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Will You Be My...Baby?

It had been a month since me and Lauren started to see each other; I wasn’t her boyfriend and she wasn’t my girlfriend but we were together and exclusive to each other which I know is hard to understand but that’s how Lauren wanted it to be because even though we got along with each other, always spoke to each other and were having crazy sex with each other Lauren still thought I was too young for a serious relationship. I tried to tell her that I was ready and I would subtly hint to her that I was ready for example I started looking for a new place to live and I was close to wrapping up a mortgage on a new apartment which Lauren helped me with, just little things like that you know. Also in the whole month and a bit that Lauren and I have been seeing each other, everyone has been seeing less of me which really started to annoy everyone especially Zara because she wanted to know who Lauren was? And why is she so special that not even Kieran could get in touch with me when I was with her. So that really pissed Zara off, also everyone was getting pissed with me because no one had ever met Lauren before and wondered why I was keeping her away from them. “What’s good J?” Kieran said as I came out of my bedroom “What’s good bro?” I mumbled as I gave Kieran a high five as he sat on the couch and I went into the kitchen “Ah! Kieran man! Who ate my patty?” I said as I came out of the kitchen and back into the living room “I’m sorry cuz, I just had to eat it. It was sitting in the fridge for long and was about to go out of date and I didn’t know when you’d be back so I thought I’ll just eat it and buy you another one. But I wouldn’t have touched it if I’d known you’d be home for the weekend” Kieran said “Ok fam, I know you didn’t mean it” I said as I sat next to Kieran on the couch. “So where have you been J? I only seen you about twice this week and that was when you were leaving out?” Kieran said “I’ve just been doing the usual just working, going gym, and shopping the only difference is now I stay at Lauren’s house most of the time” I said. “Oh yeah Lauren the mysterious girl” Kieran said and laughed “You’re a clown K” I said as I laughed a little “Seriously though fam when are we going to meet this girl?” Kieran said just then Ella and Zara came in from shopping. “What girl we’re you going to meet?” Ella said as she came in with the food shopping “Give us a hand please guys” Ella said as she struggled with the bags. “Sorry” Kieran said as he jumped up to help Ella “I’m eight months pregnant and I’m out shopping for you and you can’t even help me with the bags when I get in” Ella said before she kissed her teeth but Kieran never said anything he just looked at Ella with a face that said ‘I cannot even bothered to say anything’ which made me laugh. “Can you help please Jemmel?” Zara said as she struggled with some bags I then got up slowly and helped Ella and Zara with the shopping. “So which girl we’re you going to meet?” Ella asked Kieran as she handed him the shopping bags for him to empty them in the kitchen. “Lauren hopefully” Kieran said as he packed out the groceries, Ella then laughed a little and said “Invisible girl? We’re not going to meet her” “Yeah she’s too precious to be around us” Zara said to Kieran before she slyly looked at me from the corner of her eye then focused back on Kieran. “Wow! You guys really want to meet Lauren” I said to everyone “I do” “It would be nice” Kieran and Ella said but Zara said “I don’t really care to be honest with you” which made Ella and Kieran look over at her. “Anyway if you guys want to meet her we could all go out for a meal, me, Lauren, you guys, Beezy and Danielle” I to said Kieran and Ella. “What about me and Darryl? Aren’t we invited to meet your girlfriend?” Zara asked and when she did I knew that Zara just wanted to argue with me, it was like that was the only way that she felt that she could connect with me on an emotional level but I never gave her what she wanted, “If you want to come Zara you can come. And you can bring whoever you want to” I said calmly which surprised her because she wanted me to get angry but I didn’t see the point. As Zara looked at me for a second just thinking of something to say I said “Anyway I got to go and meet Darren at the gym, you coming K?” “Yeah I’m on it still, let me just get my stuff ready” Kieran said as he went into his room to get ready. “Don’t take too long K” I said as I sat on the couch “So Jemmel why are you going hard at the gym for? Is it for Lauren?” Zara asked but I never answered because my phone rang and it was Lauren calling “Good timing baby girl, I was just thinking about you” I said as I got up and waited outside the flat for Kieran.

