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New Times

It had been a crazy eight months, I finished college, got a promotion at work so I was now a Senior Web Designer which was quite good for my age it also meant that I got paid a really good salary and on top of that I was trying to start my own Web designing company so I was really busy. It was also a hectic eight months for Kieran and Ella because Kieran was trying to find a job in his profession which wasn’t easy, they both were arguing a lot, and Ella had to take a year out of university because she was six and a half months pregnant. “Good morning people” I said happily as I came out of my bedroom and went into the living room “Morning J” “Hmmm” Kieran and Ella replied grumpily as they sat on the couch watching The Jeremy Kyle Show. “Alright I got two questions for you two” I said as I stood in the kitchen doorway. “What’s that?” Kieran replied “First question is. Why are you both so grumpy this morning? And second question is why are you watching this crappy show?” “I don’t know it’s just on init” Kieran replied as he shrugged his shoulders. “Look at him all up in the white boy’s face, I bet if that was a black man he wouldn’t do that” I said as I watched the show. “Stop being stupid man, he has black people on the show as well” “But are they REAL black people though K? Be honest cuz. Are they black people? Or REAL man dem?” I said with confidence because I knew what Kieran was about to say “Your right you know cuz” Kieran said as he turned the channel over. “Hey I was watching that” Ella wined before she got up and brushed pass me to go into the kitchen to get a glass of water. “Rah! What’s wrong with you this morning?” I asked Ella “You’re what’s wrong with me this morning” Ella said as she came back into the living room to sit down while holding her stomach. “What did I do?” I said as I shrugged my shoulders just then Kayla came out of my room wearing my Nike jumper and her knickers “Morning JJ” Kayla said as she came over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Morning babes, do you want some breakfast?” “Yeah that would be nice” Kayla said as she held me around my waist as we stood in the kitchen doorway. “Cool there’s eggs in the fridge, the bread over there in the bread bin and the beans are in the cupboard on the right and I don’t like too much yolk in my eggs please” I replied; Kayla then tut and went into the kitchen to make me and her some breakfast. “You got it like that?” Kieran asked “Yeah cuz, mans got it like that” I said happily as I gave Kieran a high five while still looking into the kitchen hoping that Kayla wouldn’t see me. “Kieran!” Ella said as she hit him on his shoulder “What?” “Stop encouraging him” “I’m not I’m just showing my boy some love” Kieran replied. “Well don’t. Remember it was him and his girlfriend that was keeping us up all night” Ella said to Kieran while she snapped her neck at me. “Oh yeah” Kieran said as he turned to look at me “Babes would you like an omelette instead?” Kayla asked as she hugged me from behind “Yeah that would be nice thank you” I replied before I turned to kiss Kayla on her forehead, she then turned around and went back into the kitchen while me and Kieran watched as she swayed her bottom from left to right as she walked away. “Can you blame me though K?” I said with a big smile while nodding my head up and down, Kieran then smiled a huge smile I knew he wanted to say no but he couldn’t because Ella was next to him just waiting for him to say something wrong so he just shrugged his shoulders which made me laugh. “Anyway don’t you have to get ready for your interview soon?” Ella asked Kieran “Oh yeah I need to get ready now” Kieran said as he got up “Who’s your interview for?” “For some company called Regal International Limited I’m applying for the Trainee Recruitment Consultant position. And I know what you’re thinking and I know I haven’t done nothing like that before but I got to start somewhere” “So what about your fashion? I thought you were going to have you own clothing line” I said. “I did want to have my own clothing line and maybe one day that will happen but what can I do? Things change” Kieran said with a faint smile before he went into the bathroom I then looked at Ella and she was looking down at the floor so I went over to sit with her. “Are you alright?” I asked “Yeah I’m fine” Ella replied as she looked up at me. “What about K? Is he cool?” “Mmm he’s been a bit upset lately about everything I mean we both have; but like he just said things change. We just have to get on with it and make things work” Ella said as she sat back on the couch. “True but you know everything’s going to be ok? And you know I’m always here to help? Or baby sit if you need me” I said to make Ella smile. “I know you’ll always be here McDirt, I can never get rid of you” Ella said jokily as she rested her head on my shoulder. “You joker” I said with a little laugh “Here’s your breakfast JJ” Kayla said as she carried hers and my food into the living room “Aw babe didn’t you make nothing for Ell’s? That’s cold man. She’s pregnant you know” I said to Kayla “Aw I’m sorry I just wasn’t thinking” I then tut and sighed before I said “The only right thing to do now is to let her have your breakfast, I mean we can’t let the baby starve can we?” I said as I put my arm around Ella. “Nah it’s alright. Me and the baby we’ll just have to have cereals” Ella sulked “No don’t do that; have my breakfast I don’t mind” Kayla said as she gave her plate to Ella “Are you sure?” Ella asked “Yeah I’m sure, I’ll have cereals” “Thanks babes” I said to Kayla as I ate my breakfast. “It’s ok” Kayla said with a giggle and a cheery smile before she went back into the kitchen, “Oh yeah could you pour me some Orange juice please” I shouted to Kayla “Ok baby” she replied. “Where do you find these girls?” Ella said as she ate Kayla’s breakfast “I have no idea” I laughed and said as I switched over the channel back to The Jeremy Kyle Show “Mm she can cook though” Ella said as she enjoyed her omelette. “I know, she’s a trainee Chef” I replied “I thought she studied Product Design?” “Nah that’s Nicola” “I thought Nicola did Journalism?” “Nah your thinking of Louise, actually that reminds me I need to call that girl” I said before I continued eating my breakfast. “It’s so hard keeping up with all these girls” Ella said “Nah it’s not that hard, Nicola is my little freak get me and she’s doing things with herself, now Kayla she’s my cook and she’s so sexy a bit blonde at times but she is on point when it comes to her looks and food and as for Louise I just like Louise I think she’s cool”. “So why are you playing her?” “I’m not playing any of them because I’m not any of their man we’re all just having fun” “Ok if that’s what you want to call it McDirt” Ella said which made me smile. “But I have to rate you for getting Kayla she’s a good pick because she can cook” Ella said with her mouth full which made me laugh. “Oh my gosh why is he in that guys face? I’m telling you he can’t do this to black people” I said as I shouted at the TV.

