up to me and Sadie and stood next to me “Nothing much I was just talking to my friend Sadie” I replied. “Hi” Sadie waved and said to Zara, but Zara looked Sadie up and down quickly, smiled faintly and rudely said “You alright?” and from there I knew she was jealous because she knew Sadie was pretty and I was interested in her because I always give Zara my full attention anytime she was around me. But today was different I just couldn’t keep my eyes off Sadie plus after I realised that Zara has been trying to make me jealous all this time I just couldn’t really speak to her at that moment. “So Sadie do you want to dance?” I said “I would love too” I then took Sadie by her hand and we went to the dance floor and we started to slow dance with each other to Alicia Keys song No One. “So...Is that your ex-girlfriend?” Sadie asked as we danced. “Nah she’s just a long time friend” “Are you sure” Sadie said with a little smile as she looked into my eyes playfully to see if I was lying, “Yeah I’m positive” I replied. “Ok, she seemed a bit cold towards me, like I offended her by talking to her man” Sadie said. I then smiled just a little and said “Nah it’s nothing like that” and as I said that I could see Zara dancing with Darryl and she was looking over his shoulder at me and Sadie dancing. “So what do you and your friends have planned for the rest of the evening?” Sadie asked. “I have no idea, where probably going to go back to mine and continue the party there, do you want to come?” “If you’re inviting me” Sadie replied with a smile. “Yeah of course I’m inviting you, you could bring your friends as well” “I was hoping you were going to say that because it looks like my friend Chloe really likes your friend” Sadie said before she nodded her head over to where Trey and everyone else were sitting. “Is that your friend?” I asked as I turned around and saw Sadie’s friend Chloe sitting on Trey’s lap “Yeah that’s my friend” Sadie said with a faint smile as she looked slightly embarrassed. “Don’t be embarrassed she seems to like him” I said with a smile to reassure her that I didn’t think anything of her friend sitting on Trey’s lap. “Ok I just don’t want you to get the wrong impression” “Nah I don’t” I said to Sadie which made her smile Ok; well tell her what we’re doing and I’ll tell my friends and we’ll meet you guys outside” I said as I stopped dancing. “Ok I’ll see you outside” Sadie said with a cute smile before she pinched my chin and went over to her friend; and as I watched her walk away Zara came up behind me. “So are you having a good time JJ?” Zara said happily but when I looked at her I could see that she was faking it “Yeah I’m having fun, what about you?” I coldly replied. “Yeah me and Darryl are having a nice time, what are you going to do after this?” “I don’t know you know, I think I’m just going to go home and chill, tonight was crazy” I replied as I stretched my arms out as if I was tired. “Ah ok” Zara said looking a bit disappointed it was like she wanted me to invite her back to my house but after what I saw her do to me I just couldn’t let it go. “I told Chloe and I also told your friend Trey that we were going back to yours so we’ll meet you outside” Sadie said to me and when she did I could see the pain and anger in Zara’s eye’s “Sorry was I interrupting something?” Sadie said “Yes you were” Zara replied harshly. “I’m sorry about this Sadie could you just wait for me outside with my friend Trey and them” “Ok sorry” Sadie said again before she made her way outside to wait for me. “I can’t believe you, why did you JUST say that you weren’t doing anything after the party and you obviously are” Zara said angrily. “I don’t know, why did you look straight at me before you started to grab hold of Darryl’s head so he could kiss all over you?” I replied. “I didn’t do that” “You know you did Zara stop lying” “I...I...Whatever Jemmel go and have your fun with your little girls that’s what your best at” Zara said as she crossed her arms. “I will go and have fun with Sadie and you go have fun with your little girl who you can control because that’s all you like to do” I replied. “Firstly Darryl is NOT a little girl he’s all man and I don’t like to control anybody, you like to control people, you think you could just play games and make people wait around for you when all....” Zara said before she was interrupted by Darryl who came over to us “What’s going on with you two? You both seem a bit angry” Darryl said as he put his arm around Zara. “I’m cool fam” “Yeah me too” me and Zara replied just then Beezy came over. “Come on J man were all outside waiting for you” “Ok I’m coming now” I said to Beezy. “I’ll speak to you later” I then said to Zara before I started to walk off “Whatever” I heard her mutter as I walked away. “Is everything cool cuz?” Beezy said as we made our way out the club, I then looked back at Zara and saw her and Darryl hugging before I answered “Yeah I’m cool fam; let’s go party”.

The after party that night was cool we all stayed up to 6am in the morning just drinking, smoking and having fun and just in case if you were wondering, no me and Sadie didn’t have sex but we did sleep together but the most we did was hug each other. I couldn’t just argue with Zara and go sleep with another girl it felt like I would be cheating on her and yeah I do know that we weren’t together but I couldn’t help feeling that way. How did things get so complicated?