The next weekend after that I arranged a day that we all go out to eat and for everyone to meet Lauren; and because everyone didn’t like the same food I couldn’t be bothered with the fuss so I picked a place that everyone would like which was Nando’s. “I can’t wait to eat” Ella said as she looked at the menu “Me either I am starving” Kieran said as he looked at his menu “Where’s Zara and Darryl? Aren’t they coming?” Beezy asked. “Yeah they should be here soon; she just text me saying that they’re getting off the bus now” Ella answered “Isn’t Darryl driving?” Danielle asked “He was but when he lost his job he couldn’t afford to keep his car” Kieran said as he looked at his menu “Rah! I didn’t know Darryl lost his job” I said. “Yeah cuz he lost his job time ago” Kieran said “But you’re never around so you wouldn’t have known” Ella teased. “Quiet man Ell’s but anyway I thought he was doing ok at his job. Wasn’t he working for some big company?” “Yeah but they fired him because he wasn’t producing good enough material” Danielle said “I’d be pissed if that was me” Beezy said “Beeze where are you working now?” Kieran asked. “Kieran man, don’t ask Beezy questions about his job you know he’s a street pharmacist” I said before me and Kieran started to laugh. “Shut up man, I’m the only one at this table keeping it gangster” Beezy said loudly as he thumped his chest “And besides keeping it ‘gangster’” Danielle said as she did a quotation hand gesture for gangster “Shawn is doing a plumbing course and has already got his first certificate qualification” Danielle continued to say. “Babes man, why are you exposing man for?” Beezy said as he started to get shy “AH!” Kieran and I shouted and pointed at Beezy. “What man?” Beezy said as he tried to puff out his chest “You’re a joker Beeze, me and Kier knew you were doing the plumbing course long time ago but you try act hard like you don’t like to study and you’re always on the roads” I said. “Alright, alright you got me” Beezy said which made everyone laugh, just then Zara and Darryl came in. “Sorry we’re late” Zara said as she sat down and took off her jacket “What’s good Beezy?” Darryl said as he nudged Beezy “Kieran” he then said as he nudged Kieran “What’s good J?” Darryl said as he nudged me which everyone was surprised to because they thought I was going to ignore him because I didn’t like him. They were right to think that because I still didn’t like Darryl but for tonight I could tolerate him “What’s good Darryl?” “Nothing much just trying to stay focused, trying to get myself on my feet and not let anybody bother me” Darryl replied. “So am I bothering you now?” Zara said quietly to Darryl as she looked down at the menu in front of her “Did I say that though?” Darryl turned and said to Zara quietly. “No but before when we were talking you said to me to stop bothering you so I’m just assuming that you’re talking about me when you said that you’re not going to let anybody bother you” Zara replied as she started to get angry and just before Darryl could say anything Ella interrupted. “So Jemmel. When is Lauren going to get here?” “I don’t know she should be here soon though” I replied, just then Kieran started to tapped me on my leg from underneath the table “Oi J look at that chick that just walked in” Kieran mumbled to me I then turned around and said with a smile “That’s Lauren” as I stood up so she could see where we were sitting and as she walked over I turned to look at everyone’s reaction as they looked at Lauren, Kieran and Beezy were in awe they couldn’t even keep their mouths closed. Danielle was just shaking her head in approval, Ella had a huge smile on her face, Darryl was just staring and Zara was so pissed that I could see her staring right through Lauren as she walked up to us. “Hi baby; sorry I’m late the train took forever” Lauren said before she gave me a kiss and a hug “It’s cool babe we haven’t even ordered yet” I said as I pulled a chair open for Lauren so she could sit “Wow! There are a lot of people here, hi I’m Lauren” Lauren said as she waved and smiled at everyone. “Hi” “Hi” everyone said except for Zara who coincidently was looking down at the menu, Kieran then tapped me again underneath the table to nudge me to which I just smile and nudged him back. “I love this guy you know” Beezy said with a cheeky smile as he pointed at me which made Lauren laugh and say “What is there not to love about him” as she squeezed my cheeks like a little baby. “Allow me man” I said playfully as I pulled away “Let me introduce everybody. These two are my boys Kieran and Beezy” “Beezly?” “Nah Beezy” Beezy corrected Lauren “Why do they call you Beezy?” Lauren asked “Because I used to be a little trouble maker when I was younger and the older guys used to say to me ‘Be Easy’ because I was always starting trouble and ‘Be Easy’ got shortened to Beezy and from there it just stuck with me” “Yeah but I don’t like it so I call him by his real name Shawn because that’s the name his mum gave him” Danielle said which made Beezy smirk and everyone else laugh. “That’s Danielle, that’s Ella she’s Kieran’s wifey and is like my lil sis and that’s Zara and her boyfriend Darryl” “Hi it’s nice to meet all of you” Lauren said. “Ok we’re going to go and order” Beezy said as him and Kieran stood up; “Cool I’m ready to order too” Darryl said as he stood up “Do you know what you want to eat babes?” “Yeah can I have a chicken pitta with rice, coleslaw and water please JJ” “Course babes” I said as I put my hand out. “Oh my gosh! Does he expect you to pay?” Ella said “Yeah he does, he so cheeky sometimes” Lauren replied. “Excuse me; didn’t I say I would...” I started to say before I whispered the rest into Lauren’s ear which made her giggle “...If you paid, didn’t we agree?” “Yes we did but I said I’ll...” Lauren started to say before she whispered into my ear which made me smile “...If you paid for tonight” “Oh yeahhhh! I’ll pay, I’ll pay” “I knew you would” Lauren said with a smile as me and the guys went over to order the food and at the corner of my eye I could see all the girls sit closer to Lauren to probably interrogate her.