The next few days were quite bad at home Ella and Kieran were constantly arguing with each other and were always arguing in front of me and my ‘guests’. “Why are you being such prick for? All I said is that we need to get a good buggy for the baby and that you should think about selling your car” Ella shouted at Kieran from the kitchen doorway while Louise and I sat in the living room trying to watch a movie. “Why should I think about selling my car for a buggy? Duh! Come on Ella think about it. Is a buggy more important than a car?” Kieran shouted back from his bedroom doorway “I never said it was more important I just think that if you sell your car we would have more money to get more things for OUR baby!” “Oh so it’s OUR baby now. Boy it doesn’t feel like it sometimes” “What do you mean by that?” Ella asked. “Kieran! Please fam don’t go there” I said to Kieran hoping that the argument wouldn’t escalate “No, No Jemmel let the big man say what he has to say” Ella said to me. I then put my head down while praying that Kieran wouldn’t say anything but he did “All I’m saying is that I don’t feel a part of this experience, I feel like I’m just giving you money and your spending it on whatever you feel without even asking me” “Why?” I whispered to Kieran as I looked up at him. “Do I always ask you for money Kieran?” Ella asked as she slowly walked from the kitchen into the living room to go to where Kieran was standing. “I never said that” Kieran replied “You didn’t but that’s all she heard” I muttered “Shh Jemmel” Louise said as she tapped me on my shoulder. “So do you feel a way when you give me money?” Ella said as she now stood in front of Kieran with her hands on her waist. “No I don’t feel a way; I just want to be included in the decision’s that you make that’s all” “You want to be included in the decisions yeah?” Ella said as she stood closer to Kieran and as I watched I was still hoping he would say something that would calm down the situation but he didn’t. “Yeah I want to be involved in all in the decisions” Kieran said as he pushed out his chest to try and show everyone that he was the man. “Ok” Ella whispered which surprised everyone especially Kieran “Thank you can we please watch this movie now” I said just then Ella kicked off again. “Was I included in the decision to have this baby!?” Ella shouted in Kieran’s face “Oh shit!” I said as I sat back on the couch, Kieran was just about to say something until Ella interrupted “Was it my decision to take a year out of university to have this baby? No. It was your decision and you want to get pissy with me because I suggested that you should sell your car, when I’m changing my LIFE to have OUR baby, you FUCKING bastard!” Ella shouted at Kieran before she pushed him and went into the bedroom while slamming the door behind her. “You shouldn’t have said anything” I said quietly as I tried to continue to watch the movie “Shut up Jemmel” Kieran said angrily before he went into his bedroom.

The next two weeks were the same after that Kieran and Ella just kept on arguing it was getting really bad that Kieran sometimes slept on the couch. There was one day that Kieran and Ella had such a big argument that I decided to do something so I took Kieran out for the night so that Kieran and Ella could have some time apart from each other because it wasn’t good for them being cooped up in the flat all day and I also wanted Kieran to come out so he could get loose with the guys. It was my boss Ian birthday and he wanted to take all of his team members to his favourite bar in Kensington; it was a bar called The Litter Box and it was a nice decorative bar, it had white soft cushioned walls with black trimmings, a really long plush bar with a black granite top, it had blue flashing lights where the drinks were behind the bar, a small dance floor, a nice seating area that had big black leather chairs with white wooden tables that had a beautiful frame pattern engraved on the top of the tables, and a nice V.I.P area which of course Ian hired out so we had it to ourselves so I knew it was going to be a good night. My boss Ian also invited a few other people so in total there were ten of us in the V.I.P section it was me, Kieran, my work colleagues Darren who was my right hand man at work who is just your average black guy, Vince who is Chinese and is the brain box of the group but he is mad funny and always has the hook up for weed, Emily who to me was a air head but I don’t really talk to her, Jackie who is a crazy flirt and is very pretty, I nearly went there with her one time until Darren told me that she’s a dirty girl so I allowed it, Ian my boss who is mad cool and I’ve been working with for nearly two and half years his girlfriend Tracey her mate Sharon and Ian’s best friend Phil, so it was a mix of people and it looked like it would be a good night. “I don’t know why she’s acting like this” Kieran said as he sat back on the chair while looking up at the ceiling he then picked up his glass of red wine which was half full and downed the whole glass. “Rah! You need to calm down with that drink K because it won’t help to solve anything” I said to Kieran “Wouldn’t it J? Wouldn’t it?” Kieran said as he tried to keep his head up. “Cor mate! How much has he had?” Phil asked “He looks like he is going to fall asleep” Ian said “Nah Ian he’s alright he’s just playing around” I replied with a smile as I shook Kieran gently to wake him up “What man?” “Kieran I know your upset and things aren’t going too well with you and Ell’s right now but please cool down on the alcohol, that’s my boss over there fam” I said to Kieran quietly. “Ok, Ok” Kieran said drunkenly “I’m going to get you some water so you can sober up” I said as I got up. “Thanks J” Kieran said with a sigh before he dumped his head into his hands. I then noticed that Jackie was watching us so I said “Can you make sure he’s not sick while I get him a drink of water” “Yeah of course Jemmel” Jackie replied as she scooted closer to Kieran.

Before I went to the bar to get Kieran some water I really needed to go to the toilet so I headed to the toilets. As I shuffled through the crowd while bopping my head up and down rhythmically to the music to go to the toilet I accidently bumped into someone and knocked a bit of their drink out of their hand “I’m so sorry. Let me get you another drink” I apologised to women as turned around slowly to face me with her hands in the up because she had alcohol all over her hands “Nah it’s alright; it was only water” she replied with her head down as she looked to see if her dress was wet and as she looked up at me I realised who it was “Latoya?” I said in shock because I hadn’t seen Latoya in years and she looked so beautiful. Her hair was tied back into a pony-tail but was still curly, she still looked really pretty and she was wear a black dress which came down to just above her knee and the silhouette of the dress looked perfect on her petite but curvy body “Oh my gosh Jemmel” Latoya said with a big smile before she gave me a big hug “How have you been? How’s Kieran and Ell’s?” Latoya asked excitedly “I’ve been alright you know just working and living life. Kieran and Ell’s are alright too they’re going to have a baby soon” I replied “Seriously?” Latoya said in shock “Yeah seriously” “Wow! Everybody I know is having kids now. Do you have any children?” “Nah not me I’m not ready for all that yet” I replied as I laughed a little “So what about you, how have you been? What have you been up too?” “I’ve been alright you know J. I’m modelling full time now; I just did London Fashion Week which was amazing. I just got my own place near Wimbledon and I’m seeing a really great guy so I’m happy” Latoya replied which made me happy but my happiness slowly slide away when she mentioned that she was seeing someone but I couldn’t let her know that so I just smiled and said “That’s really good to hear. I’m happy for you” “Thanks J. So what you doing here tonight, I didn’t think this was your kind of spot to rave” “It’s not really but it’s my boss’s birthday so he took the team out to celebrate; but it’s a nice place I like the music and the atmosphere in here. What about you? What you doing out tonight?” “It’s my girl’s birthday so we’re just raving it up before we go to another rave” Latoya replied “Ok cool” I said. There was suddenly an awkward moment of silence as Latoya and I just stood next to each other while slyly glancing at each other it was like we both wanted to ask for a way to keep in contact with each other but none of us knew how to say it without it sounding weird “So are you going to be here the whole night because I don’t know how long my girls want to stay for” Latoya said “Oh ok well take my number down and give me a little text before you leave so I can get your number and I’ll give a call so we can all get together and go out for a meal or something sometime. I know Ella would love to see you” “Ok cool” Latoya said as she got out her phone to take my number down “What’s your number?” “07714499483. Make sure you text me you know” I said with a smile “I will definitely text you” Latoya said with a cute smile “I hope so. See you later Toya” I replied before I started to walk towards the toilets.

