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“Finally we’re here” “Hey J today is going to be a good day man, you’re getting married BWOY!” “I know Kier it’s mad init” “Nah not really you made your decisions and your here I’m proud of you bruv” “Thanks man” “Cough! Cough! Can you to stop hugging please you’re making me feel sick” “Shut up Beeze” “Alright then big man go get ready you’ve only got an hour until the ceremony” “Alright I’ll see you guys after I tie the knot” “Go Jaayy!! Go Jaayy!”

Those guys I love them so much but damn I’m finally here, I’m finally at the church where it all begins “Hi Jemmel” “Hi Lauren I’m so glad you could make it” “Well you’re my boy so I had to make it. By the way this is Carl my fiancé” “How you doing? It’s nice to meet you” “Nice to meet you too” “We’re getting married next year in Jamaica and hopefully I could still fit in my dress by then” “What you mean?” “I’m having a baby!” “Wow congratulations I’m so happy for you” “Thanks J we’re really happy too” “That’s good news we’ll have to toast to that later” “I can’t drink” “I know I was talking about me and Carl ha!” “Good one” “But Lauren, Carl congratulations on everything but I have to go get ready now I’ll see you guys later” “K see you soon honey” “Nice meeting you Jemmel” wow she still looks amazing and I can’t believe she’s pregnant but that’s my girl though and I know you guys must be wondering how comes we’re so cool with each other now, well...

It took me about four months to make up with Lauren because she was avoiding my calls and my texts; but one day I went over to hers and we had a long conversation about what happened that night she was hurt that I never told her about how I felt about Zara but she understood that my heart was with Zara. Because of all the history that we had together and we decided that we were going to remain friends which was cool by me because I really liked Lauren but not the way she wanted me too and I think at the end of the day we wanted different things from the relationship, she wanted to eventually get married and have kids where as I wanted to just be with her without the kids and the settling down so really the age gap did come into effect after all but at least I’ve got a good friend out of it and it was much easier to make up with her than it was to make up with Zara. I called her, text her, emailed her, everything but she wouldn’t respond to anything and she had a bad break up with Darryl so I couldn’t blame her for not replying she was probably really upset so sometimes I wouldn’t bother her so she could just get on with what she had to do but it was hard I wanted to speak to her so bad.