“J I swear she is dangerous! Why haven’t you brought her around before?” Kieran said excitedly as we stood in the queue as we waited to order our food. “Because of that little situation there” I replied as I nodded my head over to where the girls were sitting “For real fam, they’re over there surrounding your girl” Beezy said as he stepped back from behind the wall to look slyly, I then did the same as him and saw that he was right they were all surrounding Lauren they probably were asking all sorts of questions and probably even telling her things about me. Actually I only thought that about Zara would do that I knew Danielle wouldn’t and I knew that Ella wouldn’t even dream about doing that but I weren’t quite sure about Zara; me and the guys then quickly ordered our food so we could get back to the table. When we all got back to the table we all sat a spoke for a while before our food came, we then all ate our food in silent because that’s what black people do; we always talk, and talk and talk and talk until the food comes and when the food is there we’re all silent as we eat until we’re finished. After we all had finished eating we started to talk again. “So where did you guys meet each other?” Zara asked as she sat back with her arms crossed, “We actually met in a bar in Kensington which is different for me because I don’t usually talk to guys in bars but this one caught my attention. Actually he caught my niece’s attention she was absolutely in love with Jemmel when she saw him” Lauren said. “That’s Jemmel for you, a real ladies man” Zara said sarcastically. “So do you and your niece usually go out together?” Ella asked, “Sometimes we go out together but not all the time because some of the places she wants to go are a bit too young for me and she can’t go to the clubs or bars that I go to with my friends because she’s too young” Lauren said which seemed to confuse everyone a little bit. “I’m sorry but how old is your niece?” Danielle asked “She’s twenty” Lauren said “And you’re like what two to three years older than her?” Ella said as she tried to pry subtly. “I wish I was twenty-two” Lauren said as she laughed a little. “But in case you’re wondering I’m twenty-eight” Lauren continued to say which had all the girls in complete shock but the guys including Darryl just looked at me and smiled while Kieran nudged me under the table. I then thought one of the girls were going to say something negative about the age difference between me and Lauren but everyone was quiet for a few seconds until Ella said “That’s not funny” “Ah! Ella man” I sighed because she had to be the done to say something “Nah J I have to say this” Ella said I then turned to Lauren and lip synced to her I’m sorry before Ella said “You look so GOOD! You need to tell me what you use because I want to be like you when I get older” “Yeah I want to know as well because you look sexy. No homo” Danielle said which made Beezy laugh. “I told you I’d get you to say that one day” Beezy said as he laughed. “Thank you. But seriously you girls don’t have anything to worry about because you all very beautiful” Lauren said to the girls. “That’s nice but I think you’re a little bit old for Jemmel don’t you think?” Zara said “Excuse me” Lauren said. “I said I think you’re a little bit too old for Jemmel, I know everyone seems to be avoiding that point but I think I should say it” “Well I am older than Jemmel and I thought the same thing when we first met I even said that to him but we understand each other and where we at in our lives so the age thing isn’t a problem to us and I think J’s a big boy and he can handle himself” Lauren replied sharp and nicely. “He can handle himself but I think he should be with someone his own age and someone that really cares for him” Zara said as she started to raise her voice a little to intimidate Lauren but Lauren just laughed a little and said “How do you know that I don’t care for him?” “I never said you didn’t I just said he should be with someone who cares for him” Zara said. Lauren then looked at me with a look that said ‘What’s wrong with your friend?’ but I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders as if I was baffled as to what Zara was talking about which I kind of was, I didn’t know where all this was coming from because she seemed extremely pissed off. “Wow! Why do you sound like a jealous ex-girlfriend? Is there something I’m missing here?” Lauren said to Zara “Yeah what’s wrong with you? They don’t have a problem with the age difference, so why should it bother you?” Darryl said to Zara. Zara then had a look on her face as if she just came out of a daze and didn’t realise what was going on like something just took over her body. “Well this WAS a nice evening guys but I think I better get going I got work early tomorrow” Lauren said as she stood up and put on her coat. “It was nice to finally meet you” Kieran said as he got up and shook Lauren’s hand as he gave her a kiss on the cheek “Bye and don’t be a stranger” Ella said as she got up and did the same. “Wow I didn’t even notice you were pregnant” Lauren said as they hugged “Yeah hopefully I’ll have the baby soon” Ella said as she rubbed her belly “Aw I can’t wait to see the baby and I love how you’ve kept your figure” Lauren said. “Aww thank you” Ella said happily “I love her J” Ella said to me which made me smile. “Bye Lauren” Danielle waved “See you later” Beezy said as he reached over the table to nudge Lauren to which Lauren just laughed and nudged him back. “Bye Beezy Bye Danielle” Lauren said as she waved “Bye Lauren it was nice meeting you” Darryl said as he shook Lauren’s hand “It was nice to meet you too Darryl” Lauren replied as she shook Darryl’s hand, everyone then went silent for a second as they waited for Zara to say goodbye and just as she was going to say something Lauren said “Bye everyone” I then stood up and said “I’m going to go too, I’ll see you guys soon” I then put my arm around Lauren’s shoulders as we walked out of Nando’s.

“I don’t think your friend liked me” “Which friend?” I said as I drove Lauren home. “Don’t silly Jemmel you know I’m talking about your friend Zara, I mean what was her problem? It’s like she was venting all her feelings for you, I just thought it was weird” Lauren said, I didn’t reply I just kept driving. When we arrived at Lauren’s apartment I drove into her parking area and parked my car. “I’m kind of surprised you never said anything in Nando’s” Lauren said. “I was but it was going to turn into an argument and I didn’t want to get into it in public with Zara because...” “No not about that; that was nothing I’m not bothered about her” “Oh ok so what were you talking about?” “I was talking about when I asked your ‘friend’ how do you know I don’t care for you. I thought you were going to ask me how I feel about you” Lauren said softly. “I never thought much about it but since we’re on the subject how do you feel about me?” I asked. “How do you feel about me?” Lauren asked with a cheeky smile. “I asked you first” “I know but I don’t want to say it first because you might not feel the same” “Aw you just reminded me of a girl that had a big crush on me in secondary school” I teased Lauren. “Well that wasn’t that long ago so you should remember” Lauren teased me back before she leaned forward and kiss me softly on my lips. “I really care for you Jemmel” Lauren whispered to me as she leaned her forehead against mine “Even though we’ve only been seeing each other for a little while I really do care for you, you’re like my best friend” Lauren continued to say. “I really care for you too, we got this mad mental bond between us” “I know; it’s crazy init?” “Yeah it is” I said; we then smiled at each other before we started to kiss, Lauren then climbed over her seat to the back of my car and I did the same, I then laid in between her legs as I kissed Lauren’s neck. “J” Lauren said as she breathed heavily “Yes Lauren” I said softly as I continued to kiss Lauren; “Make love to me baby” Lauren said to me to which I just smiled and carried on kissing Lauren all over her body. “Ah Shit! I love when you do that” Lauren yelled as she slammed her hand against the window as they began to steam up.