After I went to the toilet I looked over to see if Latoya was still at the corner of the club with her friends but she wasn’t so I checked my phone to see if she had text me to say that she was going but she didn’t which kind of bothered me “I thought she would text me” I said to myself before I made my way over to the bar to get Kieran some water “Can I have two bottles of water please?” “Sparkling water or Still water?” the bartender asked “Still please” I then turned around to see if Kieran was ok because I left him alone for quite a long time while I was talking to Latoya. When I looked I saw Kieran talking and laughing with Jackie so I knew he was cheering up a little which was good to see. “Here you go Sir, that will be £5 please” “Put it on Ian Cartridge’s bill” “Ok” the bartender said which I was quite surprised at because I didn’t even know I could do that so I now knew what to do if I wanted any more drinks. As I turned around to go back to the table I saw an incredibly beautiful girl chatting to her two friends at the bar and I swear Lauren was and still is banging, she’s about 5ft 5, has a small petite frame but she still was curvy, she also had a nice bust not too much but just enough for me and the way she wore that dress made her body look dangerously sexy. The dress she had on was a pale orange dress that hugged her waist perfectly. It had a black zip lining straight through the middle which started at the bottom of the dress which was near her knees and stopped near her cleavage area, she also had on a black Louis Vuitton belt with a metal LV belt buckle and she had orange leather high heels on, her style was so mature but sexy and her face was so beautiful she had light brown eyes, a cute button nose, really short curly bronze hair which suited her to the tee, a small beauty spot just above her lip on the right, the cutest smile, and she has a amazing caramel smooth skin complexion that looked so good that she almost looked gold. I just had to speak to her but for some weird reason I didn’t know what to say. As I stood there for at least 30 seconds just thinking about how I should approach her I noticed that one of her friends was looking me and then she started to whisper to Lauren about me I then thought to myself ‘Fuck it I might as well go over to talk to her and if she turns me down, she turns me down no big deal’ so I started to walk towards Lauren and I remember my heart beating so fast that I could hear it over the music, I was so nervous it was like I was talking to a girl for the first time ever “Evening ladies. I hope you don’t mind me saying that you all look incredible tonight” I said politely with a smile which I could see melted the other two girls but didn’t even make Lauren bat an eye “My name is Jemmel by the way and you ladies are?” I said while extending my hand out. “Hi I’m Amelia, this is my best friend Cameron and this is my...” “Lauren” Lauren said with a faint smile as she interrupted Amelia, I then felt a bit uncomfortable and thought that I wasn’t going to get anywhere with Lauren so I might as well just go back to the V.I.P area. “Well nice to meet you ladies and I hope you have a good night” I said and just as I was about to turn around to go back to the table Lauren said “Is that all your going to drink tonight?” “Huh?” “Those bottles of water that you have in your hand, is that all you’re going to drink tonight?” Lauren repeated. “Ah nah this isn’t for me it’s for my friend he’s had a little bit too much to drink” “Where’s your friend?” Cameron asked “He’s up there in the V.I.P section” I said to Cameron as I pointed over to Kieran who was still talking to Jackie but they had moved a bit away from the rest of the group and were sitting at the edge of the table with each other. “Is that he’s girlfriend?” Cameron asked “Nah” “Oh ok he’s really cute” I then smiled and said “I’ll tell him you said that I’m sure that would make him proper happy”. “So why do you guys have the V.I.P area? Don’t you want to mix with the rest of the people in the club” Amelia said jokily while Lauren looked on at the conversation I think she was trying to figure me out for some weird reason. “Nah it’s nothing like that; it’s just my boss’s birthday so he hired the room for us to enjoy ourselves” “What type of work do you do?” Lauren asked as she held a glass of wine while twisting it around slightly by the handle. “Well right now I’m a Web developer slash Senior Web Designer and I’m currently trying to start my own Web Design Company. It’s something I’ve always done so I just pursued it” I replied which caught Lauren off guard a little. “That is really impressive” Lauren said “How old are you?” “I’m 20 I’m going to be 21 this year” I replied. “Rah! We’re the same age” Amelia said excitedly but Lauren just sighed heavily and said “Aw that’s nice” before she turned around slightly and started to rock to the music while sipping on her glass of wine which baffled me. “So do you want to sit with us for a little while?” Amelia asked “Yeah if that’s ok with everybody” I replied hoping that Lauren would insist on me staying but she never said anything she just kept on rocking to the music “I don’t mind you should tell your friend to come over here” Cameron said I then thought that I can’t bring Kieran over here he’s too tipsy so I looked over at Darren who happened to be looking at me and signalled him with a head nod to come over which put a huge smile on his face.