The next two weeks after that was rocky between me and Zara; one minute we were cool with each other the next minute we were arguing like a old married couple it was like we just couldn’t get along with each other and to make matters worse because I was now spending my time with Sadie that really pissed Zara off. Every time I wanted to speak to her she was always with Darryl which pissed me off so either way we just couldn’t win. But there was this one week where we all had a week off college except for Beezy because he never went college so he was always free but anyway Danielle’s Aunty was going away to Spain for a week and wanted Danielle to house sit while she was away so it was the perfect opportunity for a week get away for all of us. So we all went up to Kent to stay at Danielle’s Aunty house well when I say we all went up there I mean me, Kieran, Ella, Beezy, Danielle of course and Zara I wanted Sadie to come but because it was Danielle’s Aunty house I couldn’t just invite her without Danielle permission and I think Danielle didn’t want the partners there anyway because she didn’t invite Darryl either. “This is going to be so good a whole week of relaxing with my girls, staying up late, I can’t wait” Ella said excitedly as we all stepped out of the cars and grabbed our bags to bring into the house. “I know what I’m going to do as soon as I get myself settled in” Zara said “What’s that?” Danielle asked. “I’m going to get some much needed sleep; I really need to after having so much stress on my head for the last two weeks” Zara replied which made me look back at her. “What? I’ve been stressed with my exams” Zara then said to me “Whatever you say Zee” I replied before I turned back around and continued to walk into the house.

When we got in the house we put all our bags in the hallway and took a look around. Danielle’s Aunt’s house was BIG and when I say big I mean big; her house was three stories high she had four bedrooms for who knows what? Because she lived by herself, one box bedroom down stairs near the front door and the kitchen which was immaculate, she also had a small toilet downstairs opposite the first bedroom, on the second floor she had a bathroom, the living room which was so nice and two bedrooms which were a good size, one of the bedroom weren’t really a bedroom it had Danielle’s Aunt’s computer and books in there but also had a couch that could convert into a bed. On the third floor was the last two double bedrooms which had their own on-suite bathrooms; her house was amazing “What the hell does your Aunty do?” I asked Danielle. “I have no idea my Mum and Aunt barely talk to each other and every time I do come here me and my Aunt are always just bussing joke so I never really get to ask her” Danielle replied. “Who’s this in the picture?” Zara said as she picked up and looked at a picture “That’s my Aunty and her boyfriend” Danielle said as she looked at the picture; Beezy then went over to look at the picture. “Oi he looks like some gangster” Beezy said and laughed. “Hey you man that’s how Danielle’s Aunty got this place her man is selling that yayo” Beezy continued to say. “Shut up Shawn” Danielle said as she hit Beezy in his chest. “Come here man” Beezy said as he grabbed Danielle around the waist and squeezed her. “You guys play too much, me and Ella are going to find a room to put all our stuff in” Kieran said as he and Ella picked up their bags and made their way upstairs. “Hey me and Beeze have got the first two rooms we called it in the car” I shouted to Kieran as he went upstairs. “Whatever nigga!” Kieran shouted back which made me laugh. “Hey J you know our rooms are going to be the new bachelor pad for the week” Beezy said. “You dun know!” I said happily as I gave him a low five “What about Sadie Jemmel?” Zara asked to get a reaction. “What about her, do you need to know? Because as far as I’m concerned she’s MY business” I replied. “OK! I’m going to put my stuff in my room” Beezy then said to stop an argument from erupting but it was too late. “I’m just asking you a question, why are you being rude for?” Zara said as she stepped closer towards me. “I’m gone I’ll see you guys later” Beezy said as he picked up his bag and walked towards the stairs. “Yeah me too, they’re going to need a moment” Danielle said as she grabbed her bag and quickly followed Beezy upstairs. “How am I being rude? I think your being rude about asking me about my business, do I ask you about Darryl?” I said angrily. “No you don’t but you don’t need to ask about Darryl because he’s MY business and you don’t have any right to ask me about my business” “So don’t ask me about mine”. “I was just asking you a normal question about your girl and I was just looking out for her” Zara replied. “Why are you looking out for her?” I asked “Because I don’t want to see her get hurt” Zara said which made me laugh a little. “Whatever Zara, I’m sure you’re really concerned” I said sarcastically which really pissed her off and I only did that because I knew it would piss her off and it always did. “Why do you always do that? Ergh!” Zara said before she walked off in a huff down to the first bedroom which made me win the argument but it was a bittersweet victory.