“Still haven’t heard nothing from her” Trey said as he stood on my balcony while smoking a spliff “Nah not yet and why do you still smoke Trey?” I said to Trey outside while I sat on the couch. “What do you mean? I’m allowed to smoke you know” Trey said as he put out the spliff “Yeah you can smoke cigarettes not weed your trying to be a lawyer and isn’t weed against the law?” “Yeah it is if you get caught with it” Trey said and laughed as he came inside. “So how are things up in Oxford?” “Everything’s cool man, just finishing up my final year and then I’m done but I needed this week away to see my boys” Trey said as he sat down next to me “Thanks for letting me stay J” he continued to say “It’s nothing cuz you know your my boy” I replied “Please I’m not your boy no more” Trey said and laughed “Who’s my boy then?” I said just then someone knocked my front door “That’s your boy” Trey said as he turned over the channel to Sky Sports “Joker” I said as I got up to answer to the door and when I saw who it was I just had to smile because Trey was right it was my boy. “Wa gwarn my little solider” I said as I took Ashley away from Kieran. “Hello to you too” Kieran said as he came in “You alright Kier?” “Yeah I’m cool; I’m so used to getting that response when people see Ashley I’ve gotten use to it” Kieran said to me. “Huh?” I said as I played with Ashley “You’re not even listening to me are you?” Kieran said as he put down Ashley’s bags in the living room “I never really listen to you K” I said as I lifted Ashley into the air which he loved. “How’s my little solider doing?” I said to Ashley as I came into the living room “You’re worst then the girls with him. What’s good Trey?” Kieran said before he nudged Trey and sat down “Quiet man!” I said as I sat down with Ashley. “What’s good with you though Kieran?” Trey asked “Nothing man I’ve just been trying to get this christening sorted out” Kieran replied. “I don’t know why you guys want to do the christening so quick” I said while I played with Ashley “It’s not me you know J it’s Ella she wants to do it before he’s six months old” “Why?” Trey asked “I have no idea it’s her family tradition or something like that; I’m just going along with it” Kieran replied. “What about work though cuz?” I asked Kieran “You know what they’re actually been understanding about everything which is good because this christening is taking up a lot of my time” “Whipped!” Trey said in a squeaky voice which made me laugh. “Shut up man I’m not whipped this boy over here is whipped” Kieran said as he nodded his head towards me which made Trey laugh “How am I whipped?” I asked “Come on J man every other day I call you your busy with Louise” Kieran said. “Cuz I’m helping her with her online magazine” “Yeah, yeah, yeah if you say so” Kieran said “Trey tell this fool what me and Louise have been doing” “Your whipped man” Trey said and laughed which made Kieran laugh. “Trey man” “Alright, alright seriously though they have been doing work every time she comes over here as far as I’ve been seeing” “Thank you” “So you’re telling me you two are just friends when she used to be your girl” Kieran asked. “She used to be your girl?” Trey asked in shock “Yeah kind of but we’re cool now I like her but we’re just friends now, I’m helping her with her work and she’s helping me as my first client for my company so it’s a win, win situation” I replied “So you wouldn’t mind if I hollered at her?” Trey said with a cheeky smile. “I didn’t say that now” I said and laughed “AHHH!” Kieran and Trey shouted which scared Ashley and made him start to cry. “You man are so stupid sometimes you know” I said as I started to gently rock Ashley so he could calm down “He’s so sweet” Trey said quietly as he pointed at me and laughed “You know Zara is coming to the christening” Kieran said to me. “Is it?” I said as my eyes lit up “Yeah but she said she might be late because she’s got a few things to sort out” “Cuz this might be my only chance to talk to her” “I know so you better make it good” Kieran replied just then someone knocked the door. “Get that for me please Trey” I said as I rocked Ashley to sleep “Kieran! Where have you been I’ve been calling you so we can meet up in Camberwell to go meet the DJ” Ella said as she rushed in the house. “I’m sorry babe I must of left my phone in the car” “Where’s Ashley?” Ella asked “I got him don’t worry he’s safe” “Thanks Jemmel” Ella said as she took Ashley from me. “Come on Kieran we have to go” Ella then said as she hurried out “See you man later” Kieran sighed and said which made me and Trey laugh “And he said I’m whipped” I said before my phone rang “Hello” “You alright J?” “Yeah I’m cool. How are you?” I replied with a big smile “You’re a sweet boy you know!” Trey said in laughter “Louise has got you on lock” Trey continued to say “Shh! Trey it’s not Louise” I said to Trey quickly and quietly as I put my hand over the phone receiver “Sorry about that” I then said as I went back on the phone and began to walk out of the room to talk in my bedroom “Oh Jay’s got a new ting now I see, I see” Trey shouted jokily which made me put my middle finger up at him which made him laugh even harder.

The next three weeks were as normal as normal can be, I mean I still was trying to call Zara and she still wasn’t answering my phone calls and I was still really busy with Louise and our project so I wasn’t bothering her as much. I was also helping Kieran with Ashley’s christening which was so long we spent a whole week trying to find the perfect hall to have the reception in which wasn’t too far away from the church which was in Kennington. The reason why we had to find a hall close to the church was because Ella didn’t want to risk her dress getting messy on the way there even though she was going to change off into another dress for the reception, yeah she became quite annoying after having Ashley but I couldn’t say anything and Kieran could definitely not say a word to her. So we just did what we had to do to keep the peace and eventually we found a hall that she liked it wasn’t too far from the church and it was just the right size for the amount of people that were coming.