After Darren came over we all found a place to sit and talk away from the dance floor. Darren was talking to Cameron, Amelia was talking to me and I was talking to Lauren, I also managed to get her to loosen up to me and to talk a bit more. “So where’s your girlfriend?” Amelia said as she cuddled up next to me “I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, what about you girls? Have you got boyfriends?” “Nah I don’t have a boyfriend right now because it seems like every guy I meet are either too immature or have a child and I cannot deal with anymore baby mama drama. You don’t have a kid do you?” Amelia asked. “Nah I’m child free” “Phew! That’s good” Amelia said with huge sigh of relief “What about you Lauren? Have you got a boyfriend, a partner, a husband?” I asked which made Lauren laugh. “No I haven’t but I’ve recently come out of a six year relationship” Lauren replied “Wow! Six years, that’s a long time” “Yep” “How long ago did you guys split? If you don’t mind me asking” “Nah I don’t mind, it was about five to six months ago, and it was pure drama he couldn’t handle that fact that I worked a lot and I was making a bit more than he does, he’s pride got in the way of our relationship” Lauren said with a smile as she shook her head from left to right as if she just remembered something. “A man’s pride can be a bad thing sometimes” I said as I stared into Lauren eyes “I know, believe me I know” Lauren said as she stared back at me, we then stared at each other for at least ten seconds before Amelia interrupted us. “Ok so I’m going to go to the bar to get another drink does anyone want anything?” “Nah I’m fine thank you” I said as I began to stare at Lauren again. “I’m fine too babes” Lauren said as she began to do the same thing as me, Amelia then got up and dragged Cameron by the hand while she was talking to Darren “Hey!” Cameron shouted “Sorry but can you follow me to the bar please Cam?” “Yeah I can, next time just ask me you don’t have to pull my arm off” Cameron replied; “Excuse me please Darren” Cameron said to Darren before she got up and walked over to the bar with Amelia. “I’m just going to the toilet yeah cuz” Darren said to me “Yeah cool” I replied before I turned back to Lauren “So what do you do for yourself?” I asked “I’m an Estate Agent” “Oh so that’s why your ex-boyfriend couldn’t keep up with your salary” “What do you mean?” Lauren said and laughed. “Come on you know you sell a lot properties just on your looks alone” I said which made Lauren laugh even more. “All I know is you could show me the shittiest house, in a bad area, with killings there every other day, I’ll be so lost when you smiled at me that I’ll sign the contract there and then” I continued to say. “Ha! You joker” Lauren said with a laugh which made me laugh a little “You have a really nice smile” Lauren then said to me. “Thank you; so do you” I replied as we both stared at each again. “I’m going to be real with you, I think you’re beautiful and I think that you’re a really nice person and I would like to get to know you more so would it be possible to get your number? So we can talk more” I said to Lauren. “I don’t know Jemmel; I mean you seem like a really nice guy and I do think your good looking but I think you might be a little bit too young for me” Lauren said. “But aren’t we the same age?” I asked “No, how old do you think I am?” Lauren said in shock which surprised me. “Well I thought you were twenty because earlier on Amelia said we’re the same age” “Yeah you two are the same age, she’s twenty, Cameron about twenty, twenty-one and I’m twenty-eight and I’m going to be twenty-nine at the end of this year” Lauren said which had me in so much shock because she looked really young for her age and it didn’t help that she had such a petite frame so she looked like she was nine-teen twenty not twenty-eight twenty-nine. “Rah” I said “You’re shocked aren’t you?” Lauren said as she giggled at me. “Yeah I’m overly surprised” “See I’m a bit too old for you” “Nah, nah you’re not, at least I don’t think so” I said “Hmm I’m not sure” “I’m not going to beg you but at least give me a chance I’m not like these other guys out here I have my life sorted” “Hmm, I don’t know” “Come on you know you want too” I said with a cheeky smile. “Oh ok but don’t disappoint me I don’t usually give out my number to younger guys but I have a feeling about you” Lauren said before she went into her purse and gave me her business card I then smiled as I put it in my back pocket. “I promise I won’t ring down your phone” “You better not, because I will block your number” Lauren said with a smile, just then Amelia came over to us and said with attitude. “Aunty I want to go home now” “You’re her Aunty?” I whispered to Lauren in shock. “Yeah and I think that she’s pissed off because you’re talking to me and not her” Lauren whispered back. “Oh shit, tell her I’m sorry” “You’ll have to do that yourself on a later date” Lauren said before she got up “Are you ready now?” Amelia said as she crossed her arms and sulked like a spoiled brat. “Yeah babes I’m coming now, Bye Jemmel” Lauren said before she went over to Amelia. “Bye Lauren, Bye Amelia” I said to which Lauren looked back and smiled but Amelia walked off in a huff. Just then Darren came back from the toilet “Where the chicks gone?” Darren asked “They’ve gone home” “Ah man! I didn’t even get a chance to get Cameron’s number” Darren moaned. “Boy init, that’s too bad but I got Lauren’s number” I said happily. “Gwarn J! But I can’t even lie though I am a bit jealous though because she was NICE!” “I know, I know but you had Cameron though and she was pretty” I said to Darren as we started making our way back to the V.I.P area. “Yeah she was nice but your one was beautiful, if you decide you don’t want her I’ll take her fam, I don’t care” Darren said which made me laugh. “Where’s Kieran gone?” Darren then said as we stood in front of the V.I.P area. “Huh?” I said as I looked around for Kieran like he was a lost child “Emily where’s Kieran?” I asked “I don’t know” Emily replied rudely before she continued her conversation with Phil. “Who she talking to?” Darren said as he looked behind to see if anyone else was there “Wait till we get to work on Monday, I swear” Darren said as he pointed at Emily but she didn’t notice but she will see when we go back to work on Monday because I’m going to get a extra pile of work to do for being rude. “I think your mate went to the toilet and Jackie accompanied him” Ian said to me “Ah shit!” I said in frustration. “Hey J you better go find your boy before he does something stupid with Jack the slapper” Darren then said to me I then quickly rushed to the men’s toilets hoping that Kieran hasn’t or isn’t doing something that he’ll later regret.

When I got to the toilets there wasn’t anybody in there I was just about to leave until I heard a women giggling so I pushed open all the toilet stalls until I found Kieran and Jackie. When I did find them Kieran’s top shirt buttons were unbuttoned and Jackie was kissing his neck while unbuckling his belt “What the fuck you think you’re doing?” I said as I pushed Jackie off of Kieran. “Calm down man J, we were just having a little bit of fun” Kieran murmured. “Yeah calm down Jemmel, what’s wrong with you? Are you mad that I’m not paying you any attention?” Jackie said with sass. “What? Are you mad? Do you think I need your type of attention? Come out of here man you slut” “What did you just call me?” “I called you a slut which means you’re a hoe, a dirt, a jezzie*, a sket*, a slapper, do you understand?” I said to Jackie. “Fuck you Jemmel, you dickhead!” Jackie screamed at me before she pushed pass me out of the stall and out of the toilet. “What’s wrong with you K?” “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?” Kieran replied. “I don’t know I’m a bit pissed off because my bro was going to mess up his life for some dickhead chick” I said angrily. “I weren’t going to mess up my life” Kieran said before he kissed his teeth as he walked pass me to go towards the sink. “What were you thinking?” I shouted as I walked towards Kieran “I don’t know, I was just thinking that I should have a bit of fun tonight”. “Is that what you call having a bit of fun? Come on man Kier, you know you were doing wrong” I said in frustration as I pointed at Kieran; he then kissed his teeth again and said “Come out my face man”. “Why? Why Kieran? What you going to do if I don’t come out of your face?” I said as I came closer to Kieran. “Why are you getting so serious about this? All because I was trying to have some fun; and I don’t ever say anything to you when you’re doing something” Kieran said as he started to raise his voice at me. “What?” I replied in shock “Yeah you know I’m right I don’t ever say anything to you when you have Nicola coming over to the house and then when she leaves Kayla comes around and cooks dinner for you and then Louise comes over and stays the night; do I? No I don’t! Because Jemmel can do anything he wants, he doesn’t have no commitments or responsibility for anyone but himself” Kieran shouted. “Where’s all this coming from K?” I asked but Kieran didn’t answer my question he just leant back on the sink table, rubbed his eyes and then said “I’ve had too much to drink” “Nah, Nah don’t try use that as an excuse, talk if you’re going to talk” I said angrily to Kieran. “I’m not saying anything” Kieran mumbled as he looked down at the floor “So now you got nothing to say? You’re my boy K, nah actually you’re my brother and all this time you’re holding these feelings against me” I said to Kieran as I tried hard not to get emotional but I was hurt. “I’m sorry J I didn’t mean what I said” Kieran said as he looked up at me, he then took a deep breath in and out and said “Actually I did mean what I said, you can do what you want and you don’t have no commitments or responsibility and that’s not because you avoid them it’s just that you don’t have anything holding you back” “What? Do you think Ella’s holding you back?” I asked. “Nah it’s just that...It’s just that...” Kieran said as his eyes started to tear up “It’s just that I’m scared J. I don’t have a job; I had to stop going uni and you know I wanted to have my own clothing line”. “I know but that could still happen” “How J? How am I going to do that when I can’t even get a job? And where am I going to find the time to get the qualifications and the experience” Kieran shouted but I never replied. “And me and Ella aren’t getting along right now which is really messing me up and we haven’t been getting along for a while now even before she was pregnant and everything is just changing SO fast I just want it to slow down so I can just think for a second” Kieran said as he tried to fight back the tears. “I’m sorry to hear that K I never knew things were that bad for you I guess I was just being selfish and looking out for myself when I should be trying to help my family. But sleeping with another girl isn’t going to solve your problems and Ella is a good women and you don’t want to lose her” I said. “I know, I know” Kieran said as he wiped his eyes “Come here man” I said as I hugged Kieran “Everything will be ok. Trust me and if you need anything just ask bruv I’m always going to be here for you, you’re my brother my family” “I know J but...” Kieran said before I interrupted “But nothing if we have to go on the roads again to make more money then we’re back on the roads it’s not a thing Kier” I said to make Kieran laugh which it did “Seriously though K I would do anything to help you if you want me too and needed me too but you won’t because everything is going to be ok” “I hope so” Kieran sniffled just then a guy came into the toilets and went in shock when he saw me and Kieran hugging each other. “No homo” “Yeah No homo” Kieran and I said to the guy “Cool, cool, cool” the guy muttered understandingly before he went to pee in the urinal. “Come on man lets go and enjoy the rest of the night” I said to Kieran as we stopped hugging each other “Alright then bruv” Kieran replied as we made our way out of the toilets. “You and alcohol man” I said jokily just before we left the toilets “Shut up man you and weed” Kieran replied back.