The next four days were the same after that I would win some arguments and Zara would win some it was becoming like a game; I even think Beezy and Kieran were even betting each other who would win every time we argued. Because I caught them one time exchanging money but when I asked them what’s going on they came up with some crappy answer “Fam I say you two should just sex and get the frustration out of the way” Beezy said casually as he laid on his bed. “What?” I replied “You heard what I said nigger” Beezy replied which made me and Kieran laugh. “You’re a joker B, you know Zara’s got a man” Kieran said. “So? You act like that will stop her, you know J’s got that magic over her” Beezy said as he sat up, “Shut up man” I said jokily to Beezy. “Whatever man you know I’m right” Beezy said as he stood up and stretched his body. “Where are you going?” Kieran asked. “I’m going to go out with Danielle to the shop” Beezy said as he walked to the bedroom door. “What? Are you trying to get close to my school sweetheart” I said jokily to Beezy. “Shut up man, she may have been your school sweetheart but I got something sweeter for her” Beezy said as he whined his waist which made me and Kieran burst out in laughter. “Alright then B will see you later” “Laters B” me and Kieran said as Beezy left the room. “So where’s Ells?” I asked Kieran as I sat down on my bed. “She’s in the room upstairs sleeping, she’s been sick for the last few days and she’s been stinking out the bathroom with her vomit” Kieran replied as he turned on the TV. “What since she came?” “I don’t even know you know fam, I think she just ate something mad when we went out the other night; I told her don’t fuck with the seafood but she doesn’t want to listen” Kieran said. “That’s women for you cuz” “I know J, I know” Kieran replied while he shook his head from left to right. “Hey K have you seen my phone?” I asked as I patted the bed to see if my phone was on there. “The last time I saw your phone you had it downstairs in the kitchen” Kieran replied casually as he watched TV. “Ah Shit! I think I left it on the dining table or in the conservatory” I said as I got up “Go get it then” Kieran said as he continued to watch TV. “I’m going man, I’m going” I said before I left.

When I left the room I went downstairs to check the living room which was in a bit of mess and looked for my phone in there but it wasn’t “Shit!” I said to myself before I went into the room I was sleeping in and looked around in there but I still couldn’t find it, I then went down to the kitchen and looked around in there but the kitchen was so tidy that if my phone was in there I would have seen it. Just then I heard someone come in the house, when I went to take a look to see who it was I saw that it was Zara and she was talking to somebody on my phone. “Who are you talking to?” I said sounding slightly angry as I walked up to her; Zara then put her hand over the phone receiver and said “It’s Sadie, she’s been worried about you because you haven’t called her all week and you’re lucky I found your phone it was in the car under the seat” I then calmed down and whispered. “Thank you” to Zara as I took my phone away from her and started to speak to Sadie. “You alright Sadie?” “Yeah I’m cool just wondering how you’re doing. And if you’re having a good time without me?” Sadie said; I then looked at Zara who was still standing there just listening to me I then turned around and said “I’m having a alright time but it would have been better if you were here” “There’s the player voice again I thought you’d grown out of that by now” Zara said as she rolled her eyes and she shook her head in disbelief before she turned around to go into her room. “Hold on one minute Sadie” I said before I held Zara by her arm before she went into her room. “Hey Zara wait” I said just before Zara was about to go into her room “What J?” Zara replied as her shoulders slumped down as if she was tired of talking to me, I then put my hand over the phone receiver so Sadie couldn’t hear what I was about to say. “I’m not a player no more Zee, I’ve changed seriously you got to believe me” “Why should I? You’re always going to be a dog Jemmel and I’m fine with it now. It’s taken a long time to get used to it but I have” “That’s not who I am anymore Zee, I’m still that same person you grew up with, the same person you can call anytime, I still will do anything for you and I still feel and meant what I said when I gave you that chain” I said as I pulled out the chain that I gave to Zara which was underneath her vest top. “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice that you were wearing it” I then said as I held the pendant with the tip of my fingers “I knew you would see it...” Zara stopped and said. “Why?” I asked, “Because it means the world to me and I never take it off” Zara replied as she looked into my eyes, just then I heard Sadie shouting on the phone. “Hello! Hello! Hello Jemmel are you there?” “Yeah, Yeah I’m here” I said to Sadie. “I’ll speak to you later baby boy” Zara said with a cute smile before she slowly closed her bedroom door. “I don’t like it when she calls you baby boy J” Sadie said loudly down the phone. “It’s nothing though she’s my girl init so she can call me baby boy if she wants” I replied. “No I’M YOUR GIRL! And she shouldn’t be calling you baby boy because you’re not her man” Sadie shouted down the phone “Wait a minute who you shouting at? Listen here Sadie...” and with that we were into full mode arguing for the next two hours.