The next two weeks were crazy for me I had a huge project to do at work and I finally got my new place to live which was a stunning newly built apartment in London Bridge; it was a two double bedroom apartment which had a long hallway as soon as you enter the flat, the first room was the living room slash dining room which was connected to the kitchen which was already fully furnished and was very modern. On the left was the bathroom which was decorated in black, white and chrome, then after the bathroom was the spare room which I didn’t know what to do with yet and then at the end of the hallway was the master bedroom which had an on-suite bathroom and huge doors on the far side of the room so I could go onto my balcony, I really loved my new place and I could not wait to move in but it was going to be sad leaving Kieran and Ella but they’ll probably be around every other day. The weeks were so busy that I barely saw Lauren but she was also really busy because she was studying how to become a broker; but when we got spare time we would spend time with each other, like the day we went shopping for some furnisher for my new place. “I think this sofa would suit your place” “I think you like the sofa and want me to buy it” “Yeah I do” “Ok I’ll get it” I said as I walked to look at the other sofas. “Seriously? Are you going to get it?” Lauren said excitedly as she hurried behind me “No” I said as I laughed. “You’re such a joker” Lauren said as she pushed me “You’re a joker” I said as I turned around and grabbed Lauren by the waist and kissed her. “No you’re the joker” Lauren said as she kissed me back “No you are that’s why I lov...Is that Darryl?” I stopped and said. “What? I thought you were going to say something else” Lauren said in disappointment “I swear that’s Darryl” I said again as I let go of Lauren and squinted my eyes. “Yeah it is Darryl. I guess that means that Zara’s somewhere around” Lauren said as she rolled her eyes “Why did you just do that?” I asked Lauren; but she never answered instead her eyes widen and her mouth dropped open in shock “What’s wrong with you?” Lauren then turned me around back to the direction to where Darryl was and I did exactly the same thing as her because Darryl was hugging and kissing a girl that wasn’t Zara and I can’t lie she was SEXY still!! But that didn’t give him no excuse to be cheating on Zara “I’m going to fuck him up” I said as I just saw red no other colour but red I was livid so livid that I already planned how to kill him and get away with it. “What are you doing?” Lauren said as she held my hand to pull me back “I’m going to kill him” I replied calm and casually “And what would that do? Besides ruin your life?” Lauren said as she held me tighter. “So what should I do? He can’t get away with this” “He won’t get away with this because in time Zara will find out about him” Lauren said “What do you mean about she would find out in time?” I said as I tried to figure out what Lauren said. “Look J I feel sorry for Zara but I also think it’s Zara’s problem and she needs to find out in her own way” “But I can’t...” “Yes you can leave it, she isn’t your girl and she choose to be with a guy like that so it’s her fault” Lauren said to me which made me think back to that last day in Kent when Zara actually did pick Darryl over me; I then started to calm down before I said “Alright I won’t do or say nothing to Zara I’ll let her find out for herself” “That’s good baby come on let’s go to mine, I’ll make you forget about everything that happened today” Lauren said as she put her arm around me and we walked out of the store.

Later on that night I couldn’t sleep, I guess Lauren’s sex wasn’t as magical as she thought it was because I kept on thinking about what happened during the day, it was about 1am so it wasn’t that late so I thought I would text Zara to see if she was still up and she was. I then asked her if I could come and see her and she text back yes with a smiley face so I got out of the bed quietly so I wouldn’t wake up Lauren, quickly got ready in the living room and then drove over to Zara’s house.

“I’m coming, I’m coming” Zara said before she opened the door. “You are alright Zee?” I said with a mischievous smile “Yes I’m fine” Zara grinned. “You know I have flatmates that are sleeping and your ringing off the bell like you’re the po-lice” Zara then said to which I just laughed a little then said “Let’s go back to mine” “Why?” “Because I want us to just hang with each other like we used to” I said with a smile; Zara then went quiet for a moment as she thought about what I said, then she smiled at me and said “Ok; but I need to get ready” “What you mean bout get ready?” I said as I came in and closed the door behind me. “Hello J look what I’m wearing” Zara said as she put out her hands while looking at herself up and down, and when I looked at her I saw that she had on her purple pyjama bottoms with black polka dots, a grey sleeveless top with a silhouette of a women’s face, pink fluffy slippers and her hair was tied back into a pony-tail. “It doesn’t matter you still look beautiful” I said by accident which made Zara smile a huge smile she then bit her bottom lip slightly which I missed so much and said “Ok; but you have to give me your jacket to wear because it’s cold outside” “I don’t mind” I said as I took off my jacket and put it around Zara’s shoulders. “Thank you baby boy” Zara said as she put her arms through the sleeves before zipping up the my jacket, she looked so cute in my jacket as it swallowed her up it reminded me of when we were younger when me and Mum went to Zara’s house that day. “What?” Zara said with a smile as I looked at her with a smile as I shook my head slightly from left to right “Nothing you just reminded me of something” “Oh ok come on J let’s go” Zara said as she opened the door and made her way to my car as I followed.