The day of Ashley’s christening was beautiful the sun was shining, the sky was bright, and the weather was really nice and warm especially for a November “Ok everyone stand closer together” Ella’s Uncle Charles said as he held the camera and waited for us to get into position. “That’s a nice picture. Ok, ok, ok can I have a picture of the Godparents with Ashley please” Uncle Charles said “Danielle come here we have to take a picture with Ash” I said to Danielle as I took Ashley from Ella “Hold on, hold on” Danielle said before she re-adjusted her lipstick and came over to us. “And smile......There you go that’s a really good picture” Uncle Charles said as he looked at the image of the picture on the camera screen. “Ok uncle have you got a picture of all the girls” Ella asked as she took Ashley from me “Yeah, I’ve got a few pictures of you, Kieran and Ashley, all the girls, a couple of family ones, a picture of you, Ashley and your mum, a few pictures of Kieran, Ashley and Ms Vanessa, now I just need a picture of the all the men together” Uncle Charles said as he went through the pictures on his SLR Camera. “Ok Kieran! Can you tell Beezy and Trey to come over here please” Ella shouted at Kieran. “Oi you man!” Kieran shouted at Beezy and Trey “Come over here for a picture” he continued to say. When Beezy and Trey came over we took a picture together looking all prim and proper meaning standing straight and posing like gentlemen. “Alright that was for the photo album, now let’s take one for the man dem” Beezy said as he crossed his arms and harden his demeanour he looked like a big bouncer in a suit, Trey then smirked and posed he looked like a thug in a suit you would have never thought he was studying to be a lawyer. “We going to this cuz?” I said to Kieran “Course, like Beeze said this one for the man dem” Kieran replied as he put his arm around my shoulders, threw up a peace sign and posed I then smiled for a second before I did the same. “You all look like wild animals” Uncle Charles said as he lifted the camera to his face as he got ready to take the picture “Woof!” Beezy barked loudly like a Great Dame which made us all laugh before we did the same. I love that picture it’s still on my living room wall to this day.

When we got to the reception hall more people turned up a few old friends from secondary school which was to nice to see them again, and some of Kieran and Ella’s friends from college which was not really good for me because I used to date about three of them and they all never ended well like my relationship with Laila. We all know that didn’t end well so seeing her for the first time in years was a bit weird because I didn’t know if she would say hello or stab me with the salad fork. “Oh Hi Jemmel” Laila said happily as she gave me a big hug “Hi” I said shockingly as I hugged her back. “Wow you look good, how have you been?” “I’ve been alright you know, I’ve just been working hard and living; what about you? What have you been up to?” “I’m fine J I’ve just been living” Laila said “So where’s Zara?” Laila then asked “I have no idea” “Is it? I thought you guys would have been married by now with about three kids by now” Laila said snidely ‘Here we go’ I thought to myself I knew speaking to her was a bad idea I should of just hid in the men’s room until she left “Nah Zara and I aren’t a couple and never have been” “So that night you cussed out my dad and told me you didn’t love me was for what then? Because I thought we had something good going” Laila asked and when she did it started to make me think. I’ve messed up a lot of relationships for Zara and after all that we’re still not together in fact we’re not even talking right now “You know what I don’t even want to hear what you have to say. I’m over it and I hope you’re happy. Excuse me” Laila then said before she walked away from me “Wow! What did you say to piss her off?” Latoya said with big smile as she stood behind me “You know I’m Prince of pissing people off” I joked which made Latoya laugh “You alright though J” Latoya said as she gave me a big hug “Yeah I’m cool” I replied as I hugged her back “Where’s Adrian?” I asked “He’s at work so he couldn’t make it today. Why are you asking for my boyfriend anyway?” Latoya said and asked “I’m just asking” I said with a cheeky smile “Ok. So how’s Louise? I thought she would be here today” Latoya asked as she made the same facial expression as me “She’s ok she’s working too so she couldn’t make it” “Hmm” Latoya hummed “Why you do that for?” I asked “I just think that it’s just a funny coincidence that’s all” “It is” I replied with a smile as Latoya and I just looked at each other for a while “Well I’m going to and get something to eat now but we’ll talk later J” “Ok if you leave before we get to talk make sure you text me” “I will” “You said that last time and we never ending up speaking for nearly a two months” I said “I promise you I will text you if I leave before we speak” Latoya said with a beautiful smile “Ok” I replied just then Kieran called me over.