Later on that night we all got together for our last night at Danielle’s Aunts house. We went out earlier in the day and brought some drinks and some alcohol and got some weed from some weird white guy but it was good weed though. Anyway we laid down a big blanket in front of the couch so we could all sit together, we ordered two large pizza’s and hot wings so we could eat when the munchies kicked in; we also plugged up Kieran’s iPod to Danielle’s Aunt stereo system which was a brand new Technics stereo system that easily cost over a grand in the stores and we all sat down and talked and bust joke all night. “I remember when you had that Naf Naf jacket you thought you were so big” Kieran said as he laughed. “Arrhh! K man, why are you trying to expose me for?” I replied as I hid my face in embarrassment as everyone laughed at me “Actually you know what that jacket was big, why am I getting embarrassed for? I remember when you had your long hair and that bum fluff you called a beard” I said. “Oh yeah don’t remind me I hated that” Ella said as she laid on Kieran. “You know you loved it” Kieran said as he held Ella tighter. “No I didn’t I actually hated it, I’m so glad you cut it all off” Ella replied. “I’m glad you don’t keep your hair frizzy no more” Kieran said “Ah!” me and Danielle laughed and shouted at the same time. “Be quiet you know you loved my hair” Ella said as she thumped Kieran on his leg. “I know, I know I was just joking” Kieran said as he gave Ella another squeeze and kiss her on her forehead. “Aw how sweet?” Danielle said to Kieran and Ella “Be quiet Dan you and Mr McDirt was just as sweet as us when you two went out with each other” Ella replied. “What? You and Jemmel went out with each other? When did you two go out each other?” Zara asked as she turned and looked at Danielle “Beef!” Beezy shouted “Shh!” I said to Beezy. “It was back in the day Zee and J and I were only four-teen at the time it was no big deal really” Danielle said to Zara. “So why did you guys break up?” Zara asked “We just broke up init” I said, “No Jemmel a bit more happened for us to break up” Danielle said. “Yeah but it’s long to get into” I said which made Kieran laugh “Why you laughing for Kieran?” Zara asked, “Nothing, nothing” Kieran replied while sniggering. “Now I definitely want to know what happened.” Zara turned and said to Danielle “Well Jemmel and I were going out at the time and I thought everything was cool you know we used to hang with each other, he was sweet to me, we used to study together sometimes so I thought everything was cool between us. Until I went to some house party and saw him with some other girl going up the stairs to the bedroom; I was so angry but me being young and stupid at the time instead of blaming him I had a big fight with the girl outside while he was apparently and I don’t know if it’s true but he was with ANOTHER girl in the room upstairs doing God knows what and then he broke up with me the next day” Danielle explained and when she did Zara turned to look at me and Kieran and then we all started to burst out into uncontrollable laughter leaving Beezy, Danielle and Ella all confused as to what we were all laughing at. “I don’t get it” Ella said “Me neither, what’s so funny?” Danielle then asked “Umm nothing it’s just that Jemmel’s such a dog!” Zara replied “What?” I said looking confused because I couldn’t believe Zara was putting it all on me as if I wasn’t in the room with her. “Yeah you are?” Zara then said as she looked at me to just agree so we can move on from this conversation so I just nodded my head in agreement so we could move on. “Anyways I’m going bed” Beezy said as he stood up and stretched his body like a bear that’s just woken up from hibernation “Yeah me too” Danielle said in excitement as she got up and put on her dressing gown. “Where did you get that from Dan?” Beezy asked Danielle “Wouldn’t you like to know” Danielle said sweetly as she wrapped her gown around herself daintily and tightly. “Yeah I would, come show me where you got it from” Beezy said as he put his arm around Danielle shoulders and pulled her closer to him which made her giggle. “Ok calm down Shawn” she then said to Beezy as she put her arm around his waist “Goodnight guys” Danielle then said before her and Beezy left the living room and went upstairs. “Are Beezy and Danielle together?” Zara asked us “I don’t know but looks like they’re spending the night together” Kieran said and laughed which made us all laugh, just then Ella held her stomach and said “Babes I think I’m going to go bed too my stomach is starting to hurt me again and I think I’m going to be....” she then quickly got up and ran out the room to the nearest toilet. “Oh shit, not again” Kieran said before he got up and ran after Ella “Is it me or do you think that Ella could be...” Zara said and stopped as she looked at me to see if I thought the same thing “Nah, nah” we both then said at the same time as we shook our heads at the thought of it “It would be crazy if she was though”. “Yeah it would be but I think they’ll be alright I mean they’re a strong couple” “Yeah your right, do you see yourself having any kids soon?” “No! I just turned 20 I’m not looking to have no kids for a while and I’m not in a strong enough relationship yet to have a child” I replied. “Ok so you don’t consider Sadie as the baby mother type?” Zara asked “Err Nah! So what about you? I mean you and Darryl have been together for a while and you two seem happy, do you think you guys will have children together?” I asked but Zara just looked at me to say ‘Come on, are you serious?’ “What? You’re acting like I just asked a stupid question; he’s your man in it? So I’m ASSUMING you see yourself with him for a while” I then said “Yeah he is my man but...” “...Yeah he’s your man but; what?” “But sometimes I think he’s more into this relationship then I am” Zara said before she reached over to the table and poured herself a glass of Rosé. “And why do you think that is?” I asked as I poured myself a glass. “You know why” Zara said as she laughed a little, “But it is what it is” she then said as she blinked slowly as if she was tired but she wasn’t, she was just getting tipsy and as I drank my glass of Rosé I felt myself getting tipsy as well but that didn’t stop us from drinking more alcohol. We than sat in silence for about five minutes just drinking until I muttered “I need you Zee” “What did you just say?” Zara replied I then got up from where I was sitting and sat next to Zara who was sitting at the end of the couch with her feet up; I lifted up her legs and put them on my lap so I could be closer to her. Zara then took a deep in breath in and out and then softly said “What did you say?” I then did the same as her and said, “I need you Zara” but she didn’t reply she just looked at me and her eyes gleamed as she stared at me. She then quietly said “Why?” “Because I love you, I’ve always loved you ever since we were little I’ve had feelings for you and every time I’m around you nothing else matters, I don’t have a care in the world when were together and I know you feel the same” “How do you know that?” Zara asked. “Ok then tell me that you don’t feel the same way and I won’t say anything more” I said as I moved my face closer towards hers “Jemmel man” Zara said as she tried to look away from me. “Tell me that you don’t love me and I’ll back away” I said as I moved closer and was now face to face with her and looking at her straight into her eyes; I could feel Zara breathing slowly but heavily as if she was panting “Jay..” “Yeah Zee” I said with a slight grin because as I flicked my nose against her nose I noticed Zara was biting her bottom lip so I knew she felt the same. “Jay” Zara whispered “Yeah Zee” “I...I...I can’t do this” Zara said as she closed her eyes, I then leant back and just slumped my head “I’m sorry”. “There’s no need for you to be sorry, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said all that. Blame it on the juice” I said with a smile as I picked up the two empty bottles of Rosé. “But I do...” “It’s nothing Zee believe me” I said as I interrupted Zara; “Can you get the empty boxes of pizza and turn off Kieran’s iPod please” I then said as I began to leave the room.

As we walked downstairs to the kitchen me and Zara were quiet we didn’t say a single word to each other, even when we were in the kitchen together cleaning up we even tried to avoid any unnecessary eye contact. After we cleaned up the kitchen Zara walked towards her room before she turned and said “Goodnight baby boy” “Goodnight Zee and I’m sorry again for tonight” I said to Zara as she stood in her doorway. “You don’t have to be sorry you were just saying how you feel” Zara replied “Yeah how I feel, just wish it was mutual” I muttered and said with a faint smile because I was hurt “Anyways night Zee” I said before I leaned in to give Zara a kiss on the cheek but she turned her face towards me and we kissed accidently or so I thought. “What was that?” I said in shock “I...I...I love you Jay and you know I love you” Zara said with so much emotion it was like she drew every piece of emotion that she had in her body to say that. I then smiled and moved closer to Zara she then bit the bottom of her lip which I loved when she did that before we kissed each other softly, then we kissed again but with more passion, and then I put my hand on her cheek and gently stroked her face as we kissed with love. Zara then dragged me into her room and started to unbutton my jeans and I did the same to her. I then kissed her down to the bed and pulled off my t-shirt and she took her shirt off so I was now naked on top and Zara only had her silk red bra on, I then took off her jeans and saw that she had matching French knickers which looked so sexy, I then unbuttoned my jeans and wriggled out of them until they dropped on the floor. I then easily step out of them, Zara then began to feel on my chest and arms before she pulled me on top of her and as I laid on her; I started to kiss her neck softly and bite her neck which made Zara moan and wine her hips slowly and stroke my back “Aw Jemmel I love you so much” I then began to kiss her chest and then I slowly moved down kissing her down to her naval as she laid back and enjoyed it. I then kissed in between her inner thighs, and behind her knee as I stroked her other thigh which made Zara breath in heavily and say “Aw Jemmel!” before she bit her lip, she held her chest and started to play with herself “Do you like that?” I said before I kissed behind Zara knee again which made her jerk a little “Yeah but it makes me tingle when you do that” Zara said with a smile I then came back up and laid on Zara and looked into her eyes “I love you so much” “Is it?” Zara said cheekily as she looked back at me. “Yeah I do” “Then show me” Zara whispered into my ear, she then gave me the softest kiss ever, gazed into my eyes for a slight moment before I slowly pushed myself forward into her which made her eyes and her mouth widen, she took a deep breath in as her eyes rolled back before she closed her eyes and screamed “AW! Jemmel!” as she gripped her nails into my back.

