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Chapter 10

3rd Party POV

Matt – Shit!

Kat – What was that about?

Ruth – he isn’t really going to hook up with someone is he?

Cian – when he gets like this, he does ya

Kat – get like what?

Matt – when he can’t control a situation or his feelings, he goes out and gets drunk and hooks up with whoever. I’m guessing that seeing Summer with Greg has made him realise he has actual feelings for her.

Kat – that’s a good thing though, even though it didn’t stop him at the bar Friday night.

Cian – He didn’t hook up with that girl Friday night, he was talking to her, that was it! Have you seen the Summer and Greg of them together, they are the perfect couple

Ruth – he didn’t turn her away either though did he? Also, Summer and Gregs relationship really isn’t like that, you have to trust us. They love each other but it’s not the In Love with each other type of love. They are best friends only and trust us that’s all there is too it. If Blake can’t handle their friendship then maybe he doesn’t deserve Summer, especially after the weekend.

Matt – Seriously, so you think it is ok for him to sit there and watch her be all over another boy and not get upset about it?

Kat – she had to do it Friday night so why should it be any different for him?

Cain – we are getting off topic here!

Ruth – Matt that’s not what I’m saying. He needs to understand that they are only friends. He needs to put his trust in Summer fully. If he can do that then he will see there is nothing to be worried about. But if he does hook up tonight, I can tell you right now, he will never have a chance with her, he really hurt her the other night, and by the way she didn’t hook up either, the guy walked her to a taxi and she went home alone.

James – ok guys, we need to take this down a notch, they are our friends but we should not be fighting over this. Matt, Cain – we know the friendship with Summer and Greg so we understand it, but I also understand this is new to ye so ye don’t get it yet. Please do me a favour though, I know our girl Summer and I know she has feelings for Blake even if she won’t admit it. Try to stop him from hooking up tonight otherwise what we have going on here, will end without a doubt. Think about it.

Blakes POV

Pacing up and down his dorm room, wondering what Summer is getting up to with Greg is only making Blakes mind spin out of control. Is she kissing him, are they getting it on, has he seen her naked? FCUK!!!!!

I need to get out of here, get drunk and get myself laid. She obviously doesn’t want me and now that Greg is back, there is no point in trying to make her mine so I’m going to switch off my emotions. Time to go back to the arrogant asshat that she thought I was.

Blake hops in the shower and cleans up, gets dressed in black ripped jeans, white fitted tshirt and his leather jacket. He grabs his keys and heads for the door.

Matt – Hey, hey, hey, where do you think you’re going?

Blake – out!

Matt – come on man, don’t do this

Blake – do what? I’m doing what all single men do, get drunk and get laid

Cain – you don’t want to do this

Blake – how the hell do you know what I want?

Cain – we know ok, we get it but it’s not what you think

Blake – and tell me, what do I think?

Matt – you think that Summer and Greg are in love and are in a relationship. You think that you don’t stand a chance with her so before she can break you, you are going to pull back from her

Blake - ……

Matt – you forget that we know you, sometimes better than yourself and I am telling you now that if you do this, if you go out and find some other girl, especially after the last few days whatever chance you had with Summer will be gone. The gang told us there is nothing sexual between them, they are honestly just best friends. We all know ye have feelings for each other but for whatever reason ye are too stupid to act on them. I’m asking you as your best friend, please don’t do this.

Blake throws down his keys, takes off his jacket and sits on the couch with his head in his hands.

Blake – I’m screwed, I think I’m in love with her

Cian – well duh! Dude that’s been obvious for awhile now and we all think she feels the same way. How about you take the time to get to know Greg, make the effort to become friends with him. Let him see the good guy that you really are. That way you will know for sure if there is anything between him and Summer or not?

Blake – fine but if I think for a second there is anything more than friendship, I’m moving on ok. I’m not gonna just sit around waiting for her to break me.

Matt – damn we are like a bunch of girls, way too many emotions

Blake – shut up you and order some pizza ha ha ha
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