“Hey J come here it’s time for the speeches” “I’ve got to go now Toya” I said with a smile “Ok” Latoya replied with a smile. “Here you go Godfather” Kieran said as he handed me the microphone “I don’t know why I had to go first” I said which made a few people laugh “Well what can I say? I’ve known Kieran since I was 6; he, I and Trey have been best friends for ever. We’ve grown up together and have been through so much madness it’s unbelievable. I remember when Kieran and I met Ella and Danielle that’s Ashley’s Godmother, we were in secondary school and Kieran was kind of shy but I broke the ice with Danielle and he spoke to Ella and he has been in love with her ever since so you can thank me for bringing you two together” “You joker” Kieran said and laughed as he sat down with Ella and Ashley. “But seriously though Kieran has always shown me the way to go in his little ways if it weren’t for him I would be a dog out of control but my boy has always been there for me and I promise I would always be there for Ashley just like how Kieran has always been there for me. I can’t believe you’re a Dad Kier....but like you said to me before things change and I’m glad it’s changed for the good; so I would like to make a toast for Kieran, Ella and Ashley and to things changing for the better” I said as I raised my glass in the air. “Thanks man” Kieran said as he stood up and gave me a hug “Thank you J” Ella said as she hugged me while holding Ashley “Ok we’re going to have another speech from Danielle then Nana Stevens and then we can eat some more and enjoy ourselves” Kieran said to everyone as he held the microphone.

After the speeches were done we all ate and enjoyed ourselves and I got to talk to Latoya a bit more and have a little dance with her “Jem who’s that you’ve been speaking to all night” Mum said to me as I came over to her to sit at the table “She’s a old friend from college mum” “Oh ok. She’s really pretty” Mum said which made me smile a blush a little. Just then Latoya walked over to me and my mum “Hi I’m Latoya” Latoya said happily as she introduced herself to my mum “Good evening I’m Vanessa Jemmel and Kieran’s mum” Mum said as she shook Latoya’s hand “I was just telling my son how pretty you are” Mum then said she made me want to curl up into a ball and hide “Aw thank you. I don’t look as stunning as you though. I love your dress” “Thank you mi darling” Mum replied as she started to gleam “Ms Vanessa I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your son for a moment” Latoya then said as she held my hand as I stood up “Not at all take him, him get pon mi nerves anyway” Mum said in a Jamaican accent which made Latoya giggle and me shake my head. “Your Mum is really nice” Latoya said as we stood by the kitchen door “She’s alright sometimes” I joked “Joker, well I’m going to go now Adrian’s coming to pick me up soon so instead of texting you that I’m leaving I thought I would tell you plus we’ve spoken a lot tonight even had a little dance” Latoya said which made me smile “And I’m sure were going to talk more soon” “Yeah we will” I agreed. Latoya then leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek “Say hello to Louise for me” Latoya then said but I didn’t say anything I just smiled “Bye J” “Bye Toya” I said as Latoya walked towards the exit and left the reception hall. “Who was that cuzie?” Rodney said as he walked up to me with a bottle of champagne in his hand “Just a good friend cuz” I replied as I thought about Latoya “Whatever man, come drink with your big cuz” Rodney said as he put his arm around my shoulder and walked me over to the table so I could get a glass and drink with him.

The reception party went on till 10.30pm but by then a lot of people were leaving or had left and that’s when Zara finally arrived. “I’m so sorry I’m late” Zara said as she walked up to Kieran, Ella and I she then hugged everyone except me “What happened to you Zee you missed everything” Ella said “I know, I know but I had a ton of things to do today” “Well at least your here now” Ella said as she cradled Ashley. “He is so handsome” Zara said as she gently stroked Ashley’s face while he slept “He’s grown so big since the last time I saw him” she continued to say “I know, he’s a handful though” Ella said “I can imagine look how his Dad is” Zara said jokily. “I’m not that bad” Kieran said and laughed “You were” Beezy said and laughed “Anyway me and Danielle are gone” Beezy said before he low fived all the guys and hugged all the girls. “Bye” Danielle said before she hugged and kissed everyone “Trey you coming?” Beezy asked “Where you going?” I asked Trey “I’m staying over at Beeze’s house so I can go meet my friend tomorrow morning” Trey replied as he walked over to Beezy. “Alright then big man stay safe” I said as I nudged Trey “Course” Trey said to me before he nudged me and Kieran and hugged Ella and Zara. “Zara do you mind helping us tidy the hall please” “Of course not it’s the least I could do for not being here” Zara replied “Thank you. I’m going to give Ashley to my mum so we could all help tidy up” Ella said to Kieran before she started to walk over to her Mum “Ok babes I’m going to start in the kitchen” Kieran said as he walked towards to the kitchen.