When I woke in the morning Zara was sleeping with her head on my chest, and as I looked at her she looked so amazingly beautiful just like an angel. As the light crept in from the window through the blinds onto her face I just laid there just thinking how special she was and how lucky I am to finally have her in my arms again; and as I thought of how happy we could be together her eyes started to flicker as she slowly started to wake up “Morning Zee” I said to Zara as I stroked her hair, Zara then looked up at me slowly as her eyes began to focus on me and when her eyes fully opened she said “Oh my god!” as she quickly got up while grabbing the covers to cover up her body. “What? What’s wrong?” I said as I got up “Oh my god! I can’t believe this is happening” Zara then said as she looked around the room for clothes; she then found her jeans and bra which were on the floor next to each other next to the bed, put them on quickly and said “I can’t believe we did that last night” “Why not? You didn’t seem too bothered about it last night when you were scratching up my back” I replied jokily. “I was drunk” Zara snapped at me as she paced up and down the room “You weren’t that drunk, and I never started all this, remember you kissed me first”. “Yeah. Yeah. But that was only after you did what you did in the living room” Zara said as she walked around the bed and started pointing her finger at me. “And could you please put on some boxers or something” Zara then said as she turned away from me “Oh shit!” I said as I realised I was still naked I then quickly found my boxers; put them on and then hugged Zara from behind while asking “What’s wrong? I thought everything was alright between us now” “No. Why would you think that?” Zara said as she brushed me off her. “Because we told each other how we felt about each other” “Yeah and?” “I can’t believe I’m doing this again” I said to myself because I was starting to get frustrated “You said I love you Jay and you know I love you. Did you not mean that?” I said but Zara didn’t reply she just crossed her arms and looked away. “Did you mean what you said last night?” I asked again but she still didn’t reply “Zara! Did you mean what you said to me last night?” I shouted a little but Zara still didn’t answer. “Zara!” I shouted “Yes! Yes! I meant every word I said last night” Zara screamed at me as she flung her arms down in frustration and tears rolled from her eyes. “Then why is there still a problem?” I asked “Because I have a boyfriend already, who looks after me, who cares for me and is always there for me when I need him and I cheated on him and he doesn’t deserve that but it happened and it’s all because I love you” Zara said before she sat down on the bed and cried. “I’m sorry Zara, I’m sorry that Darryl has to get hurt but I love you and isn’t that all that matters, that we love each other” I asked as I sat next to Zara with my arm around her shoulder. “No! That’s not all what matters when there’s other people involved. For fuck sake Jemmel you can be so selfish at times” Zara shouted as she brushed me off again and stood up so she could be away from me. “I can be selfish? I can be selfish?” I asked as I pointed at myself “Yes you can be selfish” “How the FUCK can I be selfish when all I ever do is bend over backwards for you?” I shouted. “You don’t bend over backwards for me” Zara argued “I don’t bend over backwards for you? Is that what you’re saying?” “Yes that is what I’m saying” Zara replied as she stepped into my face. “Alright then Zee, who picks up your photography work every Friday and has them developed for you?” I asked “You but...” “Nah, Nah, Nah let me finish. Who do you call every time when you have an argument with your mum? And drops everything that they’re doing to always be there for you” “You but...” “No I’m not finished! And who not only messed up his relationship with a good girl but was there at every gallery show you did. And you don’t even bother think about it because we both know that was me too and you’re trying to call me selfish when I do everything I can for you!” I shouted as I looked at Zara straight into the eyes as she looked back at me. “Look; I’m sorry for shouting but Zara I love you and I’m asking you to please be with me” I said calmly as I held Zara by the waist “I love you but I just can’t do this to Darryl” Zara whispered. “So are you telling me you’re picking Darryl over me?” I asked Zara but she didn’t reply she just looked at me as tears started to roll down her cheeks again and for some weird reason I knew her answer. I then took a deep breath in and out and said “Ok” as I let go of her waist and started to grab all my clothes that were on the floor. “I’m sorry Jemmel I just....” “Nahh! I don’t care Zara you made your choice; I’m cool just leave me alone” I said as I put on my jeans. “But JJ” Zara cried as she ran to the front door to try and stop me from leaving the room “What you doing?” I said as I walked up to the door “Please J just listen to me” Zara said as she continued to cry. “No! You always do this to me so just let me leave Zara” I said as I tried to get pass her “No not until you listen to me” “Zara let me go” I said as I continued to try to get passed her without hurting her. “No J please; just listen to me” Zara cried out as she grabbed me around my waist which triggered something in my heart and I began to feel my eyes fill with tears. “Zara please I’m begging you let me go” I said slowly as I tried to fight back the tears; Zara then slowly let go of me, moved over to the side so she wasn’t blocking the door. I then open the door while holding my t-shirt and was just about to leave then Zara said “Don’t you even want to hear what I have to say?” I then turned around slowly and said “I already told you I don’t care Zara you made your choice” and as soon as I said that Zara’s face began to go pale as if the life had been drained out of her body I then turned around and went upstairs to my room.