I took Zara to my new apartment because she’s never seen it before and I thought we would have more privacy there with each other. The house was a bit messy because I had a lot of my things in boxes all around the house. “Your place is so nice but why haven’t you pack out any of your stuff” “I don’t know where to put anything” “Stop being stupid. Look you can put your DVD’s over there in that corner” Zara said as she pointed at the other side of the living room. “Why there?” “Because that’s where our TV is going to be and our sofa’s are going to be along that wall and you’ve got to buy a small table so when our guest come around they can put their drinks down while we all talk” Zara said as she mapped out the room. “What?” Zara said as she turned back at me “I mean you don’t have to do it like that I was only suggesting” Zara said as she walked up to me. “Nah it sounds good but it’s just that you said ‘our sofas’ and ‘our TV’ and ‘our guest’ which just surprised me” “Oh shit! I didn’t mean to say that I...” Zara said as she started to go red. “So where can we chill since you haven’t got any where to sit” Zara said to change to subject “We’ll have to chill in my room on my bed it’s the only thing we can sit on right now” “Oh ok; well show me to your room” Zara said as she started to cringe at what she just said, I just smiled and said “Come it’s round here” I said as I took Zara’s hand and led her to the bedroom.

When we got into the bedroom we both relaxed and started to talk, we talked about everything like what we’ve been up to recently, what parties were coming up, what song we needed to download, why are we always arguing? And why we always felt so right whenever we were together “Remember when I used to sneak into your bedroom so we could talk all night?” Zara said and laughed as she laid her head on my chest as I relaxed on my back with Zara on top of me. “Oh yeah and that night when I had that big fight with my mum and you said that you could sing” Zara said as she burst out laughing. “What! Shut up man, I was a bad boy singer” I said before I started to sing out loud “Forever my laday...It’s like a Dreeeaaamm” which made Zara burst out into more laughter “JAAY! You can’t sing!” Zara said as she laughed. “I know but I thought I could when I was younger though, remember when I used to tell you about when I used to sing in school like some waste man!” I said before I started to laugh. “Oh yeah!” Zara said as tears started to roll down her eyes from laughter. “I haven’t laughed like that for so long” Zara said as she sat up to wipe her tears away “I miss our little all night talks it’s been so long that we’ve talked for so long” “That’s because you’re always too busy with Darryl” I said as I looked up at the ceiling as I laid down on the bed. “And you’re always busy with Louise or Lauren” Zara said as she got on top of me. “I barely talk to Louise” “Why are you lying for? You’re always on the phone to her if you wasn’t with Lauren I would of thought you were with Louise” Zara said. “She’s just a cool girl” I replied “Whatever J, oh yeah and I met Kayla the over day she was saying to Ella ‘Where’s Jayyy! Why doesn’t he call me?’ and just kept whining about you” “Zara I already know you met Kayla; Ella asked me if she could invite Kayla out to go out with you girls” “Oh” Zara said as she looked away. “But isn’t she a nice person though?” “Yeah but she’s a bit blonde sometimes but she is really nice and bubbly especially for a black girl” “I know it’s weird init?” “Yeah it is” Zara replied then there was a brief silence as I laid down looking up at Zara while she sat on me and looked down at me. “You know you sounded jealous yeah?” “Yeah I know but I just can’t help it sometimes I’m always real with you” Zara said as she slumped her shoulders a bit as if she was putting down her guard. “Ok then; let me ask you something Zee” “Go on” “How do you feel about me?” “Aw Jemmel man” Zara said as she rolled her eyes. “Nah come on be real with me, you said that you were going to be real” I said as I sat up while Zara still sat on me. “It’s so long to go into all of that again” “But you said that you were going to be real though so that’s why I asked you that because I want a real answer” I said. Zara then took a deep breath in and out and said “I still love you Jay but things are different now; you have a girl that your happy with and I have a man” “But what if things were different? What if I didn’t have a girl and you didn’t have a man? What then?” “Then I would want to be with you because you’re not that guy anymore, that dog, you’ve changed a lot and I would want to be your women” Zara said as she moved closer to me, I then smiled and said “Come here ” “Why?” Zara said with a cheeky smile as she moved closer to me. “Just come here” I said softly, Zara then moved her face close to mine and said “Is this close enough?” “Yeah” I said before me and Zara started to kiss each other “Why are we always doing this?” Zara said as she kissed me “Because it always feels right” I said as I started to kiss Zara’s neck. “Mmm Jay” Zara hummed and said just then my phone began to ring “Ah! Who’s this now?” I said to myself before I got my phone to see who it was; and when I looked it was Lauren. “Hey babes” “Where are you Jemmel?” “I’m just at my house” “Why did you just leave like that?” “I...I needed to go to mine that’s all” “Well you left your other phone at my house and Kieran has been trying to call you” “Why? What’s wrong?” “Ella is having the baby and there on their way to St. Thomas Hospital right now!” Lauren said in a panic. “Oh shit! I’m on my way right now” I said as I jumped up “What’s wrong J?” Zara said “Who’s that?” Lauren asked “Huh? I’ll be there soon” I said before I hung up the phone “What’s wrong J?” Zara asked again. “Ella is having the baby now” I said as I left the room to get my jacket “Oh my gosh! Let’s go” Zara said as she followed; we then both got into my car and I drove to the hospital as quick as I could.