“So how have you been?” I asked Zara as I started to clean up the table behind me “I’ve been fine, I’ve just been really busy” Zara said as she began to help me “Oh so that’s why you’ve been avoiding my calls” I said jokily hoping that Zara would at least smile but she didn’t instead she acted like she didn’t hear me and carried on cleaning the table. We cleaned the whole hall in silence, well not in silence totally I mean Zara and I didn’t talk to each other for the rest of the time that we were cleaning but she was talking to Kieran and Ella like she was happy which really hurt me I know what I did was wrong but I never did the wrong. After we finished cleaning we got our stuff and got ready to go home, as we stood outside the hall I was hoping Zara would ride with me so I could talk to her but she had other plans. “Can you guys give me a lift?” Zara asked Kieran and Ella “I can’t I’m sorry Zee I got to drop Nana and Uncle Charles home and there’s not enough room” Kieran said as he stood by the car door ready to get in. “It’s ok I understand” Zara said “Why don’t you ask Jemmel for a ride home he’s going your way” Ella said after she put Ashley in his car seat “Yeah I don’t mind dropping you home” I said as I stood a few steps away from Zara “Ok” Zara said with a heavy sigh before she turned around and started to walk towards my car. “Good luck” Ella whispered before she got into the car and I’m glad she said that because I was going to need all the luck I could get.

I drove Zara home; again in silence I tried to talk to her but she just gave me one word answers so I couldn’t start a conversation. When I finally arrived at her house I parked around the corner on a quiet side road “Well thanks for the ride home J, bye” Zara said before she opened the door to get out. “Hey Zara wait!” I said to which she just turned her head around and gave me a cold look before she sat back down and closed the door “What Jemmel?” “Why you being like this with me for? I haven’t done nothing to you” “That’s the whole point Jemmel you NEVER did anything. You knew Darryl was with someone else and you never told me” Zara said as she turned to face me. “I didn’t know he was with another girl, I just saw him with someone else” “That’s not the point, you could of told me” I then went silent for a second before I said “I know I should of told you and I’m sorry but I thought you needed to find out for yourself I mean tell me the truth Zee if I were to tell you that Darryl was with another girl would you believe me?” “Yes I would of believed you” Zara replied harshly. “No you wouldn’t if Kieran said he saw Darryl with someone else you would have believed him but you wouldn’t have believed me because you know I love you and you would of thought I was just being jealous” I said as my voice started to break. “And you know I’m right Zee” I continued to say. Zara then turned away and crossed her arms “It’s so hard being around you J” Zara said as she began to tap her feet quickly. “It doesn’t have to be Zee” I said as I reached over and put my hand on Zara’s leg “But it always is” Zara said as she wiped her face “But Zee I love you and I want to be with you” I said as I held her hand. “I want to be with you too” Zara said as she turned to face me; as I looked at her I felt that Zara wanted to be with me and my heart filled with so much joy as she leant forward to kiss me and we kissed each other tenderly and softly I began to think how wonderful our life could be together until Zara pulled away from me. “No, no, no, no, no” Zara said as she opened the door and got out of the car and began to walk down the road a little towards her house “What’s wrong?” I shouted as I got out the car and followed Zara down the road. “Zara what’s wrong?” I said again as I caught up with her and held her by her shoulders from behind “I can’t do this” Zara stopped and said “Why?” “Because it won’t work” Zara turned and said “But how do you know that Zee if we could just be together we can...” “No J we can’t just be together” Zara shouted at me. “But Why?” I said as my heart dropped to my stomach but Zara never replied she just looked down at the floor as tears fell from her eyes “Why Zara?” I asked again “Because I’m leaving to go to New York tomorrow” Zara said as she looked up at me, just then I felt everything around me come crashing down “When did you plan all this?” I said as I breathed heavily “A few weeks ago, I’ve got a job out there already taking property photo’s” I then stepped back and put my hands on my head as I started to feel so frustrated. “You always do this” I said quietly to myself “What?” Zara said but I never responded back “What did you say?” Zara asked again “I said you always do this” I flung my arms down shouted really loudly which scared Zara. “You always run away from us. All I want to do is be with you and I know you want to be with me but you just keep running away” I shouted but Zara just stood there as tears began to run down her face “Why Zara? Why do you always do this to me? Don’t you love me?” I said “I do I just...” Zara said and stopped as her voice started to break and her eyes started to flood with tears. “I just...” “You just what? Zara” “I just don’t....” Zara stopped and said again as she tried to gather the words to say “I just don’t....I just don’t want to end up like my mum!” Zara shouted. “What?” I said feeling confused “What you mean?” I said as I stood in front of Zara “I don’t want to be like my mum” Zara whispered “Zara I don’t know what you’re talking about. What has your mum got to do with us?”“She has everything to do with us. Her and my Dad were just like you and me; they knew each other since they were 13 they were hopelessly in love with each other, they lived happy together and I always wanted a relationship just like theirs. Then one day my Dad just left like it was nothing and I remember seeing my Mum’s heart break; do you know what that’s like?” “I’m sorry but...” “No you don’t because you’ve never looked at the people that you’ve probably hurt, my Mum loved my Dad just like how I love you and he broke her heart and I can’t let you do that to me” Zara screamed. “But I won’t Zara, I’ve changed and I want to be with you and only you, I’m out here telling you that I want to be with you Zee I wouldn’t do this with anyone else” I pleaded as I held Zara’s hand and looked into her eyes. “I know you wouldn’t but I can’t J....I’m sorry” Zara said as she gently pulled her hand away “Zara” I said as my eyes began to fill with tears and chest started to cave in making it hard for me to get air to my lungs. “Baby girl please be with me” I said as I tried to hold back the tears “I’m leaving tomorrow” Zara sniffled as she also tried to hold her tears, I then stood there for ten seconds in silence as I looked at Zara before I said “Ok” as I tried to grab some air to breathe “If that’s what you want...I hope you have a nice trip” I said before I kissed Zara on her forehead. “I love you J” “Sure you do” I said before I walked back to my car with a blurred vision because all the tears were building up.