The rest of the night was good me, Darren and Vince got smashed on alcohol and Kieran got even more drunk but was better behaved and we charged it all to Ian which was going to be so funny when he sees the bill on Monday he’s going to never want to take us out again. When the bar closed at 3am me and Kieran got in a cab and went home. “Thanks for tonight J. I needed that” Kieran said as he sat down on the couch “It’s ok Kier I’m glad you had a good time” I said as I slumped myself on the couch next to him just then Ella came out of the room in her night gown. “Did you boys have a good night?” Ella said as she stood by the bedroom door “Yeah babes it was fun, I missed you though” Kieran said as he got up and went over to Ella. “I missed you too, I’m sorry for arguing with you” Ella said as she put her arms around Kieran’s neck. “Nah babe I’m sorry, I promise everything is going to be better with us from now on” Kieran said as he held Ella by the waist “I love you” “I love you too Ellie” Kieran said before he gave Ella a little kiss. “That was nice but it would be better if you brushed you teeth” Ella said cheekily with a smile “Ok boo boo” Kieran said with a smile before he ran to the bathroom. “You guys make me sick, I’m going bed now” I said as I got up to go to my room “Goodnight McDirt” “Night Ell’s”.

And just as Kieran promised the next few days after that were much better for them, Kieran got a new job as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant which was good because he was earning money and he seemed to be happy at his new job, he also was buying a lot of baby stuff which mostly Ella wanted and they just seemed happy “Morning nigger” Kieran said as he came out of his bedroom dressed for work. “Nice suit, where you get it from?” I said as I ate my cereals “I got it from the Armani store in Bond Street” Kieran replied as he continued to get ready for work. “Damn! I see that your splashing your money since you got a new job” I said “Well they gave me an advance payment so I might as well go mad” “I think you’re going a bit too mad, there’s too much baby stuff everywhere, I nearly broke my back by slipping on this thing” I said as I showed Kieran the broken rattle. “Ah! Ella’s going to kill you” Kieran said as he took the rattle from me, I then kissed my teeth and said “I’m going to kill her if she doesn’t calm down with all these baby things, the place isn’t big enough for all this stuff” “What’s wrong with you?” Kieran asked as he sat next to me. “Nothing man” I replied as I finished my cereals “Is it Zara?” “No why would it be Zara?” I said as I got up to go to the kitchen to put my bowl in the sink. “I don’t know maybe because you never came to her and Darryl’s year and a half celebration, it was quite good you know everyone was there me, Ella, Danielle, Beezy the whole crew” Kieran said to me while I was in the kitchen. “Alright first thing who celebrates a year and a half together? That’s a bit much don’t you think? Second thing is that it was a couple’s thing so I would have been by myself, and third thing is that Darryl is not part of the crew” I said as I came back into the living room. “You joker, first thing I think it’s nice of him to want to celebrate a year and a half together” “Ha! I knew it was his idea he’s such a girl” I said as I turned on the TV which made Kieran laugh. “Second thing is that you have a choice of three girls that you could of brought to the dinner and third thing is that I was talking about everyone else that is a part of the crew and I wasn’t including Darryl” Kieran said. “Oh ok, but you are wrong about something” “What’s that?” “I don’t have any more choices so I would have still been alone at the couple’s dinner” I said as I turned on The Jeremy Kyle show. “I thought you hate this show” Kieran said “I do but there’s nothing else on” I sighed and replied “Anyway what happen to Nicola?” “I couldn’t be bothered with her anymore” “Louise?” “I still talk to her and we’re still cool with each other but she wants something serious that I can’t give her right now so I think I’m going to let her be for a while but Louise is there get me Kier” “Ok, ok so what about Kayla? She had that big batty and the things you told me that she does, I don’t know how your still not with her, she was a freak!” Kieran said excitedly. “I know, I know but I just got bored of her I mean the sex was crazy and the food was good” “Really good” Kieran said as he nodded his head in agreement and reminisced. “But I need more man” I said “I understand what you mean. So what about that other girl you told me about?” “Which other girl? Oh you mean Lauren” “Yeah Lauren you’ve been going on about her for a couple of days now, what about her?” Kieran asked. “Yeah she’s serious but she’s just hard to reach sometimes because she’s always working and I don’t want to hound her” I replied. “Yeah your right but at least send her a text or something to let her know your thinking about her” Kieran said I then started to laugh at him. “What?” “You’re such a sweet boy sometimes” I said in laughter “Boy sometimes it helps. I’m off to work now fam” Kieran said as he got up and left out to work and I hate to admit it but he might be right sometimes you got to put yourself out there and be a little sweet boy so I text Lauren just telling her that I’ve been thinking of her and I miss her pretty smile.