When we got there Danielle was waiting in the waiting room “How’s Ella?” Zara said as she walked up to Danielle and gave her a hug. “She’s fine we’ve been here for an hour or so” Danielle said as she hugged Zara “Where’s Beeze?” I asked. “Shawn’s gone to get us some food he’ll be back soon” “Where’s K?” “He’s in the room with Ella” Danielle replied “Oh ok” I said “Did you guys come together?” Danielle asked me and Zara but we never answered we just looked at each other and I think Danielle just assumed that was a yes; just then Lauren came in the waiting room. “Hi everyone, hi J” Lauren said as she greeted everyone except for Zara and gave me a kiss on the cheek “You alright babes? What you doing here?” I asked “I’m here to support you” “Why? Jemmel isn’t the one having a baby” Zara said to Lauren. “What is your problem?” Lauren said angrily as she turned to face Zara who was still sitting down next to Danielle “Excuse you” Zara said as she stood up “You heard what I said, what is your problem? You’ve always got some shitty attitude with me like I’ve done something to you. So I’m asking you; what’s your problem?” Lauren said as she started to move closer towards Zara. “Lauren man stop” I said as I tried to hold Lauren back “Nah J I’m sick of your friend having an attitude with me and talking to me like me and her are the same age, you’re a fucking child to me Zara; don’t play with me” Lauren shouted as she started to get really angry “I’m a child?” Zara said as pointed at herself “I’m a child?” “Yes you are a child” Lauren shouted. “If I’m a child and Jemmel and I are the same age then what does that make Jemmel? A child too; so what does that make you? A fucking cradle snatcher” Zara said angrily as she moved closer towards Lauren, which caused Danielle jump up and hold her back. “Here we go again! Why are you always on Jemmel? He’s my man you need to stop watching him and watch your own because he needs to be watched” Lauren said maliciously; I then turned and looked at Lauren as if to say ‘Why are you bringing that up and why do it now’ “What Jemmel? She needs to know” Lauren said. “Need to know what J?” Zara said while looking bemused “I was going to tell you tonight” I said as I turned to face Zara “Tell me what?!” Zara said as she started to get angry again. “I was going to tell you that....Lauren and I saw Darryl with some other girl today and he was....he was....” “He was kissing up some other girl, so watch your man and not mine” Lauren interrupted as she came closer to me and linked her arm undermine. “I was going to tell you bu....” I said before Zara interrupted me “You were going to tell me? You were going to tell me?” Zara said as she tried to hold back the tears. “Like when Jemmel?” she continued to say “I was going to tell you tonight but...” “Oh! You were going to tell me tonight; when J? When you picked me up from my house and brought me to yours” Zara said as she wiped her eyes and when she did it was like she wiped away all the pain and was just left with anger in her eyes “What? You left my house to bring Zara to yours?” Lauren asked but I never answered “Or maybe you were going to tell me when we were laying down together on your bed?” “What!” Lauren shouted. “Or was you going to tell me before or after we kissed?” Zara said to me but I couldn’t even say anything because all I could feel was Lauren staring a hole into the back of my head I then turn around slowly to try say something and the SMACK! Was all I could hear as Lauren slapped me right across my face. “Don’t call me ever again” Lauren then said slowly and quietly before she stormed out of the room, I then turned back to Zara and said “Zara I...” “Leave me alone J please, just leave me alone” Zara said as she sat down to try compose herself. “What’s good people? I found a Perfect Chicken that was open; who wants some chicken” Beezy said as he walked into the room but no one answered “Rah wa gwarn in here? It’s like a morgue in here” Beezy joked “Excuse me Sir but you’ll have to take your food outside” the nurse said to Beezy as she directed him to the exit. “That’s cool these guys are dead anyway” Beezy said before he took a bite of his chicken thigh “Hold on babes I’m coming with you” Danielle said as she hurried out the room leaving me and Zara in there sitting at different sides of the room in silence.

