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Chapter 12

Blake to try the whole friends thing with Adi starts making conversation – it must be strange being away for so long?

Adi – it is, that’s the hardest part of the job. Hate that I can’t see my family and friends whenever I want or be there for them if they need me but I know I’m doing a job that makes a difference so it makes up for it in a way

Blake – I know I don’t know you but I what I’ve heard so far, your family and friends are extremely proud of you and the work you are doing.

Adi – Thanks man, it means a lot. So now onto the awkward stuff and time for me to become “overprotective”. What’s the deal with you and my babygirl?

Blake – I’m not sure what you mean

Adi – Dude, I see the way ye look at each other, she hasn’t looked at anyone like that in years. Jesus one look from you and her face turns into a tomato. DO NOT tell her I said that

Blake – I promise you nothing has happened, we are just friends. I would never come between a couple

Adi – Blake, we aren’t a couple. I can promise you that Summer is just my best friend. What we have is more of a brother sister type of love. I truly love her with all my heart but trust me, there will never be anything more than that for either of us.

Blake – but I see the way ye look at each other, she lights up when you are around, when you’re not here she stares at her phone waiting for some sort of contact from you.

Adi – and how do you know she is staring at her phone eh?

Blake – what?

Adi – how do you know she is staring at her phone? You must be taking notice of her to notice that.

Blake shaking his head – she’s hard not to notice

Adi – but that didn’t stop you at the bar the other night?

Blake – she told you about that?

Adi – dude we tell each other everything – well 99%, I don’t need to know certain things. Why did you hook up with that blonde?

Blake – man, I didn’t honestly. I haven’t looked at another girl since Summer came along. I went to the bar and the girl approached me. I’m not gonna lie I did enjoy getting some attention but nothing happened. Then Summer went home with that douche.

Adi – she didn’t go home with him

Blake – don’t cover for her, I saw her leaving with him

Adi – so you saw him put her in a taxi and send her home alone?

Blake – what?

Adi – dude, she doesn’t do random hook ups and one night stands, she is a relationship type of girl, commitment and all that.

Blake – I honestly didn’t know, fcuk!!!!!

Adi – ok so let me lay it out just between the 2 of us, what is said now stays between the 2 of us agreed?

Blake – agreed

Adi – me and Summer have the type of friendship where we are drawn to each other and not in a sexual way. I know by looking at her how she is feeling, if I walk into a room and she is sitting on the couch I will throw myself down with my head on her lap and she will run her fingers through my hair without even second guessing it. If she is having a bad day and needs a hug, she will run straight into my arms and I will make her feel safe.

Yeah I know these are all the things her boyfriend should be doing but it’s what we do for each other. Somewhere down the line we are both going to find someone that we truly love and that person needs to understand the level of friendship and love that me and Summer have for each other, they will need to accept it fully, trust that nothing is happening and embrace the friendship. Is that something you could do?

Blake – I would like to think that it is

Adi – I’m glad to hear it. Look its not my place to say this but I know my babygirl has feelings for you, I am assuming that you have feelings for her, so why can’t you just ask her out?

Blake – what if she rejects me? What if I put 100% into this and then she realises that it’s you she wants and not me?

Adi – Do you love her?

Blake – What?

Adi – it’s not a hard question, it is a simple yes or no answer?

Blake – yeah, yeah I do but I haven’t told her that

Adi – Look, if you see a future for you and Summer then I think we should hang out and work on becoming friends I need to know that when I’m leaving again that she has someone to care for her as much as I do.

Blake – yeah, I would really like that

Adi – cool, I’m glad we cleared the air and sorted things out. Now lets not tell Summer about this because that girl aint pretty when she gets feisty

Blake – ha ha ha trust me I know. My first interaction with her and she called me arrogant and self-cetered.

Adi – Damn, that’s my girl ha ha ha

Blake – I’m gonna rock over to May and see if she needs a hand with anything

Adi – working your charm already – well played man, well played

Blake – gotta get on the good side of the future in laws ha ha

Summers POV

Summer has been sitting with Ruth and Kat watching Blake and Adi across the garden having a chat, the girls are talking to her about their Thanksgiving plans but Summer hasn’t been paying any attention. She is dying to know what the 2 boys have been talking about

Ruth to Kat – she really isn’t listening to us is she?

Kat – Nope, she is watching her 2 favourite boys getting to know each other

Ruth – ok watch this… Oh My God, I can’t believe that I’m pregnant

Kat – I know it’s great new, we can be pregnant together, what do you think Sum?

Summer – uh? Sorry?

Ruth – we were just saying that its great me and Kat get to be pregnant together

Summer – oh yeah, that’s great news, wait WHAT???

Kat – and she’s back ha ha ha

Summer – what are ye talking about, ye’re pregnant? Oh my god!

Ruth – no sweetie, while we were talking to you, you were too busy drooling over Blake to listen to a word we were saying

Summer – no I wasn’t

Kat – ok so what were we talking about for the last 20 minutes

Summer – um, ah, Thanksgiving?

Ruth – lucky guess you bitch

Summer – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Summer notices that Blake has made his way over to her mother and has started helping her to get the food ready. God could he be any more sweeter she wonders.

Ruth – and she is gone again, quick get a tissue and wipe the drool off her face

Kat – ha ha ha ha ha

Dinner is served and everyone sits down to eat. The parents sit at the top and end of the table, Matt and Kat sit together, Ruth and Cain sit together, Blake is on Summers left side and Adi is on her right. Summer looks around at everyone and smiles to have all her favourite people in the same room

Blake whispering to Summer – penny for your thoughts?

Summer – oh, nothing really. Just happy to see all my favourite people together in the same room

Blake smirking – oh so I’m one of your favourite people

Summer blushing – what, shit! Ah yeah, your among the top 15 I’d say.

Blake – harsh, I was thinking the top 3

Summer – oh no boy, you have a lot more ground work to do before you get up there

Blake – is that right?

Summer – yeah it is

Blake - good to know

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