Later on that night I was just relaxing with Ella playing Mario Kart on Xbox 360 “I’m going to win!” Ella said excitedly. “Nah don’t get too happy I’m still behind you” “Please you can’t catch me” Ella said confidently I then nudged Ella with my shoulder which made her lose control of her player and drive off the track. “Ha! I won, I won, I won” I danced and celebrated. “Erghh! You’re such a cheater Jemmel!” Ella shouted as she pushed me and kept hitting me on my arm. “Allow it man! We can have a rematch” I said as Ella kept hitting me. “No you’re just going to cheat again” Ella said as she hit me harder “I won’t I swear I won’t” “Ok restart the game” Ella said as she sat back while I restarted the game. “Ah man, you don’t know how heavy your hands are since you’ve become pregnant” I said as I rubbed my arm. “Ah just restart the game” Ella said unsympathetically “You’re so mean” I whinged jokily to Ella which she just mimicked me and made a funny face which made both of us laugh just then I received a text. “I really hope that’s Kayla texting you, I really need that girl to come back and cook for us; I mean you” Ella said; “You joker, if you want Kayla to come back all you have to do is call her” I said as I got my phone. “Will she come back?” Ella said excitedly “Yeah she’s a nice girl and I never broke up with her on bad terms so she’ll come around any time and she does need a guinea pig to test her recipes on” I replied “Are you calling me a pig?” “No I didn’t say that” “Good” Ella said before she hit me on my shoulder and got up to go into the bedroom. “Ow! You play too much, I’m going to beat your child when it’s born” I shouted at Ella before I checked my text ‘Call me please Lauren x’ “Yes!” I said to myself as I quickly called her back. “Hello” “Hi” I said in a high pitched voice, I then cleared my throat before I spoke again “Hi Lauren” “Oh Hi Jemmel, how have you been? And I’m sorry that I haven’t been returning your calls I’ve just been really busy lately” “Nah it’s ok, I know you’re a busy girl I mean busy women” I said which made Lauren laugh. “So what have you been up too?” “Nothing much I’ve just been working hard trying to get this new project up and running, what about you?” “Well as you know I’ve been really busy lately, I’ve just been doing a lot of paperwork lately because I sold two houses” “Well done I see you’ve been using your looks to your advantage again” “No. Well maybe a little bit” Lauren said sweetly which made me smile. “So what are you doing tonight?” “I’m not doing anything. Why?” “Well...I was just wondering if you wanted to come over to my house? And maybe have a little night cap” Lauren said and I was so happy I just wanted to shout but I had to show her that I was mature enough for her so I said “Yeah that would be nice” “Ok so I live in Vauxhall in Bridge House, St George’s Wharf do you know it?” “I’m not quite sure but I’ll put in into my SatNav” “Oh ok, I didn’t know you could drive I thought you were too young to drive” Lauren joked. “You joker, I’ve been driving since I was six-teen” “Wow who’s a big boy then?” Lauren said and giggled. “What car do you drive?” “Nothing big you know just a regular car” “Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your Fiesta” “Ha! You got jokes; but I got an Audi A5 Sport Back” “Wow!” “Yeah wow” I mimicked. “Well I would love to sit in it when you come around” Lauren said seductively which made me all excited. “Well I’ll be around there soon” “Ok, ring door thirty when you get here, I live on the 6th floor and you can park near my car in space 30A which is parked in the underground parking lot” “Ok I’m going to get ready now” “Ok bye Jemmel” “Bye” I said before I quickly jumped up to go into my room to get some clothes and jumped into shower. “Where are you going in such a hurry?” Ella asked as she came out of the room “I’m going to meet someone” “Oh, Oh is it Kayla?” “Nope!” I said as I pulled up my jeans. “Then I don’t care” Ella said as she went back into the room, I then quickly got ready and went over to Lauren’s place.

It didn’t take me long to get to Lauren’s house because we lived really close to each other but I just never realised how close. Lauren lived in one of the new plush apartments on the riverside overlooking the Thames; the apartments where absolutely beautiful, they’re very modern and very chic and you know I wouldn’t say anything like that, after I stopped being amazed by the building I parked my car where Lauren told me to, rang the buzzer and went up to the 6th floor to her apartment. When I got to Lauren’s door I took a deep breath in and out before I knocked her door “Hi Jemmel, you got here really quick” Lauren said as she opened the door and when I looked at her she was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms which were a little bit bigger than her and were baggy, white fluffy slippers and a grey sleeveless vest top which had ‘cutie’ written across the chest in pink calligraphy and she was holding a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and she still looked amazing. “I know; we don’t really live that far from each other” I said as I came in. “Ok so where do you live?” Lauren said as she walked off into a room “I live in Kennington” “Oh so you’re just down the road literally” Lauren said as she came out of the room without the ice cream. “You can take your coat and shoes off if you want to” Lauren said to me as I stood in the hallway “Ok, where should I put them?” “In here” Lauren said as she took my coat and trainers and put it into a closet which was on the right of me. “Come let me show you my place” Lauren said as she took me by the hand “You look nice by the way” “Thank you, so do you?” “No I don’t I look a mess” “Believe me you look amazing” I said as I held her hand a bit tighter “Thank you” Lauren replied as she started to blush “Come on let me show you my apartment” Lauren said again as she pulled me around.