The rest of the day me and Zara never spoke to each other, actually we never said nothing to each other on the journey back to London. It was weird but it was for the best. We’ve been going through this emotional ride for so long now that I think we were both just tired of the fighting, the arguments, the misunderstandings and most of all the games that we’ve been playing. When we finally arrived in London Beezy and Danielle said their goodbyes before Beezy drove Danielle home and I drove Zara to her house. “Thanks for the lift J” Zara said “It’s cool” I replied coldly Zara then sighed a little before she said “Ok well Bye Kieran, Bye Ell’s” “See you later Zee” Kieran turned and said “Bye babes” Ella said as she gave Zara a big hug. “Don’t worry, ok hun” Ella then said as she let go of Zara to which Zara smiled faintly and nodded her head quickly saying yes. Zara then got out of the car and began to walk towards her front door “I’m not even going to say anything because you know you should be out there right now talking to her” Ella said to me I then looked at Kieran and he just shrugged his shoulders which I hated when he did that because that was his way of saying ‘I don’t know what to do, but you know what to do’ I then kissed my teeth as I got out of the car quickly to catch up to Zara. “Hey Zara wait!” I shouted as I walked up to her “Yes Jemmel” Zara said with a sigh as she turned around “I’m sorry about this week, I know it’s been emotional” “Your telling me” Zara muttered as she rolled her eyes. “I know, I know but I just want us to be cool with each other again, because even though I said I don’t care you know I still do and even though you’re with Darryl and we slept to......” “I knew you’ll be home by now” Darryl said as he walked up from behind me and grabbed hold of Zara to give her a big hug. “Darryl. What you doing here babes?” Zara said nervously as Darryl let go of her “I came over to see you babe, I just missed you so much” Darryl replied as he gave Zara another big hug and a kiss on the cheek “So tell me about your week. Did anything special happen?” Darryl asked, Zara then looked at me for a few seconds before she replied “Nah babes nothing special happened” she then turned back to Darryl and gave him a passionate soft kiss on the lips. “Well your home now; so I’m going to go now” I said as I began to walk back to the car. “Thanks for the lift J” “Yeah thanks for dropping her home Jemmel” Darryl and Zara shouted as I walked away “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah whatever” I replied as I threw up a peace sign and continued walking. When I got back to the car Kieran and Ella were really quiet and as I started the car I saw that Ella was just about to say something until I interrupted “Please don’t say anything I just want to go home in peace” Ella than sat back and made a hand gesture over her mouth to say that she was zipping it shut and throwing away the key.

When we got home Kieran and Ella went straight to their room to go sleep but I wanted to stay up and just watch some comedy to relax my mind. I was watching a good episode of Scrubs and was finally starting to wind down until I heard the door knock “Ah! Who is this? It’s like 1.30am in the morning” I said to myself as I looked at my watch; I then got up to answered the door to see that it was Sadie who was knocking and she was looking dangerous she definitely had an motive for being at my house this late and she was wearing a long black trench coat with black patent leather high heels on “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” Sadie said seductively. “Of course I am” I replied with a faint smile because really I wasn’t in the mood for this I mean it’s nice of her to do this and she is looking sexy but I just weren’t in the mood. I then went back to the living room to sit down so I could watch Scrubs with Sadie following me whilst still wearing her coat and heels “Aren’t you happy to see me?” Sadie asked as she sat next to me while stroking my hair “Yeah mans happy to see you still” I replied while still watching TV. “Then why don’t you show me?” Sadie said as she undid the buttons on the bottom of her coat and sat on my lap front ways, she then undid the top half of her coat to reveal that she was wearing a pink corset with black silky trimmings around the top and a black ribbon in between the breast area and matching knickers. “Do you like it?” Sadie said with a smile “Um mm” I hummed, Sadie then began to kiss my neck softly she then held my hands and put them on her breast “Sadie...” “Yeah baby” she whispered before she nibbled on my earlobe “Sadie I...I...I’m tired” I said as I looked up at the ceiling hoping she would get off me and I know that’s cold but I had a rough week. “Don’t worry babe I’ll do all the work all you have to do is lay back” Sadie replied as she continued to kiss me “But I...” “But nothing Jemmel I want to take care of you” Sadie looked at me and pouted “Ok” I said with a sigh, Sadie then got down on her knees, lifted up my top and started to