When I got home I slowly got undressed and ready for bed. When I was finally ready for bed I didn’t even lay down I just sat there looking into the dark wishing that my phone would ring and it would be Zara on the other end telling me that she made a mistake and she wanted things to work between us but my phone never rang so I sat there in the darkness. As everything ran through my mind I started to feel that pain again in my chest as if my heart was failing to pump blood around my body, my breathing became short and heavy and then I felt an over whelming echo run through my chest and lungs as if my body was screaming out in pain and I began to cry. I cried like I’ve never cried before I couldn’t believe that I put my heart on the frontline to the girl I loved more than anything and was shot down, it was like I was dying. I then laid down to sleep and as I cried my eyes started to close as if I was blacking out; I cried till I fell asleep. That was my first experience of heart break and I fully understood what Zara was scared of because if this is the pain she was trying to avoid then I see why because when your heart breaks its feels like a part of you is dying but your alive to feel every inch of the pain.

That was the last time I saw Zara, the next day she flew to New York and we haven’t spoke or seen each other since. It took me quite a long time to even trust another girl after Zara and I said goodbye; when I mean long I mean at least a year and a half. I still spoke to a few girls and fed my urges I had too I’m a guy but I never really wanted to settle down with anyone else; well I thought that until I found the one for me. She was the only women I felt comfortable with to talk to, to joke around with and to be intimate with; with the wife she made and makes me feel alive. Just being with her lights me up inside and makes me smile, she’s Amazing, I’ve never ever been this happy and I really love her with all my heart and I know she loves me too. I guess everything happened for a reason and I’m glad it did because I’m so blessed to have met my one.