Her apartment was immaculate, it wasn’t that big but it wasn’t too small it was just right for Lauren, she had two double bedrooms, one with a on suite bathroom which was her room which was decorated really nice, Lauren had a brown and cream theme in her room she had long dark brown curtains with silky patterns on it on her doors which lead to her balcony, cream walls, a huge wall-drobe that had sliding doors with big mirrors on them on the right hand side of the room and was directly in front of her king size bed. She also had a cream, brown and gold quilt on it with big decorative pillows, a dark wooden chest of drawers on the left hand side of the room which was near her laptop and spotlights on the ceiling; her on suite bathroom was small but cosy. Lauren’s living room joined to the kitchen and dining area so the living room and the dining area had the same cream walls, the kitchen was modern and looked like a mini chef’s kitchen; in the dining area Lauren had a big circular glass table with white leather quilted seats and in the living area she had a 42inch Sony plasma TV in the corner on a TV stand with her three seating couch which had a wooden base, backrest, and armrest but big pillow cushions to sit on and big dark cream pillows opposite the TV. Lauren also had a dark cream rug and a small circular table which was similar to the dining table in the middle and two big doors which led to her balcony and was the same balcony that lead to her bedroom. The other rooms were the main bathroom and the other double bedroom which Lauren used as her office and another closet for her shoes. After I saw the apartment Lauren got out a bottle of Rosé, poured both of us a glass and we sat on the couch and got to know each other. We spoke for hours about everything and anything, I told her about myself and a little bit about my past relationships which basically means I told her about Laila and Sadie because they were the only two relationships that I actually had. Lauren told me about her past relationships and how they never worked because she has been a career driven person and her ex-boyfriends couldn’t usually handle that, she also told me more about herself and from what she told me and from what I could see she seemed like that real person that I’ve been wanting all this time. “Why have you got so many shoes?” I said to Lauren “I don’t have that many shoes, do I?” Lauren said as she curled up on the couch next to me while holding her glass of rosé. “You have so many shoes that you could have a mini Kurt Geiger store” I said and laughed “No I don’t” Lauren said as she pushed me a little. “So what do you think of me?” “Aw that was so cute, you just reminded me of some guy in secondary school that I had a crush on” Lauren teased me before she took a sip of her drink and then put her glass on the table. “Wow I’m surprised that you could still remember secondary school that must of been a long time ago” I teased back “Oi!” Lauren said as she hit me with one of the little pillows. “You’re such a joker Jemmel, but seriously though I do like you and I really like talking to you” Lauren said with a cute smile which made me smile. “So what do you think about me? And answer seriously” Lauren said “I like you too and I really like talking to you too and I like being with you” I replied. “Being with me? Oh so we’re together now?” Lauren said as she put her hand daintily on her chest and jumped back jokily in shock. “I don’t know but we could be” I said as I moved towards Lauren like a Lion stalking his prey “Can we?” Lauren said softly as she moved back while sliding her body down the couch so she was slightly underneath me. “I think we can” I said as I crawled over Lauren while looking deep into her eyes “Maybe we could try” Lauren whispered as she held my waist which made me smile. “I think we should” I said before I moved my lips closer to kiss Lauren; “I think we should too” Lauren said with a deep breath in before we kissed softly and passionately. Lauren then started to put her hands under my top to feel my back as we kissed and I slid my hand under her vest slowly while stroking her sides, I then stroked my finger down the centre of her back to the small of her spine while I kissed her neck which made Lauren arch her back as I laid on her on the couch. I then ran my hand back up her spine and held the back of her neck while I kept kissing her neck “It’s like you know how to touch me” Lauren said softly while breathing out heavily, she then pushed me back so I was now sitting up, pulled off my top and started kissing my body softly and gently. I then took Lauren’s vest off as Lauren unbuckled my belt while kissing me and nibbling on my bottom lip and by that I could tell she was a wild one she might even teach me a couple of things and I couldn’t wait to learn. Lauren then stopped kissing me, stood up in front of me with her back towards me, pulled down her track bottoms, stepped out of them and then turned around to face me with her hand on her hip and a cheeky smile to which I couldn’t help but lick my lips slightly as I looked up and down at her I wanted her and she knew it. Lauren then turned around and slowly strutted to her bedroom while swaying her hips from left to right “Are you coming?” Lauren said while standing at the living door before she walked off “Of course I am” I said as I got up to follow Lauren to her bedroom.

When I got to the bedroom Lauren was already under the covers and was covered up to her neck “You don’t waste any time do you?” I said as I took off my jeans but Lauren didn’t say anything she just shrugged her shoulders innocently and gave me her cheeky smile, she then started to wriggle underneath the covers for a second and when she stopped she took her arm out of the covers and threw her boy shorts at me. “I’m waiting for you Jemmel” Lauren then said sexily. I then got underneath the covers and we started kissing and touching each other, I had my hands all over her body, I was stroking her back, her waist, her neck, her stomach, her thighs, everywhere; her body was so prefect and as I kept touching her I gradually climbed on top of her and began to kiss her neck again, then her chest, down to her navel, and then “AH!” Lauren yelled out “Oh my god, ah! Ah!” Lauren moaned “Oh Jemmel, you’re too much baby” Lauren said as I continued, I then kissed her for a little bit longer which made Lauren moan even louder before I stopped and started to kiss her navel upwards towards her chest. Lauren then put her arms around my neck, smiled a sexy smile at me and said “This is going to be a good night” “I know” I said with a smile before Lauren kissed me and we started to make love to each other.

The next morning I woke up really early which was a surprise because Lauren and I had a long night of sex “Morning Jemmel” Lauren said as she laid in my arms “Morning Lauren” I said as I looked down at her. “Did you have a good night?” Lauren said with a smile “Of course I did, last night was a lot” I replied. “Good because I don’t usually do that” “Do what? Oh that thing with your tongue, don’t worry because I li....” “No you joker, I mean I don’t usually have sex with somebody that I’ve just met and I don’t want you to think bad about me” Lauren said. “Nah I don’t think bad about you at all, we just got caught up in the moment and something happened” “Ok, but are you sure you’re not thinking anything bad about me?” Lauren worried which made me smile and say “Nah not at all, the only thing I was thinking last night and now is how sexy that butterfly looked when I was doing my thing” “Aww!” Lauren said as she cringed in embarrassment she then pulled the covers over her face to hide away. “Why are you getting embarrassed for?” I said as I pulled the covers away from her face and held Lauren tighter. “Because that tattoo is on my bum! It’s so embarrassing I got it when I was fifth-teen” Lauren said. “Anyway what about you? You’ve got quite a few tattoos on you, am I with a bad boy? And who is Ms Lee?” Lauren asked as she grabbed my hand and lifted it up so she could look at my tattoo. “Well first thing is Ouch! Are you trying to pull my hand off?” “Sorry baby” Lauren said as she put my hand down gently on her thigh which made me smile she just so sexy. “Second thing is that I’m not a bad boy but I’ve had my moments in life when I haven’t always done the right things and Ms Lee was basically like a mum to me. She died about five years ago” I replied “Oh I’m sorry I thought it was a tattoo of some girl’s name” “Nah its cool” “Are you sure?” “Yeah I’m fine” “Good because I’ve got to get ready for work” Lauren said as she got out of the bed and walked over to her bathroom. “I love that tattoo” I said as I laid in the bed, Lauren then looked over her left shoulder and smiled at me as she shrugged, she then went into the bathroom and slowly closed the door as she looked at me through the opening which made me quickly jump out of the bed to go towards the bathroom, I then knocked the door twice and when Lauren opened the door I said “Do you need any help washing your back?” “Yeah I got a spot on my back that I can never reach” Lauren said as she turned around and tried to touch the centre of her back. “Let me help you” I said as I stroked my finger down her spine which made Lauren arch her back “You always do that to me and it always makes me arch my back, you got skills Jemmel” Lauren said as she push back against my body “Well I try” “Yeah you really do. Let’s have a shower and if you’re good I’ll let you wipe me down” “I’m always good” I said as I held Lauren by her waist and kissed her on her neck. “I’m beginning to see that” Lauren replied before we got into the shower together. After we had sex in the shower we actually took a proper shower together, both got ready for work and I drove Lauren and myself to work and after work I went home to relax I needed to get some sleep so I could get some of my energy back but when I went home Zara and Danielle were there talking loudly in the living room so I couldn’t sleep much. “I wouldn’t have had that. Who does he think he’s talking too?” Ella said “For real if Shawn said something like that to me, nah I wouldn’t have it” Danielle said to Zara as she shook her head from left to right. “I know but I couldn’t be bothered to argue with him, he’s just depressed because...” Zara said and stopped before I walked into the living room in my vest and shorts. “Don’t mind me I was going to get some tea” I said as I slowly walked to the kitchen “You alright J” Danielle said “Yeah I’m cool Dan” I said happily as I tippy toed my way over to her to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Mr McDirt!” Ella said jokily to me as she saluted me like a General “What’s good my Ell’s?” I said as I went over to Ella and gave her a big hug. “Hi Baby boy” Zara said to me “You alright Zara” I said casually as I went into the kitchen which surprised everyone but no one said anything about it. “So where were you last night McDirt?” Ella shouted at me whilst I was in the kitchen making myself a cup of tea. “I was about, you know how I do” I said as I came back into the living room and stood in the kitchen doorway “Hmm mm” Ella hummed with a cheeky smile. “So who is this girl now?” Zara said with an unimpressed face “Just some girl init” I said with a smile as I shrugged my shoulders. “So why are you smiling for?” Ella asked “I’m just smiling init” I said as I went back into the kitchen. “Wait a minute I know that smile, you only ever smile like that when you’re really happy about something or someone” Ella said as she got up and came over to the kitchen door. “Huh?” I said with a smile “Alright you can keep acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about but I know; I know that smile” Ella said as she sat back down. “Yeah I know that smile too” Zara said miserably as she crossed her arms she seemed to be really pissy about something but I didn’t ask what’s wrong. After I made my tea I began to make my way back into my bedroom so the girls could talk more but Ella stopped me. “McDirt man! Please tell me what it is because you’re obliviously excited about something” Ella said to me before I went into my room. “You sure” “Yes I’m sure” “Yeah I’m kind of intrigued myself” Danielle said “Ok, Ok” I said as I sat on the couch in between Zara and Danielle. “Ok tell Ell’s what’s up” Ella said as she curled up on the single chair “Well her name is Lauren and she is dangerous, I swear Ell’s this is different, she’s not like anyone I’ve met before, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s got a really good job, her own place, her own car, she’s just Lauren” I said as I thought about Lauren I then stopped for a second as I thought about her smile. “Wow!” Danielle said in shock “For real” Ella said she sat back “You must really like her J” Zara said as she looked at me. “I do, I really do. She’s just Lauren” I said as I continued to think about Lauren just then I saw that Ella was looking at me and then looking at Zara and she kept doing it so I said “What’s good with you Ell’s?” “Nothing, nothing” Ella quickly replied. “Ok well I’m going to go and relax I had a long night” I said as I got up to go to my room, “Ok see you later McDirt” “Bye J” Ella and Danielle said “See you later girls” I said to everyone but Zara never said nothing she just acted like she didn’t hear me.

