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Chapter 11

Summers POV

The next day….

Summer (group text) – Hi All, the parents want us all over for a family dinner, they want to meet the 3 boys before Thanksgiving, everyone be at my house tonight at 6 x

I can’t believe my parents want to meet the boys, what if they don’t like Blake? Why do I care if they don’t like Blake, it’s not like he likes me anyway. He hasn’t spoken to me since yesterday, not even a text message. Maybe it’s all in my head and he doesn’t like me. He is probably only putting up with me coz our friends are dating. Ugh! I hate this.

Adi – hey, what’s wrong?

Summer – nothing

Adi – babygirl this is me you’re talking to, spill it.

Summer – nothing ok, I’m fine.

Adi – Damn it must be bad if you’ve given me a “nothing” and a “fine” in the same sentence. I’m gonna guess this has something to do with a certain Blake?

Summer – what?

Adi – babygirl don’t lie to me, I see the way you were looking at him, those cute little cheeks getting all pink when you were embarrassed. Is he not into you? Is that what’s wrong?

Summer – I don’t know ok, We started off on the wrong foot but we have become friends over the last few months, I thought he liked me but now I’m not sure, it’s messing with my head. We went out at the weekend, we weren’t even in the bar 20 mins and he had some girl all over him, I got pissed off and found some other lad to dance with, I ended up dancing with him all night until he walked me out to get a taxi.

Adi – ok, so it seems there are a few things going on here, first you got jealous and found someone to make him jealous, then you let the dude walk you out of the club so Blake probably thinks you went home with him, then you need to add me into the equation?

Summer – what do you mean?

Adi – not everyone understands us babes, if you think he is “the one” and is worth it, we can let him in on our secret.

Summer – no! that is not going to happen. We agreed that when the time is ready, people will know. Is that time now for you?

Adi – honestly no, I’m not ready for it to come out yet.

Summer – fine so we stick to our agreement ok. I love you no matter what and if someone can’t see what we have and can’t be with me because of it then they weren’t really the one for me in the first place.

Adi – but what if you are missing out on “the one” because of me

Summer – then they weren’t really “the one” coz if they were, they would embrace our friendship and support it, they would trust me 100% and make the effort to know you and love you as much as I do.

Adi – look it could be that he is uncomfortable with our friendship, how about I make the extra effort to get to know him to see if that helps?

Summer – I can’t ask you to do that and anyway he only sees me as a friend

Adi – you didn’t ask, I offered! And if he is the one to make you happy then I’m all for it.

Summer – I love you so much, thank you.

Adi – he really means a lot to you doesn’t he?

Summer – yeah I think I’m in love with him

Adi – What? Woah! I wasn’t expecting that. I thought maybe you wanted to jump his bones but sheesh. Damn babygirl, leave it with me and I’ll work my Adonis magic

Summer – ha ha ha dumbass!

Later that evening all the gang including Blake, Matt and Cian arrive for dinner.

Summer – hey guys, come on in and make yourself at home

May (Summers mom) – Hi all, I’m May, Summers mother, it’s lovely to meet you all.

Matt, Cian – Hey, it’s lovely to you meet you too, thank you for inviting us.

May – you’re very welcome. And who might you be? (Asking Blake)

Blake – Hi May, I’m Blake, I’ve heard wonderful things about it, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

May – So you’re the handsome boy that my Summer has been talking about

Summer – MOM!!!

Matt, Cian – ha ha ha ha ha Summer, do you need some Aloe Vera, coz you just got BURNED by your mother, ha

Blake – I wouldn’t believe everything she has said about me but you have raised a wonderful girl

May – Thank you Blake, she takes after me, none of it comes from her dad ha ha

Declan (Summers Dad) – What doesn’t come from me?

May – Oh just stating how Summer gets her good looks, talent and beauty all from me

Declan – that she does love and she gets her feisty attitude and left punch from me

Summer – ok ok, time for ye to go away now and stop embarrassing me.

Declan (speaking in a childish voice) – Love you Summer Boo Boo, be a good little girl now

Summer – DAD!

Declan (turning to Blake) – Be good to my baby girl, if you intend on not being good then make sure you wrap it before you tap it, I’m too young for grandchildren

Summer – JESUS DAD

Declan – ha ha ha ha I’m out, I’m out

Matt – Oh Summer your dad rocks, wrap it before you tap it, I love him

Everyone makes their way out to the back garden, Ruth and Kat snuggle up with their boyfriends while Blake takes a seat by the fire. He watches as Summer makes her way around her familu helping set things up.

Adi comes out into the back yare, kisses Mayband hugs Declan before pucking Summer up and kissing her forehead

Adi - hey baby girl

Summer - hey

Adi - so is your man here?

Summer - yeah he's sitting by the fire

Adi - I just want to try something so dont freak out or react ok?

Summer looking nervous - ok?

Adi picks Summer up and walks over to the couch where Blake is sitting. He sits down and puts Summer on his lap. He puts his hands around her waist and rests his chin on her shoulder and turns to face Blake

Adi - well man how are you?

Blake not impressed with aadi holding Summer replies through gritted teeth - all good now thanks, how are you?

Adi - couldnt be better, home surrounded by the people I love kissing Summer on the cheek

Blake glaring at Adi - thats good to hear

Adi - so I know your boys are hooking up with my girls, do you have a girl?

Blake looks at Summer who is turned talking to Kat - na man, there was one girl but it seems ai lucked out on that

Adi - shit, what happened?

Blake - I majorly fcuker up and it seems she already has another man so no need for me

Summer hears what Blake has said, she squeezes Adi's hand.

Summer - Im just gonna say Hi to your mam, I'll talk to you in a bit

Summer gets up and walks away from the boys. She makes her way over to Adi's parents who enbrace her in hugs and kisses

Blake - you got a good one there, dont lose her
Blake puts his head down in defeat knowing he has no chance with Summer

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