Wow I guess after thinking about everything I know who’s the right person for me; she’s my best friend, my right arm and the only person that makes me smile inside and out.......I really love her “Come in!” “Hi baby boy” “Wow Zara. What you doing here? I mean how have you been?” It feels so good hugging her right now “I’ve been fine J, you look really nice. Can I come in?” “Yeah sorry I’m just so shocked to see you. Here take a seat” Damn she still looks amazing. “So....How are you feeling? I mean you’re getting married soon” “I’m fine Zee just waiting for the ceremony to start” “You seem really happy....I can’t believe that you’re getting married it’s a bit of a shock” “I can tell by your face. So how is New York?” “It’s brilliant I mean it’s wonderful out there, a bit cold at times but overall it’s nice I think you would really love it out there” “Is it? I think I’m too adjusted to London, but I’m happy that you’re having a good time out there. How long are you over here for? Why are you laughing for?” “I’m laughing because you said I’m having a good time over there that’s all; but to answer your question I’m going to be over here for a while” Wow she seems a bit different all of a sudden “Ok you know I’ve got to ask” “Ask what?” “Why aren’t you having a good time over there? And what’s a while?” “When I say I’m staying for a while I mean I maybe over here for good, and I’m happy in New York but not completely happy” “Why’s that?” Here we go again the silent treatment I knew she would do that. “Why aren’t you completely happy Zee?” “Because....Because I.....Because I miss you and nothing seems right without having you there. I’ve tried so hard to get you off my mind but I can’t believe me I just can’t and when I got the phone call from Ms Vanessa saying that you were getting married I thought I should come to show you that I support you. But it’s hard sitting down there looking at all the decorations and trying to keep it together because I want to be that women walking down the aisle with you. I just love you J and I want to make things right with you” “And how you going to do that?” “I don’t know. Maybe we can talk about us or maybe I can show you how I feel” Ah man why is she doing this to me. “How you going to show me how you feel?” “Like this...” Why Zara? I can’t do this “Wait!” “What’s wrong? I thought you wanted me to show you how I feel?” Let me take a step back before I say this “I really care for you Zara I really do but I just can’t go there with you” “But J I realise now I...” “I’m sorry but I have a good woman that I really love and she really loves me too and I’m not going to jeopardise that” “Are you serious? You know how much I love you and I know you still love me” “I have love for you Zara but not in love with you anymore” “So what about the night before I left” “What about that night?” I’m getting so mad, why is she pushing me? “That night we argued and I told you that I love you and you said you loved me but I didn’t want to risk it but I’m ready now J to risk everything for us. What’s changed? I mean you told me YOU LOVE ME!!” “YEAH AND YOU LEFT!!! Do you know how many times I laid awake at night just thinking about that night, replaying it over and over and over again in my head just thinking about what I could of said to make you stay, or the days that I use to sit down with my laptop and my phones just wishing you would call or email me but you didn’t, or the way you crushed me” “You’ve hurt me too Jemmel” “I know I have but not like that Zara I’ve never rejected you even when I stopped you from kissing me that time I still was with you and I still mess up my relationship because I loved you”“Hey J it’s starting we got to go. Oh Hi Zara” “Hey Kieran” “Is everything ok up here I don’t want to interrupt anything” “Everything’s ok fam Zara was just leaving, I hope you enjoy the wedding Zee” “I’m sure I will...well congratulations baby boy” “Thank you Zee” “Can you two hug after the wedding’s over please? J we need to go” “I’m coming Kier” “I’ll see you downstairs”.

“Wow! That looked like something deep was happening” “Nah K it could of been deep but you saved me” “As usual” “Yeah as usual” “Ok then let’s go do this”. It’s finally time I hope she isn’t late, and there goes the music and here she comes my wife, she is so beautiful “Hey baby” “You alright babes” “Yeah” I love her smile. “But my belly’s poking out in the dress” “It’s not that bad babes and just think in four months time your belly won’t be there” “I can’t wait, your son is giving me problems already and he isn’t even born yet” That’s my boy. “We should really listen to all this” “Nah we just need to hear the important part” “I think it’s coming now” “Do you Jemmel Anthony Stewart take this Woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt the love her, comfort her, honour, and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?” “I do” “And do you Latoya Elaine Lawrence take this man to be thy wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt the obey him, and serve him, love, honour, and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?” “I do” “By the power infested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride” This is what I needed all day the touch of Latoya’s lips “I love you J” “I love you too Toya”.

“Congratulations my brother your official a married man” “I know, I know everything is so loud” “I know but don’t worry about that just go to your honeymoon and enjoy yourself” “I will, hey Kier where’s Zara?” “I don’t know she was sitting down there a minute ago but when everyone stood up I couldn’t see her no more, why you ask?” “Ah no reason” “Come on Jem let’s go enjoy being married” She always makes me smile I definitely made the right decision. “Come here babes” “Wow what was that kiss for?” “Because I love you and I’m glad you’re my women” “Aw I really love you too and I’m glad you’re my man and not that dog you use to be” “Hey Dogs & Women can go together sometimes” “Whatever J” “Nah but seriously Toya, things change and so have I. Let’s go enjoy our honeymoon Mrs Stewart”.

The End

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