After two hours I came back into the living room after taking a nap and saw Zara talking to Ella. They looked like they were having a deep conversation about something “Where’s Danielle?” I yarned and said. “She’s gone home” Ella replied just then I saw Zara wipe her eyes “You alright Zee?” I said as I stood behind her. “Yeah I’m cool” Zara said as she tilted her head back on the couch and looked up at me but I could tell that she’d been crying. “What’s wrong?” I said as I walked around the couch to sit next to Zara, “I’m going to go in the bedroom so you two can talk in private” Ella said as she got up and went to her room. “Thank you Ella” Zara said as she wiped her eyes again “It’s alright Zee” Ella said before she went into the room. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked Zara but she didn’t reply “Zee what’s wrong? Are you having girl troubles?” I said jokily as I put my arm around Zara and hugged her which made her smile. “I don’t know what I’m going to do J” Zara said as she laid on my chest “What you going to do about what?” I said “I don’t know what I’m going to do about Darryl, he’s changing J. He’s out every other night to all hours of the morning, he’s rude, he acts very sneaky about things when I ask him about certain things and he’s so moody” “I thought you guys were cool, I mean weren’t you just celebrating a year and a half together” “Yeah we were alright and that celebration was good for us because we had been arguing all that week before the dinner” Zara said but I didn’t know what to say so I just held Zara tighter. “Why didn’t you come to our anniversary dinner?” Zara said as she looked up at me “I couldn’t because I was busy with something” “Busy with something or someone?” Zara asked “A bit of both really” “At least your being honest” Zara said and sighed as she rested her head on my chest. We then sat for a few minutes not saying anything to each other then after a while Zara said “I always feel right in your arms” but I didn’t reply; Zara then turned to me and said “And I know you always feel right when your holding me” but I still didn’t reply I just looked away so I could avoid any eye contact with Zara. “You know you’re still the one for me, you always have been and I’ve never forgotten that week in Kent, our last day together” Zara said as she moved closer to me. “Do you remember what happened?” Zara said as she leaned in to kiss me, she was a few seconds away from kissing me before I whispered “Yeah, you chose to be with Darryl over me” “Jemmel man!” I could hear Ella say in her bedroom. “What did you say?” Zara said as she sat up “I just said what happened on our last day together, you picked Darryl over me. Am I wrong?” I replied but Zara never answered my question she just looked away from me and said “I think I better go home now” she then got up to get her stuff ready. “I hope were still friends; I mean this is what you wanted isn’t it? For us to be friends” I said as I got up and walked over to Zara “Yeah, yeah of course it’s what I wanted” Zara said with a fake smile as her eyes looked teary. “I can drop you home if you want me too, because I know the bus is going to take long to come and it’s kind of late” I said as I began to go into my bedroom to get my coat but just then my phone began to ring and it was Lauren calling “Hi Jemmel” Lauren said happily. “What you saying Lauren?” “Nothing, I was just at work and I’ve been thinking about you so I thought I’ll give you a quick call to see what you’re up to” Lauren said. “Hey Jemmel, I’m just going to take the bus but thanks for the offer” Zara whispered to me “Nah, nah, nah wait a minute” I replied “Can you hold on a second baby girl?” I said to Lauren which probably pissed Zara off. “Yeah” Lauren replied, I then got my car keys out of my coat pocket and then knocked on Ella’s door “Hey Ell’s could you do me a favour please?” “I don’t know; what do you want me to do?” Ella said as she screwed her face at me. “Could you please drive Zara home for me please?” I asked as I dangled my car keys in Ella’s face which made her eyes light up because Ella has been so eager to drive my new car since the day I got it and here was her chance. “YES! I would gladly drive the A5, I mean drive Zara home” Ella said as she grabbed my car keys and went over to Zara who was standing by the front door. “Be careful please Ell’s” I said before they left. I then continued to speak to Lauren “Sorry about that Lauren, I had to sort out something for my friend” “That’s cool babe what you up too anyway?” Lauren said before we started to talk for the rest of the night.

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