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Summer Winters (how ironic) is a down to earth girl who would do anything for her froends and family. She tries to always see the best in people but there is just one person that gets under her skin... Blake... From the moment she tried setting her friend up with him, she knew he was going to annoy her in more ways than one but being Summer knows how to rise to a challenge.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

Summers POV

Deep breaths! Why in gods name do I do these things for my friends? Maybe I need to find new friends? Nah, not gonna happen, this bunch put up with my crazy like no one else would. Now what was I doing? Oh yeah, deep breaths and proceed.

Walking up to Blake the 6ft 4inch “Bad Boy” of the college and tapping on his shoulder. He turns around, doesn’t see anyone in his eyesight and turns back again

Is he for real, I am standing right here, bloody asshat. I may be smaller than him, ok a lot smaller at my 5ft 2inches but I’m sure he could still see me. Let’s try this again.

Tapping on his shoulder and coughing “ahem”. He turns around and looks down at me, you’d swear I was a hobbit by the way he craned his neck, then he growled at me. Seriously the fool must think he is a wolf!

Summer - Look, I don’t want to be over here but a promise is a promise, my girl wants your number so you wanna give it her? He looks at me and smirks (poor thing thinks he looks sexy ha ha ha, nope!).

Blake - Your girl?

Summer - Yeah behind me there by the lockers, tall, blonde, pretty.

Blake - You sure your “girl” wants my number or is it you?

Summer - No I’m ok thanks, you aren’t my type. He cocks his eyebrow and does that stupid smirk thing again.

Blake - I’m not your type, so what is your type?

Summer – Oh that’s easy, non-arrogant, self-centred asshats, so is my girl getting your number or what? Well he was not impressed with that answer.

Blake – Na, if your girl is anything like you then she doesn’t need my number.

Summer – thank god for that, now I won’t have to look at you any longer.

I turn around and walk away from him without looking back. I walk over to Kat.

Summer - Sorry chick, he seems to think you are like me and because of that he won’t give you his number

Kat – Oh god, what did you do?

I told her what happened and she started roaring laughing to the point she had tears streaming down her face.

Kat – Summer! only you would insult the hottest boy in school and walk away from him.

Summer – It’s not really insulting if you are telling the truth is it?

Kat – fair point, at least we tried. Come on let’s get out of here and get something to eat.

Blakes POV

Who the hell does that tiny little thing think she is talking to me like that? Does she not know who I am?

I turn back to my friends and they are standing there holding in their laughs

Blake – what are ye laughing at?

Matt – that was brilliant, she’s a feisty little rocket

Cain – She took you down a peg or two, I like her

Blake – shut up! That silly little thing doesn’t know what she started. By the end of the semester she will be eating out of my hands

Matt – Here we go, you honestly think she is gonna fall for you after that display?

Blake – I don’t think it, I know it. We need to find out everything we can about her so I can work my magic and when she falls, which she will then I’ll break her.

Cain – can we not just have 1 semester where you do not break a girls heart?

Blake – she started it, I’ll finish it.
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