After another two hours Kieran came in “It’s a boy” Kieran said happily with a big smile on his face “Congratulations cuzie” “Aw Congrats Kieran” “Aw a little Kieran congrats” “Gwan Marley!” we all said as we hugged and shook Kieran’s hand. “Can we see the baby?” Danielle asked “Yeah only two people are allowed in the room so I’ll stay out here while you and Beeze go in” Kieran said as he sat down. “Safe cuz we won’t be too long” “It’s cool man take your time I need to rest myself” Kieran said as he sat down. “Why do you need to rest?” I asked Kieran “Because Ella was squeezing off me hand” Kieran replied as he checked his hand as if it was broken “Is it me or is there bare tension in this room” Kieran then said before he looked at me and Zara. “I’m fine” Zara said casually as she rested her head in her hand “You cool J?” Kieran asked “Yeah I’m blessed cuz” I replied with a faint smile. “Okay, why is your face red?” “I don’t know it’s just like that init” “Oookay” Kieran replied just then Beezy and Danielle came back in the room. “He is sooo beautiful I want one now” Danielle said to Kieran before she looked up at Beezy. “Nah man you can play with Kieran’s yout before we have one” Beezy said “Oooh” Danielle sulked. “Hey be quiet man; anyway cuz it’s 4am in the morning and I need some rest so we’re going to go now but congratulations again bruv” Beezy said to Kieran. “Yeah congratulations you’ve got a little heartbreaker there” Danielle said “Thanks you guys and thank you for coming down I really appreciate it” Kieran said before he nudged Beezy and gave Danielle a hug. “It’s nothing cuz I wanted to be there to see the new edition to the team” “Yeah your welcome babes see you soon, bye Zara, bye Jemmel” “Bye Zara” “Bye you guys” Zara waved. “Hey Jemmel” Beezy said before he started to burst out laughing. “Shut up Beezy man!” I said as I laughed a little “J I’m going to call you later” Beezy said as he continued to laugh down the corridor.

“What’s he laughing about?” Kieran asked me and Zara “I don’t know ask Jemmel” Zara said before she got up and went to go see Ella and the baby “J?” “I don’t know cuz you know Beezy’s a joker” I said before I did the same as Zara. After staying a while Zara left to go home but I stayed I also called in to work to tell them that I wasn’t coming in so I could stay at the hospital with Kieran. I told him about everything that happened between me, Zara and Lauren and we had a good talk “Bruv that’s a madness” Kieran said to me while holding his son as we sat in the room while Ella rested. “I know cuz, I know” I replied as I leant against the wall. “Well all I can say is things happen” “What you mean?” “Like I said J things happen” Kieran said “Kier man could you at least explain that a bit more” “What can I say fam? You were with someone already so why did you bring Zara back to your place knowing the history you guys have with each other?” “I didn’t know that was going to happen” I said. “Jemmel man something always happens when you and Zara are together, you either argue, kiss or have sex” Kieran said but I never replied because I knew he was right. “Listen bruv I’m not telling you how to live your life because we all know that you’re going to do what you want to do but all I’m saying is that you need to make a decision when it comes to Zara either you want to be with her or you don’t because you can’t keep on going on like this it’s not good for either of you” Kieran continued to say while he looked down at his son I then began to smile a little. “You’ve grown up in the last 4 hours” I said with a little laugh Kieran then looked up at me then he looked down at his son and said “Things change J” “I know bruv. I’m sorry man here’s me talking about my stupid problems, I haven’t even asked you how do you feel right now?” I said as realised how selfish I was being I shouldn’t have been talking about my problems with Zara I should be happy that Kieran’s little boy is born and is healthy “I’m good J. I just feel like everything has now changed. I’ve got a son J, I’ve got a little boy and I’m always going to be there for him no matter what” Kieran said as he started to get teary eyes “I wish my mum was here to see her grandson” he then said “Me too Kier, me too” I said as I put my arm around Kieran and crouched down near him and his son “This is emotional you know cuz” Kieran said with a smile as a tear drop down from his cheek and onto the baby’s cover “You know you, everything’s going to be ok right?” “Yeah I know it will” Kieran replied just then his son open his eyes and yawned as he lifted his hand up which made Kieran smile the biggest smile I’ve ever seen him smile and put his little finger into his son’s hand as his son grabbed hold of his finger and looked up at his dad. Seeing Kieran and his son so happy was definitely one of my best moments of my life.

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