softly kiss my stomach. “I’m going to give you something special” Sadie said as she licked her lips she then undid my belt buckle, she was just about to undo my jeans until I casually said “I already had something special this week” which made Sadie look up at me with anger and confusion “What did you say?” “I said I already had something special this week” I answered. “Oh My Gosh. This nigger wants me to kill him inside this house” Sadie angrily said as she stood up and started to walk around a little “Sorry my hearing must be messed up, did you just say that you ALREADY had something special this weekend? Or am I going mad?” Sadie asked and as I looked at her it was like I could see the anger boiling up inside of her but I still casually answered “Nah you heard me right the first time” now I know I was being a total super prick for saying what I said, but I did say I was tired but she didn’t want to listen so this was the only way to get her to stop. I know it wasn’t the smartest thing to say but I did which made Sadie so mad that she then turned away from me, took ten deep breaths in and out, turned back around to face me and just lunged herself at me “You fucking bastard! How could you do that to me?” Sadie screamed as she fought me. “I’m sorry, I fucked up and I know I fucked up” I said as I tried to grab Sadie’s hands to restrain her. “I hate you Jemmel! I fucking hate you!” Sadie screamed as she continued to fight me just then Kieran came out of his room “What’s happening man?” Kieran said as he wiped the sleep from his eyes. “Cuz get this mad chick off me!” I shouted at Kieran “Oh shit!” Kieran said as he hurried over to restrain Sadie; he then put his arms around her and held onto her. “Aaaaaahh! Get off me! ” Sadie screamed “What’s going on?” Ella said as she came out of the room wearing her Winnie the Pooh nightdress and a tattered head scarf around her head; she then looked at me sitting on the couch and at Kieran restraining Sadie. “I know you want to say something so just say it” I said to Ella but Ella just did the same hand gesture she did in the car she zipped her mouth close, threw away the key and went back into the bedroom whilst closing the door behind her. “Get off me Kieran!” Sadie shouted “Are you sure? You’re not going to attack again, are you?” Kieran asked “No I’m not going to attack him again so let go of me” Sadie yelled. Kieran then let go of Sadie, she then picked up her coat and said “We’re done Jemmel you fucking arsehole!” before she stormed out the house in her underwear. “What was that all about cuz?” Kieran asked “I don’t know probably because I would let her go down on me” I replied casually Kieran then laughed a little and said “Ok then J I guess you’re going to tell me tomorrow” “Yep” I said as I tried to find a plus one channel so I could watch the last episode of Scrubs that I missed. “Alright then night fam” Kieran said as he went back into his room “Night K” I said as I watched TV.

“That was so funny that night” “Why was that funny Kier?” “Because you had a half naked girl fighting you in the living room, you can’t tell me that isn’t funny” “Alright maybe it was a little bit funny but she would have tried to kill me if you never came K” “I know fam, believe me I know” “So how come Beezy isn’t driving today Kieran?” “Because he left his car at Danielle’s and he couldn’t be bothered to go and get it” “This guy, look at him” “Hey Beezy! Cross the road man its long parking over there”.

“Hey you man cool? Yes Marly looking smart and look at the groom looking sweet as usual” “Allow me man” “I’m just playing with you J, but you look smart though. Are you ready for today?” “Yeah I’m ready” “He isn’t ready he’s been talking about back in the day with him, Zara, and Sadie”. “Oh yeah I remember Sadie she tried to kill you, that was bare joke” “Why does everyone think that’s funny?” “Because it is”. “Yeah I can’t even lie J, Kieran’s right that was mad funny” “Whatever man Kieran can we drive please” “Alright calm down” “If you want to talk old school I tell you who I remember your little sweetheart Ah! You over loved that girl”. “Who you talking about Beeze?” “Kieran are you trying to tell me that you don’t remember J’s sweetheart? Look at him all quiet like he doesn’t remember”. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Beeze” “So why are you looking away for J? Ah Beeze remind me please”. “Marly man, Jemmel’s sweetheart the girl that he would dump us for in a second” “Oh yeahhhhh! Lauren. Oh shit! How could I forget? You loved that chick I’m surprised that you aren’t marrying her” “You joker but I can’t even lie I would have wanted to”. “That’s how I know he loved that chick she was a bad bitch though I can’t lie. Is she coming today?” “Yeah” “So we’re going to have Lauren at your wedding oh shit this is going to be good” Damn they remembered Lauren, but really how could they forget actually how could I forget, I did love that girl a lot; Beezy is right though she is a bad bitch.

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